An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber (Modeling COVID Vaccination in EFCA SE District)

This is an open letter to the head of the EFCA SE District Glen Schrieber. As many white evangelicals are rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine due to conspiracy theories, fringe politics and the rejection of science. Is Glen Schrieber going to be a positive force and be a role model when it comes to taking the vaccine and encourage pastors and leadership in the EFCA SE District? The failure to do so will mean further unnecessary loss of life. And this blog would argue that an evangelical leader who fails to do the right thing would be like the Jewish Priest walking by the Good Samaritan.  Continue reading

Q Anon: Considering the Issue of Evangelical Christian Smugness and How Evangelicals Are Sinning Against God

There were two discussions in the Q Anon subreddit forum that caught this blog’s attention. This post is a combination of two themes that were raised. They both deal with Q Anon and American evangelicalism, and they both show the issues of American evangelicalism. One deals with the evangelical smugness which I have seen over the course of time in different churches or ministries. The second thread deals with how those into Q Anon are ultimately sinning against God? Why they don’t trust God in the end. Feel free to chime in below with what you think. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Who is Supposed to Represent Intellectual Evangelicalism Has Gone Anti-Vax

Eric Metaxas has now gone anti-vax. On both Twitter and his radio show he has pushed conspiracy theories related to vaccines and COVID-19. This post looks at Eric Metaxas descent into becoming an anti-vax and finds it ironic that the Bonhoeffer author would most likely be challenged by Bonhoeffer himself. Bonhoeffer with how he viewed community and sacrifice would most likely encourage Christians to take the vaccine.  Its irresponsible for someone like Eric Metaxas to spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine. Continue reading

Bethel’s Beni Johnson Praises Trump Prophet Jeremiah Johnson in Late 2020. In March of 2021 the Evangelical Prophet Admitted He Was Wrong and Stated that Trump Lost the Election. Will Beni Johnson Follow Jeremiah’s Lead and Regain Some Integrity?

One of the well known Trump prophets is Jeremiah Johnson. He first saw the significance of Trump in 2015, defended him and famously predicted he would be re-elected. He defended and went along with the “Stop the Steal” and encouraged other evangelicals. At Bethel for Beni Johnson she though the world of Jeremiah Johnson and called him a fighter that she likes. On March 8, 2021 Johnson announced that he was shutting down his ministry and said that Trump lost and its time for charismatic evangelicals to accept that and move on. This blog would like to ask is Beni Johnson going to follow Jeremiah Johnson’s lead? Will she grow a pair of balls and admit that she has been wrong about Trump? Or will she continue in her ignorance?   Continue reading

On Reddit a Grandparent Recalls How Q Anon Has Divided Their Family and The Pain Its Created

On a Reddit forum post a grandparent recalls how Q Anon has divided a family and with children caught in the center how a daughter-in-law and son have rejected their parents. Its what happens when some reject Q Anon while part of a family goes all in on the conspiracy theory. This blog hopes that this situation is resolved and that the family become whole again. That’s what I am rooting for. in this sad situation.  Continue reading

Beni Johnson Joined Proud Boys and Other Militia/Terrorist Groups to Protest in Sacramento, California on January 6, 2021

On January 6, 2021 in Sacramento, California at the state capitol conspiracy theorists, Trump supporters and radical right militias such as the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters showed up. There were altercations and arrests and the situation was tense and an hour later things became calm. One of the people who attended the protest is Beni Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding California. This blog has a question. If Beni Johnson is going to travel to events where alt-right militias participate should the Bethel leader be considered a terrorist? Remember the same groups that showed up in Sacramento stormed the Capitol in the United States and left people dead on the same day. Continue reading

In a Disturbing Story The Washington Post Writes About How Conspiracy Theories Are Dividing One Family

At The Washington Post recently a story was published that is deeply troubling. Its about how a conservative Roman Catholic is going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories as she chooses her own sources of information and deciding what fact is. Her journey has even taken her to reading white supremacist material. This Post story is about how conspiracy theories are dividing a family and the conflict that has arisen between her children and her mother. Tomorrow expect a blog post looking at white evangelicals and conspiracy theories and providing some additional analysis on the problem. This article in the Post is important to understanding conspiracy theories and yet its profoundly sad to read. As always this blog encourages you to support your local newspaper. Continue reading

White Evangelicals Are Less Likely to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine. Plus Are They More Prone to Russian Disinformation Campaigns on Social Media?

As the United States proceeds to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 the one group resisting vaccination are white evangelicals. In addition some white evangelicals are using social media to say that the vaccine and face masks are the mark of the beast in Revelation. In this same Pew Research Study white evangelicals are more likely to neglect their neighbors and not care about people who are at higher risk. In contrast over 90% of atheists are supportive of taking the COVID-19 vaccine and are doing so or planning to do so. But as white evangelicals traffic in disinformation on social media this blog wants to pose a question. Are they more prone to disinformation from Russian troll farms online? Continue reading