A Deep Dive Into the Liberty University Board of Trustees

This is a look at Liberty University’s troubled Board of Trustees. This post is a deep dive looking into the members and an examination of the board itself. In the view of this blog the board is unprofessional, shoddy and has deep issues. From having someone like Jerry Vines who mishandled a sexual predator like Darryl Gilyard to having others who tout an unaccredited university degree or who have allegedly advocated disgusting memes about Hillary Clinton while in an official capacity. In the view of this blog Liberty is not going to change, the board of trustees reveals that as well. Continue reading

After Criticizing President Trump Jerry Prevo Orders Liberty to Delete John Piper’s Convocation

John Piper and J.D. Greear participated in a convocation at Liberty University that coincided with the 20th anniversary of “Don’t Waste Your Life.” After John Piper criticized evangelical worship of Trumpism as idolatry Jerry Prevo ordered John Piper’s speech deleted off the schools’ website. This post is about censorship at Liberty and the lack of freedom to educate a person with differing points of view. Continue reading

Does Liberty’s Jerry Prevo Take the COVID-19 Pandemic Seriously? And The Wondering Eagle is Calling Prevo to be Tested for COVID-19 and to Release Those Results Openly to Liberty

There is an interesting video that I would like to focus on for another post about Liberty University and Jerry Prevo. It should be noted that it is also in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak at the White House which Jerry Prevo was recently at. But look at this video and ask yourself is Jerry Prevo taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously? Is this the leader that Liberty needs especially after the outrageous claims his predecessor made about the coronavirus? Continue reading