Los Angeles Times: Pastors Are Struggling With Radicalism and Conspiracy Theories in Pews

On the morning of March 5, 2021 the Los Angeles Times published a significant article that explains how pastors are dealing more with conspiracy theories and Christian nationalism in their congregations. The article goes briefly into a Southern Baptist Church situation here in Virginia that forced a pastor to resign and leave because of the Q Anon theory affecting the evangelical church.  Continue reading

Beni Johnson When It Comes to the Facts Regarding John C Fremont, Leave That to the Historians Who Know History

At Beni Johnson’s Instgram account in 2019 she pushed a really warped view of John C Fremont. John C Fremont is a well known explorer in American history who became the first Republican candidate for presidency in 1856. Johnson tied Fremont to End Times theology and prophecy and spoke highly of his faith. Her account left out his role in genocide against Indian tribes in California and Oregon. It also shows why the charismatic movement is warped and has an agenda. History is not simple and not meant to be treated in this way. But for someone like Beni Johnson the harm is done. Word to the Bethel leader leave history to the historians and those serious to treat it with respect and wrestle with the topic no matter where the truth may take one. Continue reading

Ken Peters’ Patriot Church of Knoxville, Tennessee Has a Deep State Cannibal and Pedophile Ring That Has Weird Fetishes!!!

According to C on 64chan and 2567chan there is a pedophilia and cannibalism ring that is ongoing in Ken Peters Patriot Church Knoxville. Children are disappearing in the United States and ending up in a dungeon beneath Patriot Church Knoxville. In this church the men’s group chants to Stormy Daniels. There are also connections to Cobra with Ken Peters wife having a leather fetish after being inspired by the Baroness. Ken has a secret bank account in China which plays the missing link. C is committed to fighting the pedophilia and cannibalism ring with multiple arrests. The planned ending is Jerry Falwell Jr getting down on one knee in a jail cell and asking for Ken Peters hand in marriage. 😀 Continue reading

When Christianity Advances Hate and Becomes a Dark Tool of Nationalism

An article in USA Today explores the issue of how some Christians hijack symbols of faith and use them to advance dark movements like Christian nationalism or white nationalism. The issue is more of a problem than many people want to admit in American evangelicalism. Individuals like Eric Metaxas reveal how deep the rot is inside evangelicalism, especially as they have tied their identity to Christian nationalism. Continue reading

Not a Snowballs Chance in Hell! Some Questions for Jerry Prevo After an Apology for a Snowball Fight at Liberty University.

A massive snowball fight instigated by Jerry Prevo led to complaints to the health department for Liberty University violating COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Jerry Prevo was quick to apologize for violating the governor’s executive order. And yet here is what is troubling. Prevo is willing to apologize when he wants to and is selective about it. In the wake of the violence at the United States Capitol he has not apologized for the operating Falkirk Center which continues to spit out poisonous toxins of Christian nationalism which is what led to the January 6, 2021 coup attempt. Will he own the mistakes of the Falkirk Center and apologize for the problems its creating? Not a snowballs chance in hell.  Continue reading

The Thinking Atheist Discusses Christian Nationalism and Its Role in the January 6, Capitol Riot with Andrew Seidel of the Freedom From Religion Foundation

The Thinking Atheist and Andrew Seidel from the Freedom From Religion Foundation discuss Christian nationalism and its role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection. Its a good presentation from an atheist perspective. This blog has a lot of respect for atheists and would encourage people to listen to this discussion.  Continue reading

Wondering Eagle Deep Dive into Tyler Ethridge. A Look at a Christian Nationalist Pastor Allegedly Involved in the January 6, 2021 Insurrection and Riot in Washington, D.C.

This blog did a look at a Christian nationalist pastor and alleged terrorist involved in the Washington, D.C. storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. This blog post is just a reference to all the prior blog posts written about Tyler Ethridge. From his views on faith and politics, to Islamic conspiracy theories by John Guandolo, to the prosperity gospel as a charismatic theology individual. He was influenced by several questionable ministries or charismatic movements. Continue reading

#PastorParler Tyler Ethridge and His Alleged Behavior After the January 6, 2021 Coup Attempt in Washington, D.C.

This is the final post in a series about a Christian nationalist pastor allegedly involved in the January 6, 2021 coup attempt. The event took place and now Tyler has gone home to Texas. He defends his behavior on social media. He continue to advocate for Christian nationalism while also saying that Twitter is a communist company. He believes that the Bible directly addresses communism and socialism. Against all this he becomes infamous and individuals begin to disassociate from Tyler Ethridge. This blog believes he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Continue reading

An Evangelical Pastor at the Religion News Service Recalls How His Fear and Demonization From the Pulpit Helped Contribute to the Violence in Washington, D.C.

An evangelical pastor recalled in an op-ed at the Religion News Service how he contributed to fear and hysteria from the pulpit. And how that was used to fundraise. Rev Rob Schenck explains how people like himself bear a lot of responsibility for the violence as evangelical culture helped create the violence.  Continue reading

EFCA West’s Tim Jacobs Addresses Christian Nationalism After the D.C. Coup Attempt

After the uprising that took place at the Washington, D.C. Capitol on January 6, 2021 EFCA West District Superintendent made a statement condemning Christian nationalism. This blog wrote about how the EFCA needs to address Christian nationalism and this is a step in the right direction. This blog is grateful for Tim Jacob’s words in this area and hopes that Greg Strand will follow his lead and start to tackle this issue from a theological perspective inside the EFCA. . Continue reading