The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Churches During a Pandemic: They Want to be Exempt From Federal Law While Asking for Federal Funding

An op-ed appeared in the Washington Post on May 13, 2020 that looked at hypocrisy of evangelicalism and churches. While some churches are challenging stay at home orders by state governors during a pandemic they are also getting funds from the Paycheck Protection Act of CARES. Three law professors from the University of Virginia and Cornell write about the situation. Continue reading

Liberty University Axes its Philosophy Department

Liberty University has dropped its philosophy department. Several of their philosophy professors will be out of a job by June 30, 2020. This action is occurring when the school has invested heavily into a number of construction projects and also launching a think tank for Christian nationalism. This blog would like to ask the question is Liberty a school or a place of learning or an extension of the culture wars? This action reveals that Liberty is not about education. Continue reading

Have We Forgotten the Oklahoma City Bombing? Some Thoughts on What Happened in Lansing, Michigan the Other Day

Have we forgotten the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995? Do we realize the danger that comes from domestic terrorism? You don’t hear as much about what happened at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building any more. Its with that frame of mind that I write about what happened in Lansing, Michigan the other day. There are a number of questions that need to be asked. Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Threaten? Did Jerry Falwell Jr Allegedly Threaten a New York Times Reporter? Plus Liberty University Engages in a Propaganda Campaign That Brings a Response From U.C.L.A. and Virginia Tech. Finally a Class Action Lawsuit has Been Initiated Against Liberty

Liberty University is back in the news. As the COVID-19 virus grows in both Liberty and Lynchburg, Virginia the New York Times has reported that Jerry Falwell Jr allegedly left a voicemail that could be interpreted as threatening their reporter shortly before midnight.  Liberty has also engaged in a propaganda campaign that triggered a response from U.C.L.A and Virginia Tech. And finally a Liberty University student filed a class action lawsuit against the school saying that Liberty was profiting off a pandemic in refusing to reimburse people. Continue reading

When a Church Becomes a Threat to its Community. Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio Continues to Meet During a Pandemic While Public Anger Grows Toward the Church

In Monroe, Ohio a mega church is continuing to meet even when the county of Butler has encouraged them not to. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has spoken up about the situation. Despite that Lawrence and Darlene Johnson’s Solid Rock Church is continuing to meet even as people in Ohio become more enraged. This post is about the Johnsons a prosperity gospel pastor team who are leaches in the state of Ohio. Continue reading

On Fox Jerry Falwell Jr Claims that COVID-19 Is a Biological Weapon Created by North Korea and China. Plus The Controversial Liberty Leader States that the Coronavirus is Another Effort to Remove President Trump

Recently Jerry Falwell Jr went on Fox & Friends to explain that the COVID-19 virus was an attempt to remove President Trump now that the Mueller Report, impeachment and Article 25 of the Constitution failed. It was incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. Jerry Falwell Jr deserves no respect and he should be viewed as a demagogue who is a con-man.  Continue reading