Did Luke MacDonald Allegedly Threaten the Family of Dan Haskell at Harvest Christian Academy? Also a Look at How Talbott Behnken Responded

A disturbing story comes out on Twitter involving Harvest Christian Academy. James MacDonald’s son, Luke MacDonald allegedly threatened the family of Dan Haskell. Luke was allegedly enraged over a prayer that Dan left on The Elephant’s Debt blog. This happened in April of 2018 after the Haskells felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to leave Harvest Bible Chapel two months prior. Dan raised the threat with the Harvest Bible Chapel elders who didn’t address the situation. Talbott Behnken allegedly made Dan Haskell the issue and participated in gaslighting. Dan wanted to make sure that the safety and wellbeing of his children were guaranteed by the head of Harvest Christian Academy.  Talbott Behnken allegedly would not do that.  
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James MacDonald, C.J. Mahaney, Mark Driscoll and Other Celebrity Pastors. A Discussion on Authoritarianism at Roll to Disbeleive

Over at Roll to Disbelieve, an atheist blog, they have a good discussion and article about authoritarianism. In light of the authoritarian issues inside Harvest Bible Chapel, Sovereign Grace and the late Mars Hill this article I believe is a good read. It will give a psychological understanding on James MacDonald’s behavior.
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Exploring How James MacDonald Tests Cult-Like Loyalty: The “Mark of the Beast” the Vertical Tattoo. Plus a Disturbing Situation in Phoenix, Arizona. Also how Coins are Used Inside Harvest

This post at The Wondering Eagle looks at how James MacDonald tests his followers loyalty. It can either be through the Vertical tattoo or the coin Harvest Bible Chapel pastors are expected to carry. In addition this blog learned that at the final pastors and wives retreat before the fracture of the Fellowship, James MacDonald allegedly put many of his pastors in a difficult position and pressured them to get the Vertical Church tattoo.
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Doug Ponder From Acts 29 Remnant Writes About Church Planting at The Gospel Coalition

Doug Ponder an Acts 29 pastor from Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia wrote a troubling article about church planting for The Gospel Coalition in December of 2018. The article has concerns in light of the issues this blog has written about at Remnant Church. What Doug is espousing reminds me more of how cancer spreads and amounts to empire building in the end. Continue reading

An Intern With Cru at the University of Illinois Explains Why He Serves With Cru

An intern for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) writes a blog post for the Cru chapter at the University of Illinois. In the blog post he writes about why he serves in Cru. For me its basically a blog post on why he wanted to quit his secular job and crawl back into the bubble. In the process he forgets all the other people who could use the Gospel. Articles like this give us insight into the issues with modern evangelicalism. 
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