Hurricane Harvey Hits Houston, and How 15 Evangelical Free Churches and the National EFCA are Responding; Plus Some Guidance for the EFCA Concerning this Issue

Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas and is looking to become the costliest natural disaster in United States history. The EFCA has sprung into action in trying to help out, and amidst that 15 EFCA churches were affected by Harvey. This is an overview of how those 15 churches are reacting to the situation. Plus while I encourage people to give I am also asking for the money to be handled transparently, especially in the wake of other evangelical situations in recent history. But the EFCA will help Houston rise up and is honoring the Lord as they help out the “least of these.” Continue reading

Proposed Changes at EFCA One in Austin, Texas: Changing the Statement of Faith on Premillennialism, and is Academic Freedom Being Threatened at Trinity International University?

At the EFCA One Conference in Austin, Texas there are two resolutions before the EFCA to consider. One removes premillenial from the EFCA statement of faith and is viewed as good by The Wondering Eagle. This will be voted on I believe in 2019.  The second deals with proposed amendment to the church’s Trinity International University’s bylaws. The Wondering Eagle is deeply concerned about this resolution threatening academic freedom at Trinity.  Continue reading

First Free Wichita Wants to Introduce you to the EFCA; Plus The Wondering Eagle’s Long Term Goals and Agenda with the EFCA

After a First Evangelical Free Church members meeting in Wichita, Kansas in January of 2016 questions were asked about the EFCA denomination. On the church blog that particular EFCA church wrote a post about learning about the EFCA. I want to use that post to roll out my goals and hopes in terms of encouraging reform in the EFCA. In this post you will find what I believe needs to be done to make the EFCA stronger and healthier in the course of time.  Continue reading

Charlie Worley at Olympic Evangelical Free Church in Poulsbo, Washington Addresses Church Conflict

The interim pastor for Olympic Evangelical Free in Poulsbo, Washington, writes a blog post article about church conflict. This response asks Charlie how he defines words like “bitter” and “gossip.” Plus it also needs to be pointed out that in my opinion most church conflict comes not from the people in the pews but by church leadership, pastors and those who call the shots who  can act very authorterian and controlling.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Kevin Kompelien (EFCA President Regarding how William Hamel Allegedly Legally Threatened Matt Boedy)

An open letter to EFCA President Kevin Kompelien regarding the alleged behavior of his predecessor William Hamel. William Hamel allegedly threatened a spiritual abuse victim in Glen Schrieber’s district with legal action. Kevin Kompelien as the heads of the EFCA needs to place a phone call or send an email and reach out and apologize for William Hamel’s behavior. Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Sue? Did Former Evangelical Free (EFCA) President William Hamel Allegedly Threaten Legal Action Against a Spiritual Abuse Victim in Glen Schrieber’s District?

Matt Boedy’s situation went from Glen Schrieber to the President of the Evangelical Free Church of America – William Hamel. Hamel in return reinforced Schrieber’s decision while also allegedly threatening legal action against Boedy. This post reviews how the previous EFCA President acted while also asking this question…is William Hamel the Donald J. Trump of the Evangelical Free Church of America? Continue reading