Does Liberty’s Jerry Prevo Take the COVID-19 Pandemic Seriously? And The Wondering Eagle is Calling Prevo to be Tested for COVID-19 and to Release Those Results Openly to Liberty

There is an interesting video that I would like to focus on for another post about Liberty University and Jerry Prevo. It should be noted that it is also in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak at the White House which Jerry Prevo was recently at. But look at this video and ask yourself is Jerry Prevo taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously? Is this the leader that Liberty needs especially after the outrageous claims his predecessor made about the coronavirus? Continue reading

Did Some Liberty University Staff Trade Sex for Immigration Documents and Work Visas for International Students? A Blog Comment Leads to this Question

This afternoon a comment was left at this blog that concerned allegations of fraud and abuse at Liberty University. It dealt with international students trading sex for immigration documents and other paperwork. This blog is interested in telling this story if any individuals from Liberty want to step forward and tell this story this blog is committed to getting it out. Continue reading

A Closer Look at Jerry Prevo Formerly of Anchorage Baptist Temple and Now the Acting President of Liberty University

When Jerry Falwell Jr left Liberty University Jerry Prevo became the acting president. But who is Jerry Prevo? Prevo is a culture warrior from Alaska who is quite political. He was close to Jerry Falwell Sr and is a loyalist to the Falwell family. This is an overview of his history and his time at the Anchorage Baptist Temple and what his selection of president means for Liberty University.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham Speaking at Liberty University’s Convocation Reveals Why Liberty Will Most Likely Not Change Nor Learn

Liberty University held its first convocation on Wednesday September 16, 2020. And its first speaker was Franklin Graham. The choice is troubling because of Graham’s controversy and did Liberty need such a polarizing individual after Jerry Falwell Jr’s departure? Franklin Graham has not repented for a number of issues that this post looks at. The selection of Franklin Graham sends an ominous message that Liberty has not learned from the problems of Jerry Falwell Jr.  Continue reading