An Open Letter to Justin Taylor

An open letter to Justin Taylor based off a recent Tweet he did. This is Eagle’s very blunt response to Justin Taylor. Bloggers never apologize of course…which is why I write about seeking forgiveness from Stephen Altrogge, Jordan Kauflin and Eric Simmons from Redeemer Arlington. But what the hell do I know? I’m just a blogger! This post is my response to Justin and it is being Tweeted to him.   Continue reading

95 Reasons Why we Need a New Reformation

After some of the feedback I have received I decided to take the 95 reasons alone and make them a stand alone post. Feel free to print and turn this in with your resignation from a Neo-Calvinist church. Or in the spirit of Martin Luther you can nail or tape  these to the door of your local church. For those that do so please take a picture and email me about the experience. I was out traveling this past weekend so this will fill until the next post. Also for those inquiring…it’s not an accident that Jonathan Leeman is listed four times. The corruption in 9 Marks justifies a new Reformation alone. Continue reading