From John Welborn of Salem Church Recommending James MacDonald to Tom Nelson of Christ Community Church Praising Ravi Zacharias. Does Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Explain How Corruption and Scandal Are Ignored?

Frequently this blog has noticed a number of EFCA pastors in the United States who promote or recommend material from questionable fallen and discredited pastors. John Welborn at the EFCA’s Salem Church in Staten Island has done this, and so has Tom Nelson of EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area has also done this. Is this another aspect to the scandal of the evangelical mind? The ability of a pastor to practice discernment and think critically in the midst of a scandal? Continue reading

Guest Post: Steve Baughman on Pastor Tom Nelson of Christ Community Church, Ravi Zacharias and Keeping Christian Secrets

At the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area Pastor Tom Nelson wrote a glowing tribute about Ravi Zacharias. Steve Baughman who wrote about the issues involving inflated academic scandals with Ravi Zacharias as well as his sexting with a married women wrote Tom Nelson a response to his blog post.  Continue reading

Tom Nelson’s Christ Community Church is Surveying its Membership and Attenders About Re-Opening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Christ Community Church in the Kansas City and Kansas area recently sent out a survey to its members and attenders asking them a number of questions about re-opening and some issues under consideration. As this blog continues to write about the EFCA and the COVID-19 pandemic this blog is documenting how Christ Community Church is carefully proceeding on the difficult issue of re-opening. Continue reading

Christ Community Church in Kansas City has Practical Advice for Worshiping in Quarantine

As many evangelical churches have been dealing with quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area had a practical blog post about worship. This EFCA church wrote about worshiping while in quarantine. This post from the Christ Community blog was written by Sean Dennis who leads worship at the downtown location.  Continue reading

How Christ Community Church in the Kansas City Area is Responding to a Decline in Giving and the COVID-19 Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an economic side that is being quite devastating for many communities across the United States. That also applies to many evangelical churches as well. Recently Christ Community Church an EFCA church in the Kansas City and Kansas area sent out an email to the congregation discussing the economic challenges the church is facing and how they place to face them. Continue reading