How Some Evangelicals View Stonewall Jackson and Analysis by Jeff Sharlot

Here in Virginia the other day the statute of Stonewall Jackson was removed in Richmond. Jeff Sharlot on social media discussed the theological implications of that for fundamentalist. A comment he said about Campus Crusade for Christ in a section from his book “The Family” hit me hard and reminded me of a situation in Milwaukee years ago where I saw Crusade staff almost worship Stonewall Jackson. The coding for this post is going to have issues, so please forgive that issue.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Sarah Leitner is Expelled From Liberty University After Reporting Abuse on an Official School Internship to Jerry Falwell Jr. Liberty Also Denies the Abuse Occurred

This is a post about how Liberty University mishandled an abuse situation by Sarah Leitner.  Sarah who had experienced abuse while on an internship eventually reported it to Jerry Falwell Jr. At the time she was a PhD student in the School of Counselor Education of Liberty University. After reporting the abuse eventually Liberty expelled her and mishandled the situation.  Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Comment on Twitter Using Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Criticize Black Lives Matter is Owned By Charles Marsh of the Project of Lived Theology at the University of Virginia

Recently on Twitter Eric Metaxas attempted to use Dietrich Bonhoeffer to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement. In response University of Virginia Religious Studies Professor Charles Marsh put Metaxas through a wood chipper. Its good to see disinformation confronted and challenged. This is yet another blog post with a long Twitter thread about the issues with Eric Metaxas.   Continue reading

A Freelance Photojournalist For The New York Times Writes About Her Fear of Being Arrested by Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University

The other day in the New York Times a freelance photojournalist for the New York Times wrote about how she was threatened with arrest by Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University. This is an honest piece that is worth reading. Under Jerry Falwell Jr, Liberty is declining fast and this blog hopes more evangelicals will jump ship.  Continue reading

Why Would Anyone Want to Attend Liberty University?

As Liberty University is back in the news I finally ask aloud a question that I have had for years. Why would anyone want to attend Liberty University? What redeeming qualities does Liberty have? How does it better society? Culture? Faith? And more? Why would you want to attend a school that people would immediately think the worse because of Jerry Falwell Jr’s behavior?  Continue reading

McLean Bible’s Eric Saunders and Gavin Davis Call Out Jerry Fallwell Jr’s Racism in a Petition

35 African-American alumni from Liberty University sign a petition calling on Jerry Falwell Jr to repent and take down his tweet about wearing a blackface mask involving the Virginia Governor. The petition calls out Jerry Falwell’s racism and two of the signers are Eric Saunders and Gavin Davis from McLean Bible Church. Continue reading

Liberty University Axes its Philosophy Department

Liberty University has dropped its philosophy department. Several of their philosophy professors will be out of a job by June 30, 2020. This action is occurring when the school has invested heavily into a number of construction projects and also launching a think tank for Christian nationalism. This blog would like to ask the question is Liberty a school or a place of learning or an extension of the culture wars? This action reveals that Liberty is not about education. Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Threaten? Did Jerry Falwell Jr Allegedly Threaten a New York Times Reporter? Plus Liberty University Engages in a Propaganda Campaign That Brings a Response From U.C.L.A. and Virginia Tech. Finally a Class Action Lawsuit has Been Initiated Against Liberty

Liberty University is back in the news. As the COVID-19 virus grows in both Liberty and Lynchburg, Virginia the New York Times has reported that Jerry Falwell Jr allegedly left a voicemail that could be interpreted as threatening their reporter shortly before midnight.  Liberty has also engaged in a propaganda campaign that triggered a response from U.C.L.A and Virginia Tech. And finally a Liberty University student filed a class action lawsuit against the school saying that Liberty was profiting off a pandemic in refusing to reimburse people. Continue reading