As Hurricane Harvey Aims at Houston Jaron Jones of Shine Bible Fellowship Gets It; How Many Evangelical Pastors Fail to Address Situations in their Midst

As Hurricane Harvey is hitting Houston, Texas Jaron Jones of Shine Bible Fellowship in Cypress, Texas encourages and soothes his church by teaching the 91st Psalm about how God is a shelter in the storm. This is an EFCA pastor who gets it, and its my hope that the EFCA would have more Jaron Jones in its network.  Continue reading

Wayne Grudem’s Un-Orthodox View of the Trinity and the Question that Must Be Asked: Can the ESV Bible be Trusted?

Today’s post looks at the issue of how the Trinity has historically been tampered with by sects, and un-orthodox theology systems such as the Mormons. Today the trinity is being re-defined by the Neo-Calvinists, and looks at Wayne Grudem and his advocating of Eternal Subordination of the Son theology. It begs the question….should we trust the ESV Bible given that the person deeply involved in the translation has a view of the Trinity which goes against the Nicene Creed? Continue reading