Is Jerry Falwell Jr Making a Comeback at Liberty University? Considering the Falwell Personality Cult

A disturbing story appeared in Politico recently, which grabbed this blogs’ attention. The article is about Jerry Falwell Jr appearing on campus and hanging around and is leading some of think that Jerry Falwell Jr is planning a comeback at Liberty. This issue is linked to the ongoing issue of the personality cult at Liberty around the Falwell family. This blog sees no differences between the Falwell personality cult and the personality cult that exists with the Kim family of North Korea. Furthermore since both Jerry Falwell Jr and Becki are alleged sexual predators Liberty should be moving to address this issue right away. Liberty should take out a restraining order against Jerry Falwell Jr and communicate that if Jerry Falwell Jr hangs out at Liberty and comes on campus he will be arrested. Continue reading

After the January 6 Insurrection Liberty University Remains the Only School That Will Not Rescind Donald Trump’s Honorary Degrees. Plus Questions for Liberty’s Police Chief Richard D. Hinkley in Light of the Violence at the Capitol

Liberty University today is the only school that has not rescinded its honorary degrees to Donald Trump. Its still standing by them. Liberty, in the view of this blog, owns some responsibility for the riot in constantly supporting Trump and feeding his ego. And today they are continuing to do so even after five were killed and two police officers committed suicide. Liberty’s behavior is even more insidious in light of new details about the violence at the Capitol. In addition to the dead there are over 140 police officers that are injured. This raises questions about Richard Hinkley and how Liberty’s Police are viewed. But also due to fraternal culture in law enforcement how can Liberty’s Police stand by and stay silent in light of the violence and death of their brothers in Washington, D.C.? Does, “But Gorsuch” “Trump” Liberty’s or D.C.’s Police Officer’s lives? Continue reading

A Deep Dive Into the Liberty University Board of Trustees

This is a look at Liberty University’s troubled Board of Trustees. This post is a deep dive looking into the members and an examination of the board itself. In the view of this blog the board is unprofessional, shoddy and has deep issues. From having someone like Jerry Vines who mishandled a sexual predator like Darryl Gilyard to having others who tout an unaccredited university degree or who have allegedly advocated disgusting memes about Hillary Clinton while in an official capacity. In the view of this blog Liberty is not going to change, the board of trustees reveals that as well. Continue reading

After Criticizing President Trump Jerry Prevo Orders Liberty to Delete John Piper’s Convocation

John Piper and J.D. Greear participated in a convocation at Liberty University that coincided with the 20th anniversary of “Don’t Waste Your Life.” After John Piper criticized evangelical worship of Trumpism as idolatry Jerry Prevo ordered John Piper’s speech deleted off the schools’ website. This post is about censorship at Liberty and the lack of freedom to educate a person with differing points of view. Continue reading