How Harvest Bible Chapel Became a Business and Another Indicator of a Cult: Analysis of the Short Term Incentive Compensation Plan

In the Harvest financial audit there was some information about a program called the Short Term Incentive Compensation Plan. This was a bonus plan for James MacDonald and the Harvest XLT leadership. When you consider the gifting Harvest received over the years and campaigns such as 5G and Closer this blog believes that they were about getting a bonus for James MacDonald. When you lay the Short Term Incentive Compensation Program against what Dean Butters wrote about pastors designed to woo people into Harvest at times in their life in which they are vulnerable then you no longer have a business but also a cult.  Continue reading

Recalling When Trish Stern Pushed Rick Joyner. Plus Considering Joyner’s New Comments on Militias is Theo Williams’ Wooded Hills Outside Germantown, Wisconsin Preparing for the Next Civil War?

Rick Joyner on Jim Bakker’s television show called for Christians to arm themselves and prepare for the next Civil War. When I heard that I immediately thought of my former Third Wave Church in Milwaukee where Rick Joyner was pushed by Trish Sterns when I was a member. This post looks at Rick Joyner and asks the question, why was I involved in a cult?  Continue reading

#Youngerself. What Advice Would I Give Myself at 25?

Recently on Twitter there was a hastag of what you could tell yourself at the age of 25. Many people posted a lot of ideas they wish they could advise their younger self. This is my open letter to my younger self. This is coming from someone  in their 40’s. The basic theme of the letter? Dave, stay away from Evangelical Christianity. If you stay away you will spare yourself a lot of pain and trauma. This is what l would say to myself if l could. Continue reading

Dear Wooded Hills Church, l am Serving You My Divorce Papers

This is a letter of divorce to my former third wave evangelical church outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Known as Wooded Hills this is a church that is deeply charismatic, highly political, and very much toxic. In 2016 a number of people attacked me on social media and I realized that this is not the place that I thought it to be. This is a cult and a place to be avoided. This open letter explains a number of problems with Wooded Hills. Continue reading

The James MacDonald Cult of Personality and Why Harvest Bible Chapel Can Not be Reformed and Needs to Close

Mancow Muller in the Daily Herald referred to James MacDonald as being a personality cult. This is an article that looks at what a personality cult is. It also explains why Harvest Bible Chapel is the personality cult of James MacDonald and as such Harvest Bible Chapel can not be reformed or corrected. It is the belief of The Wondering Eagle that Harvest Bible Chapel needs to close. Let James MacDonald’s empire join the Soviet Union in the dust bin of history.  Continue reading

Can Evangelical Christians Stay Committed to Facts? Why Conspiracy Theories are Dangerous, Reckless and Uncalled For

This is a post that looks at evangelical Christian culture and conspiracy theories. This shows the harm that they do and asks the question if Christians who believe in conspiracy theories can be considered an unreached peoples group. This also explains how the harm from such theories affecting dark and disturbing situations in places like Harvest Bible Chapel and Sovereign Grace Churches.
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You are Loved! Examining Propaganda of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Harvest Bible Chapel

This post examines the propaganda of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Harvest Bible Chapel. This looks at thought reform and what came out in studies by Robert Lifton, and Margaret Singer in studying Korean prisoners of war. In the propaganda campaign of James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel this post looks at the top sayings or phrases of this totalitarian movement. James MacDonald would make a fine heir to Kim Jong Un in North Korea.
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Another Open Letter to EFCA SE District Superintendent Glen Schrieber (On Helping Former EFCA Pastor John Secrest in Naples, Florida)

An open letter to the EFCA SE District Superintendent Glen Schrieber. John Secrest was once a part of the EFCA in Northern Illinois years ago. It is this blog’s hope that the district staff that work with Glen Schrieber can work with John Secrest and help him get on his feet and give him the support that he needs. John, would be a strong asset to the EFCA SE District, and this blog that writes about the EFCA hopes that Glen Schrieber understands this point.
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Did Luke MacDonald Allegedly Threaten the Family of Dan Haskell at Harvest Christian Academy? Also a Look at How Talbott Behnken Responded

A disturbing story comes out on Twitter involving Harvest Christian Academy. James MacDonald’s son, Luke MacDonald allegedly threatened the family of Dan Haskell. Luke was allegedly enraged over a prayer that Dan left on The Elephant’s Debt blog. This happened in April of 2018 after the Haskells felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to leave Harvest Bible Chapel two months prior. Dan raised the threat with the Harvest Bible Chapel elders who didn’t address the situation. Talbott Behnken allegedly made Dan Haskell the issue and participated in gaslighting. Dan wanted to make sure that the safety and wellbeing of his children were guaranteed by the head of Harvest Christian Academy.  Talbott Behnken allegedly would not do that.  
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