A Closer Look at Eric Metaxas and His Comments on Mass Shootings and Impeachment. Plus the Fallacy of Intellectual Evangelicalism

Eric Metaxas is a well known evangelical author who has done work on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther. In time he embraced Christian nationalism and became a polarizing figure. This post looks at Metaxas and the issues with his work. Plus he said a number of disturbing things recently both about mass shootings and impeachment. In the end Metaxas again shows the scandal of the evangelical mind in that it was a fallacy to think that he was an intellectual.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Students of Liberty University

Liberty University is embroiled in a scandal that deals with allegations of Jerry Falwell Jr enriching himself at the expense of the university.  This is an open letter to the  students of Liberty challenging them on the situation. Liberty students should be able to do the right thing and call for an independent investigation of Liberty’s finances. This isn’t about conservative politics or persecution, but about ethics and allegations of financial wrongdoing.  Continue reading

Progressive Group is Calling for a Criminal Investigation into Jerry Falwell Jr’s Finances and Asking Both the IRS and the Commonwealth of Virginia to Get Involved

A progressive Christian group is operating a petition to get the IRS and the Commonwealth of Virginia to investigate Liberty University’s finances. This brief post explores the problem and explains that it needs to be conservative evangelicals who push back against the financial issues.  Continue reading

From Atheists to Christians Here is Why You Should be Concerned With What is Happening at Liberty University

The politicization of Liberty University has far reaching consequences that will affect a lot of people and institutions. It will backfire for churches and can result in more discrimination of atheists. This post looks at the influence of Liberty in churches and writes about the ultimate problem of Christian nationalism.  Continue reading

Remembering the Singing Revolution in Estonia and the Baltics and Why Liberty University Students Should Use it to Peacefully Challenge Jerry Falwell Jr.

The challenge Liberty University students will have is to keep the protest alive and press forward. This blog would like to make a recommendation. One of the most successful revolutions in history took place in Estonia and the Baltics. Known as the Singing Revolution it brought about dramatic change and a country found itself in the process. Perhaps the Singing Revolution can be an inspiration and a map forward for those students wanting an independent investigation into Liberty’s fiances after some troubling newspaper articles. Continue reading

An Explosive Politico Article Raises Questions About Financial and Other Misconduct at Liberty University. In Response Jerry Falwell Jr Attacks and Claims There is a Coup Against Him

Politico broke a groundbreaking article about Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University. Politico raised the issue of financial misconduct and Liberty’s 501(c)(3) being violated. Jerry Falwell Jr is alleged to have used Liberty for his own personal financial benefit. Falwell also denied going to a Miami nightclub until a photographer released more pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr partying with his son. The leader of Liberty claimed that he was the subject of a coup and that he was bringing in the FBI to investigate. After Reuters published emails of Falwell mocking people Liberty students as led by Elizabeth Brooks organized a protest and are calling for an independent investigation into the schools finances.   Continue reading