On Facebook a Former Liberty University Faculty Member Writes of a School Administration that is Ethically Bankrupt and Shady

On Facebook in June of 2019 a former Liberty University faculty member wrote about issues at the Christian school. He described an administration that is ethically bankrupt and treats its staff badly.  This is a troubling read and raises more questions about the practices of Jerry Falwell Jr’s administration. Continue reading

Fear, Paranoia, Censorship and the Lack of Academic Freedom at Liberty University. A Deeply Disturbing Washington Post Article Raises Many Questions About this Evangelical University

This afternoon I read a deeply disturbing article in the Washington Post. It was about Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University and the culture of fear that pervades it. From Jerry Falwell Jr leading a purge to get rid of Mark DeMoss to a university that gives out laptops that some people suspect has spyware on it so that the school can spy on people. I was deeply disturbed by what I read. This rose to the top of my articles to write about.  Continue reading

Telling David Platt to Grow a Pair, Declining Enrollment and Making Illicit Pictures that The Miami Herald Possess – When Will the Board Fire Jerry Falwell Jr at Liberty?

Jerry Falwell Jr of Liberty University has been in the news frequently. From his comments to David Platt to news of his illicit pictures which the Miami Herald possess. The question needs to be asked…will the Board at Liberty fire Jerry Falwell Jr? Continue reading

An Open Letter to Greg Strand (Will the EFCA Take D.A. Carson Attacking a Sexual Assault Victim Seriously in the #churchtoo Era?)

An open letter to Greg Strand. This is encouraging the EFCA to address the issue of D.A. Carson attacking a sexual assault victim in support of C.J. Mahaney. Its time for the EFCA to act and do the right thing. After all Al Mohler of the Southern Baptists has recanted and addressed the issue. Why is the EFCA staying silent? 

Continue reading