Four Evangelical Churches Sue Governor Newsom as the COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Worse in California. Meanwhile Jim Franklin’s Cornerstone Assembly of God in Fresno Vows to Defy Sacramento. In Contrast N.T. Wright and Francis Collins Criticize Evangelicals Reactions to the Pandemic

As California works at trying to manage the COVID-19 pandemic churches are ordered not to meet inside or sing. Four evangelical churches bring lawsuits against California Governor Gavin Newsom. Meanwhile Assembly of God Church Cornerstone in Fresno which is led by Jim Franklin’s family has vowed to resist the orders from Sacramento and continue meeting inside. While this is playing out in evangelicalism N.T. Wright and Francis Collins had an interesting discussion about evangelical behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Evidence Suggests That Evangelical Churches Meeting During a Pandemic Are Helping to Worsen COVID-19 and Accelerate the Spread in the United States. Also Ed Stetzer Responds to a New York Times Article

There are a number of stories emerging that reveal how COVID-19 outbreaks can be tied back to evangelical churches. Many clamored to re-open only to become tools to transmit the virus. This blog was noticing this development when the New York Times published an article about this issue on July 8, 2020. That article drew Ed Stetzer’s ire in a Christianity Today article which is also covered in this blog post. Continue reading