Pastors James Varnell Cusick Jr and Casey Cusick. Preaching the Gospel, Saving the Lost and Allegedly Storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021

Two evangelical pastors, a father and son were allegedly involved in storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. This is the story of James Varnall Cusick Jr. and Casey Cusick of Global Outreach Ministries Church in Melbourne, Florida. Christian nationalism needs to be regarded as dangerous and in the view of this blog those who stormed the Capitol are no different than ISIL or Al Qaeda. The number of evangelicals who were into Christian nationalism who stormed the Capitol is profoundly disturbing. Continue reading

Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times. The Decline of White Evangelicalism is Leading Evangelicals Who Fear Losing Power to Defile the United States

Michelle Goldberg had a disturbing but important column in today’s New York Times. It looks at how white evangelicals are behaving as they lose influence. Its a long, slow process of becoming a minority and becoming sector of the United States. So many evangelicals are pouting and throwing a temper tantrum and have become nihilist. If I can’t have it no one can, is the thinking driving white evangelicalism today. So much for Jesus command of loving thy neighbor. This explains their behavior in the culture wars. Continue reading

Guest Post: Matt Boedy on Charlie Kirk Speaking at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Enid

Charlie Kirk who is linked to the late Falkirk Center at Liberty University is being hosted by Wade Burleson at Emmanuel Enid later this summer. Kirk usually makes an appearance art Calvary Chapels and Pentecostal churches but Burleson is turning his pulpit over to Christian Nationalism. This is a disturbing change and shows the problems and issues with Wade Burleson and Christian Nationalism.  Continue reading

How Greg Locke Divided a Family and Allegedly Murdered Coburn Kennedy Through Disinformation About COVID-19

This is the story of Coburn Kennedy. Coburn Kennedy got involved in Global Vision Bible Church in Mt Juliet,  Tennessee and was influenced by Greg Locke. Greg Locke is a fundamentalist pastor known for being in denial about COVID. Locke allegedly threatened to assault a Dunkin Donut employee when asked to put on a face mask the next time he came into the store. Locke taught disinformation regularly including that taking the vaccine is to be injected with fetal tissue which is a lie. Coburn Kennedy turned down vaccination and then contracted COVID-19 and later died. This is the story of the alleged murder of Coburn Kennedy by Greg Locke through disinformation. Continue reading

Facebook Bans Lifestite News, a Popular Alt-Right Website with Catholics and Evangelicals, for Disinformation

Lifesite News is a website that is popular with fringe, nationalist Catholics and many American evangelicals. It is known for disinformation and weaponizing information in the culture wars. It has become a part of the echo chamber that cranks out dangerous misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. In May of 2021 Lifesite News was banned from the Facebook platform due to disinformation they pushed about the COVID-19 vaccines being dangerous.  Continue reading

Henry Williams and Five Oaks Church in Woodbury, Minnesota and Healing Our Polarization and the Challenges for White Evangelicals

Recently at the EFCA’s Five Oaks Church in Woodbury, Minnesota Henry Williams pushed a book that is aimed to end polarization in the United States. This blog looked at the section Williams pushed and raises some questions, and also gives a history lesson on what “America First” is all about. But in order to end polarization shouldn’t Christians admit error and repent of their mistakes? That is what this post is about at The Wondering Eagle. Continue reading

Another Reason to Reject Evangelicalism. Realizing That Many Evangelicals Can’t Divorce Faith From Politics

When I abandoned evangelicalism the second and final time one of the reasons why is because I realized that many evangelicals cannot divorce faith and politics. They were married and interchanged in a warped way. When I did a mission trip to Southall in London years prior I was surprised by how Christians in the United Kingdom divorced faith from politics. So did the South Asian Christians from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. However after a faith crisis I realized that many American evangelicals had tripled down and became far more polarizing on politics. This blog would suggest that what happened is that Fox News and cable television replaced the pastor and the Bible. As change is not possible then the best thing to do is to walk. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Radio Show Is Kicked Off YouTube and Videos Are Removed

Early on June 1, 2021 Eric Metaxas Radio Show videos were removed and a lot of content from Metaxas was purged. As Metaxas reacts to the situation this blog believes his radio show was removed for spreading disinformation about COVID-19, face masks, and vaccination. To Eric Metaxas and his disinformation campaigns this blog has one thing to say. Good riddance. Continue reading