Guest Post: Matt Boedy Refutes Christian Nationalist Jeff Dornik on Disinformation

Jeff Dornik is a fringe Christian nationalist who this blog has written about in the past. He recently tweeted a defense of disinformation and against crack downs on disinformation. Matt Boedy who fact checks Charlie Kirk wrote a response to Jeff Dornik and refuted what he said about disinformation. What Christian nationalists like Jeff Dornik are doing is out right dangerous.  Continue reading

EFCA Pastors: If You Want to Write a High Impact Blog to Reach People You Should Consider Benjamin Vrbicek’s Fan and Flame as a Model. Here’s Why

This blog wants to ask the question what makes a high impact blog inside the EFCA? For pastors who want to set out and write a blog inside the EFCA, how should they do it? I’ve noticed this issue in seeing blogs start and then die. So this blog wanted to take a step back and as an independent observer write about what makes a solid blog. Benjamin Vrbicek who writes Fan and Flame pastors Community Evangelical Free Church Harrisburg. This blog wanted to do a post to show how meaningful and rich his blog is and what a gift it is to the larger EFCA. If you are a EFCA pastor and you want to write a blog that is solid, Benjamin’s blog is the model that you should study. Continue reading

Beni Johnson’s Bethel Church Has a Deep State Cannibalism and Pedophile Ring! It Also Includes Other Weird Fetishes Such as Grinding Her Pelvis on Headstones as She Grave Soaks at the Local Cemetery

According to C on 64chan and 2567chan there is a pedophilia and cannibalism ring that is ongoing in Beni Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, California. Children are disappearing in the United States and ending up in a dungeon beneath Bethel Church Redding. In this church the men’s group chants to Stormy Daniels. There are also connections to the First Galactic Empire with Beni Johnson’s husband believing himself to be Darth Vader.  Beni has a secret bank account in China which plays the missing link. C is committed to fighting the pedophilia and cannibalism ring with multiple arrests. The planned ending is Jerry Falwell Jr getting down on one knee in a jail cell and asking for Bill Johnson’s hand in marriage. And just like Hillary Clinton Beni Johnson will one day be thrown in prison for her pedophile ring 😀 Continue reading

Doni Chamberlain’s Exposure of Bethel Church in Redding, California Makes the Front Page of the Los Angeles Times

Doni Chamberlain is a one person blogging machine in Redding, California who asks the questions that the local press does not go far enough in working. One of the issues she writes about is the problems with Beni and Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church. Chamberlain’s blogging efforts made the front page of the Los Angeles Times today and this blog wants to encourage people to read her blog and support her efforts. Continue reading

Marty Baron, The Editor for The Washington Post Known for his Expose of the Roman Catholic Pedophilia Scandal at The Boston Globe – Is Retiring

Marty Baron is retiring. The former editor of The Boston Globe steered the newspaper through its coverage of the child sex abuse scandal within the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. It became the story of my generation, the issue of sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church. Baron who became the editor of The Washington Post retires at the end of February. This blog wishes him well and thanks Marty for his commitment to truth and investigative journalism. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Doomscrolling. This is an Important Mental Health Issue in Blogging

This is a quick post that I want to do to draw attention to an ongoing issue related to the internet. Its called doomscrolling and it happens when people get sucked into rabbit holes on the internet and social media. This post is aimed to educate readers of this blog to the topic. It also offers some advice as to how to break free and set healthy limits for yourself. If you have to take a break from this or other blogs, by all means do so. This blogger understands and I will be here for you when you get back. 😀 Continue reading