Recommended Read Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic: The My Pillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy

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The New York Times Writes About Evangelical Culture Warrior and Homeschooling Advocate Michael Farris and His Efforts to Overturn an Election for the First Time in United States History

The New York Times recently wrote about Michael Farris’ efforts to overturn the last Presidential election. The Christian nationalist known for his ties to the homeschooling community and the evangelical culture wars worked to over turn the election so that more judges can be appointed and gays and abortion can be fought. The New York Times obtained the information through record requests. This is a shocking read to process.
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When The Elijah List Sends Out the Following Advertisements Does That Explain Why Some Evangelicals Have Resorted to Terrorism Like We Saw on January 6, 2021?

The Elijah List recently sent out an advertisement that really played to people’s fears. In addition to the culture war rhetoric now they the issue is also election integrity. Now imagine if a source like The Elijah List was all you depended upon for information. Wouldn’t; you become an evangelical terrorist like we saw on January 6, 2021? Continue reading

According to a Disturbing Poll 57% of White Evangelicals Believe That Leftists Attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

In mid September a disturbing poll was released that revealed how influenced many white evangelicals have become by disinformation. In a poll from the Public Religion and Research Institute 57% of white evangelicals believe that leftists and antifa attacked the Capitol and not Christian nationalists or white supremacists. Continue reading

David French Writes on the Harm Donald Trump Did to American Evangelicalism

Over the weekend David French released an essay that is garnering some attention. The article looks at the effect on Trumpism on American evangelicalism. While evangelicalism has grown in some ways the bigger question is what kind of evangelicalism? Is it an evangelicalism that would welcome the likes of Beth Moore and Russell Moore? This blog post is encouraging you to read David French’s article.  Continue reading

Wade Burleson and the Whoring of the Southern Baptist Pulpit

As Wade Burleson goes more and more off the deep end, this blog believes he is pivoting for a run for political office in Oklahoma. The pastor from Enid is showing us why the Southern Baptist Convention is deeply corrupt. And as he whores out the Baptist pulpit his behavior helps one understand why Jesus liked to hang out with prostitutes and not the religious. In the end a prostitute has far more character and integrity than Wade Burleson. Continue reading

Sean Feucht Allegedly Hires Proud Boys For Security in Portland, Oregon. If True Does This Mean That Bill Johnson’s Bethal Church In Redding Has Crossed the Line and Should Be Considered a Domestic Terrorist Organization?

A rally with violence took place between Proud Boys and leftist protestors on the weekend of August 7, 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Sean Feucht of Bethel decided to hold his worship event in the downtown part of the city. However, what makes this event more disturbing and led to this post is that for the first time Sean Feucht allegedly hired The Proud Boys for his personal security. This blog would like to ask the question has Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church crossed a line and should be considered a domestic terrorist organization? Should the FBI or Department of Homeland Security investigate Bethel Church for ties to extremist groups like The Proud Boys? Continue reading

Pastors James Varnell Cusick Jr and Casey Cusick. Preaching the Gospel, Saving the Lost and Allegedly Storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021

Two evangelical pastors, a father and son were allegedly involved in storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. This is the story of James Varnall Cusick Jr. and Casey Cusick of Global Outreach Ministries Church in Melbourne, Florida. Christian nationalism needs to be regarded as dangerous and in the view of this blog those who stormed the Capitol are no different than ISIL or Al Qaeda. The number of evangelicals who were into Christian nationalism who stormed the Capitol is profoundly disturbing. Continue reading