Walk in the Word, a Black Budget at Harvest Bible Chapel and Finances that Resemble a Criminal Syndicate More Than a Ministry

This is a post that looks at James MacDonald’s Walk in the Word Ministry. It appears in 2013 that it was folded into Harvest Bible Chapel. The question to be asked is if James’ Walk in the Word salary was added to his Harvest Bible Chapel salary. In addition sources provided The Wondering Eagle with the salary information for the MacDonald clan in the 2015 timeframe. Plus there is also the issue of the “black budget” which allegedly has been used by the XLT to pay off people and buy their silence. In studying and writing about the financials of Harvest Bible Chapel the question to be asked is the following. Why are the financials reminiscent of a criminal syndicate? Why can’t James MacDonald be transparent?
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Jeff Parham of Harvest Bible Chapel is Reported to the Elgin Police for Embezzlement, and Why James MacDonald Will Likely Not Allow a Full Audit

Jeff Parham was reported to the Elgin Police by Harvest Bible Chapel for suspected theft. The original case report was given to The Wondering Eagle. Despite what is said about performing an audit its this blogger’s belief that James MacDonald doesn’t want a full audit given the financial problems at Harvest Bible Chapel.  Continue reading

A Look at Rockpoint Church’s Political Comments on their Church Blog. A Gentle Reminder to the EFCA that they Need to Follow the Johnson Amendment

Senior Pastor Roy Fruits wrote a polarizing blog post that flirted with politics in the pulpit after the 2016 election. This is a look at what the pastor from the EFCA’s Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota said. This post is a gentle reminder in the current election season that the Johnson Amendment prohibits politics being done from the pulpit. If this blog finds examples of EFCA churches that violate the Johnson Amendment I will report them to some of the atheist organizations I have interacted with.  Continue reading

According to Politico New Tax Law is Hitting Churches. In The Atlantic John Fea Writes About How Evangelicalism in the United States Has Long Dealt with Fear and Donald Trump is the Latest Iteration. Finally in Raw Story an Article about how Evangelicals are Worshiping Donald Trump Over Jesus

A couple of brief articles about evangelical Christians and politics. The new Republican tax law is taxing churches, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is not pleased. John Fea wrote an article for Atlantic about the history of evangelicalism in the United States and its roots in fear. According to the influential Messiah College professor Donald Trump is the latest iteration. And Raw Story had an article about how evangelicals are worshiping Donald Trump over Jesus.  Continue reading

Were the Purged Staff at McLean Bible in 2016-2017 Required to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Thus Allegedly Silenced About Their Spiritual Abuse?

McLean Bible was theologically flipped in the 2016 to 2017 time frame. During that time at least 132 pastors and staff were purged and many were replaced by a number of Neo-Calvinists. One of the questions I have is the following. Were departing staff forced to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) to silence them and legally threaten them? Today’s post looks at the NDA as well as its role in Mars Hill in Seattle. If NDAs were used at McLean Bible The Wondering Eagle is requesting one that I can study.   Continue reading

Warren Throckmorton is Kicked Off Patheos. Is this Due to the Mark Driscoll and Gospel for Asia Situation? Or is this Something Much Darker?

Warren Throckmorton is kicked off Patheos, which is having a lot of issues and is choosing to embrace censorship. This looks at the situation and asks the following question. Was Throckmorton kicked off because of what he wrote about Gospel for Asia and Mark Driscoll? Or is it due to his criticism of the culture wars and the ties Patheos has to organizations like American Center for Law and Justice?  Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey Hits Houston, and How 15 Evangelical Free Churches and the National EFCA are Responding; Plus Some Guidance for the EFCA Concerning this Issue

Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas and is looking to become the costliest natural disaster in United States history. The EFCA has sprung into action in trying to help out, and amidst that 15 EFCA churches were affected by Harvey. This is an overview of how those 15 churches are reacting to the situation. Plus while I encourage people to give I am also asking for the money to be handled transparently, especially in the wake of other evangelical situations in recent history. But the EFCA will help Houston rise up and is honoring the Lord as they help out the “least of these.” Continue reading

An Overview of The Evangelical Free Church of America’s (EFCA) Theological Conference – The Reformation at 500: Also with Al Mohler Being One of the Main Speakers Does the EFCA Believe Child Sex Abuse is a Joke?

An overview of the upcoming EFCA Conference called “Reformation at 500” at Trinity International University.   A number of well known speakers are tackling a number of different topics related to the Reformation. One of the main speakers at this conference is Al Mohler. In light of Mohler’s behavior at T4G in joking about child sex abuse, the purpose of this post is to ask the question. Does the EFCA also believe that child sex abuse is a riot and something to laugh about? Continue reading

Franklin Graham’s Salary, the IRS Change to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Should Churches be Supporting “Operation Christmas Child?”

Franklin Graham’s salary has been an ongoing issue in the Christian church. The Charlotte Observer broke the story in 2009 and again in 2015. In 2016 the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association changed its tax status from non-profit to an association of churches with the IRS. Its my belief that Franklin Graham is doing this in response to the Charlotte Observer stories about his salary. Franklin Graham’s behavior illustrates why 501(c)(3) status for Christian churches and ministries must end in the United States. Continue reading