Why the Modern Evangelical Church Needs to Air its Dirty Laundry: Lessons from the Challenger Disaster and Ronald Reagan’s Call for Soviet Transparency

The modern evangelical church is filled with corruption…it’s time to take our dirty laundry and air it for the world to see. There are reasons why this is done, in the end it forces change. To make my case I am going to use one of the greatest tragedies in the history of NASA – that of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. During the Cold War a challenge by Ronald Reagan to the Soviet Union illustrated how mistakes are dealt with publically. This is a post on why the evangelical church needs to be transparent. Continue reading

Movies & Theology: Concussion – When Religion Acts Like the NFL…and (Spiritually) Kills….

Some thoughts that came to me when I saw the movie Concussion. I see a lot of parallels between the NFL and the modern evangelical Christian church. There is a lot of corruption, and those dedicated to preservation of a system that is (spiritually) killing people. These are some thoughts that rolled through my mind in a dark theater that led to this post. Continue reading

How Mistakes are Opportunities…Why Don’t Evangelical Christians Say they are Sorry? Why Don’t Evangelicals Repent and Own their Mistakes Today?

Why don’t Christians repent today? Why don’t evangelical Christians say they are sorry? From Mark Driscoll, to C.J. Mahaney to Andrew White…from the leaders to the people in the pews…why don’t Christians seek forgiveness and work to heal others that they have deeply wounded in pain? Since many Evangelical Christians don’t care when they hurt people and plow forward…is that another reason why the world doesn’t respect them? Also remember your pastor is sinful, and often fallen. At the end of the day he is just as broken as you. Continue reading

Why C.J. Mahaney and the Evangelical Christian Church Need to see Spotlight

My take on the movie Spotlight. Why the evangelical Christian church needs to see it and the lessons the church can glean from the movie. The chief lesson I believe is the following…you cannot conceal or hide illicit activity as it always comes to the surface eventually. My belief and my call that CJ Mahaney needs to be held accountable for all alleged child sex abuse cover up in the SGM/SGC denomination. Continue reading

When Religion is Deceptive: The Problems of Deceit in Mormonism, Evangelical Christinaity, and Neo-Calvinism

This post doesn’t really provide answers, instead it raises questions. When I pushed back from Mormonism earlier in life I was stunned by the level of deception I encountered. Yet Mormonism isn’t the only religion where there is deception. I encountered deceit in mainstream evangelicalism at Fairfax Community Church, and see it in Neo-Calvinism in the context of “the elect” and the issue of Michael Servetus. What do you do when you encounter deceit in faith? Continue reading

An Overview of the Situation at Fairfax Community Church; What Rod Stafford Should have Told the Congregation Before October 14’s Night of Worship

Recently Fairfax Community Church (FCC) had a night of worship on October 14, 2015. I held back in writing this post because I had hoped they would do the right thing in the course of time. This post sums up the problems and issues at FCC as well as the lessons and take away. I also wrote what Rod Stafford should have said before musical worship, and want to remind evangelical Christians that worship is not just singing clapping, etc.. Worship is also about how a person or church lives.  Continue reading

Why Are Evangelical Christians Terrible at Conflict Resolution? Thoughts about Redeemer Arlington and Fairfax Community Church

From Redeemer Arlington to Fairfax Community Church Eagle wants to know….why are evangelical churches horrific about conflict resolution? After all in the Sermon of the Mount didn’t Jesus say ‘blessed are the peacemakers?’ Why are the peacemakers absent in evangelical Christianity? Why do churches refuse to solve problems and let them linger and fester? The bulk of today’s post is aimed at Fairfax Community Church. Continue reading