The Wondering Eagle Book Review: Amanda Farmer’s “Once An Insider, Now Without a Church Home”

A recently published book looks at the growing problem of Neo-Calvinist theology inside the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Its the story of “Truth Evangelical Free Church” outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a story of how a church goes from elder led to elder rule. Along the way you see how a traditional EFCA church was theologically flipped. In this heartbreaking story you will learn about how it became authoritarian. In the process the Neo-Calvinists are violating the “Significance of Silence” which is core to the EFCA.  This is a solid book that this blog heartily recommends. Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Book Review: Fear, Lust for Power and 81%. A Look at John Fea’s “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump”

John Fea, a history professor from Messiah College outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes a book that is quite talked about in social media. In “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump” you learn about the relationship between Donald Trump and many evangelicals.  The court evangelical is explained and one understands how fear has always been an issue for American evangelicals. Fear can be traced back to the Puritans in the 1600’s and carries on through fear of immigrants, other races, Catholics and modernism in the 20th century. The Wondering Eagle reviews this book with joy and is grateful for what Professor Fea contributes to the conversation of evangelicals, history and politics.  Continue reading

John Fea is Speaking at Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C. on July 7 on his New Book about Evangelicals and Donald Trump

John Fea is speaking about his new book, “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump” at Politics and Prose on July 7, 2018 at 1:00. The Wondering Eagle is encouraging those who live in the D.C. area to attend this event and support John Fea. I am looking forward to listening to the Messiah History professor speak about the issues of evangelicalism and Donald Trump.  Continue reading

Michael Sean Winters Looks at the History of “Anti-Catholicism in America” in the National Catholic Reporter

Michael Sean Winters who writes about religion an politics for the National Catholic Reporter reviewed a new book that looks at the history of anti-Catholicism in North America. From the founding up until the Civil War, a Brandeis professor did a good job in breaking new ground in a topic that deserves research. This post combines two columns in the National Catholic Reporter. Continue reading

Guest Post: Atheist Karen Garst Selection from her New Book: Considering Evolution and How “God” Can Cause Abortion

This is a guest post from atheist Karen Garst with a look at a selection from her new book “Women v. Religion: The Case Against Faith – and For Freedom.” This post looks at the issue of evolution and abortion. After all when women miscarriage is “god” responsible for a failed pregnancy? Is “god” an advocate for abortion?  Continue reading

Guest Post: Atheist Karen Garst Selection from Her New Book: How Children are Indoctrinated into Religion

This is a guest atheist post from Karen Garst, and is a selection from her upcoming book which is being released later this in May. In this post Karen explores the issue of how religion is indoctrinated into children. Indoctrination is a major problem that exists today  in that it sets up people for failure, especially when they realize that what they are taught it not true.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Karen Garst’s New Book on Women v Religion, an Atheist’s Perspective. A Look at the Topic of Shame from Religion

A guest post by Karen Garst who blogs as the Faithless Feminist. This post looks at a chapter in Karen’s “Women v Religion: The Case Against Faith — and for Freedom.” This post deals with an essay by Candace Gorham that deals with the topic of shame from religion. The Wondering Eagle is excited about this book and hope that others will pick it up when it is released as a paperback on June 1, 2018.  Continue reading