Ricky Jenkins Shows How Pastors in EFCA West Succeed. It Starts by Not Reporting a Disturbing Sex Crime to Law Enforcement

Ricky Jenkins who played a role in the Fellowship Memphis cover-up of 2010 and did not report the deviant sex crimes of Rick Trotter to the Memphis Police taught at the recent EFCA West District Conference, this past summer. In his talk he addressed the issues of pastors having endurance and the challenges that can exist. Ricky also talked about how he almost quit as a pastor. This blog still wants him to quit and he does not have the character or integrity to teach or lead a church. His teaching in the EFCA reveals the problems that exist inside the denomination. Continue reading

EFCA West Has its District Conference in Scandal Plagued North Coast Church and Reveals That Both the EFCA and District Superintendent Tim Jacobs Allegedly Don’t Take Spiritual and Sexual Abuse Seriously

EFCA West held its district conference in scandal plagued North Coast Church in Vista, California. North Coast Church has been hemorrhaging alleged sexual abuse situations on social media, of which this blog has also written about them. Plus its well known pastor helped re-start Mark Driscoll in Arizona. This blog post is about how the EFCA does not take spiritual abuse or sexual abuse seriously. Continue reading

Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien its Time for the EFCA to Have a Secular, Outside Entity Scrutinize and Examine the EFCA’s Child Safety Practices. The Rape of One Child Inside the EFCA is One Too Many

With the Department of Justice investigating the Southern Baptists over their handling of sex abuse its time to write this post. When it comes to the EFCA, this blog is going to advocate for and call on the national EFCA in Minneapolis to bring in a neutral, secular third party that can examine the EFCA’s sex abuse policies and safety. This issue is too important to ignore as the rape of one child in the EFCA is one child too many. This post is directed at Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien in Minneapolis. Continue reading

The EFCA and Sex Abuse. What Allegations is The Wondering Eagle Aware Of?

In writing about the application of the Southern Baptist Guidepost Solutions report to the EFCA, its time for this blog to open up a little bit. Over the years this blog has been approached about sexual abuse stories and incidents within the EFCA. This brief post is designed to peak behind the curtain and reveal what this blog has allegedly learned. Not all stories were mishandled, after all this blog wrote about how Salem Church in Staten Island in EFCA East handled a sex abuse event well. Then there are other incidents that this blog is writing about. Continue reading

What This Blog Wants to Communicate to the EFCA Before it Starts to Write About Sex Abuse and the EFCA in the Post Guidepost Solutions Report Era

In the wake of the Guidepost Solutions report that looks at the sex abuse crisis in the Southern Baptist this blog is going to start to look at the implications of that report for the EFCA. Before I start to publish a number of articles asking questions and writing about the EFCA and sex abuse this blog wanted to communicate some thoughts to the EFCA in Minneapolis and all district leaders. This post is convoying my intentions, motives and is revealing some of my thoughts on this issue. With this post you will know where I am coming from and why its being written. This blog hopes that with the below information open;y available you will better understand where I am coming from. Continue reading

Bill Kynes, Influential Pastor in the EFCA and Who Led Cornerstone Evangelical Free in Annandale, Virginia for 36 Years, Retires

On Sunday May 1, 2022 Bill Kynes of the EFCA led his last service as he is retiring from being a pastor. Kynes has led led Cornerstone church in the Washington, D.C. area for 36 years. This post is about Bill’s retirement and offers a quick review of the articles this blog has written about Bill Kynes and Cornerstone over the years. This blog wishes Bill well as he transitions into Florida. Continue reading

Bill Kyne’s Gives His Last Talk to an EFCA District Conference as Pastor on the Topics of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment

At the recent EFCA East District Conference Bill Kynes gave an interesting talk about the great commission and the great commandment. This is Kynes final talk to the EFCA East District Conference as he is retiring in May of 2022. This blog wants to add this to the discussion about the EFCA and pastoring. Continue reading

Comparing and Contrasting the Culture of Two EFCA Churches in the Midwest District. First Free Wichita’s Toxic Culture vs. Christ Community Church in Kansas City

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for a while. Recently I spent time in Kansas and attended and observed two different EFCA churches. This blog visited Josh Black’s First Free Wichita and Tom Nelson’s Christ Community Church. It was an interesting experience that taught this blog quite a bit about humility and authoritarianism. This blog suggests that the EFCA in Minneapolis look at both churches as possible case studies of what a healthy church can be like and what an un-healthy church can be like. Continue reading