The Wondering Eagle is Looking for Stories About the EFCA and the COVID-19 Pandemic

This post is a request for information. This blog is looking for stories about the EFCA and the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic drags on and deepens this blog is looking for responses and stories to share. The stories can be both positive or negative. If they are negative the goal is not to tear down the EFCA, but to tell it to make the institution stronger.  Continue reading

From John Welborn of Salem Church Recommending James MacDonald to Tom Nelson of Christ Community Church Praising Ravi Zacharias. Does Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Explain How Corruption and Scandal Are Ignored?

Frequently this blog has noticed a number of EFCA pastors in the United States who promote or recommend material from questionable fallen and discredited pastors. John Welborn at the EFCA’s Salem Church in Staten Island has done this, and so has Tom Nelson of EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area has also done this. Is this another aspect to the scandal of the evangelical mind? The ability of a pastor to practice discernment and think critically in the midst of a scandal? Continue reading

The Importance of Listening and of a Blog Taking Feedback

A blog post the other day raises the issue of how important it is to discuss and listen. When I wrote about an EFCA church in Bloomington, Minnesota that led to a discussion with the pastor. Whether it be the EFCA, Acts 29 or other organizations this blog wants people to know that it will engage and listen and discuss these issues. This blog does not hide behind a computer screen and bunker down. In contrast it will engage people and have discussion.  Continue reading

A New York Times Photo-Essay on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bergamo, Italy Helps Explain Why Freedom of the Press is So Vital

A photo-essay in the New York Times about the COVID-19 pandemic in Bergamo, Italy is the source of this brief post. Its a must read and helps make the coronavirus deeply personal and explain what is happening in Italy. The press has often been attacked these days, but remember the press has often throughout history been in the epicenter of the challenging times. What the Times conveyed form Northern Italy is as valuable as Andy Rooney reporting on D-Day from Normandy or of the journalists that risked their lives to cover September 11, 2001. The free press is a pillar of  healthy and stable government.  Continue reading

Happy Festivus Everyone! The Annual Airing of Grievances Commences at The Wondering Eagle

Happy Festivus! Today at the Wondering Eagle, in honor of D.A. Carson (it’s his birthday today…) we are going to celebrate Festivus! While Don celebrates his birthday its going to be a “Festivus for the rest of us!” I will start in the  annual airing of grievances and then readers are encouraged to participate in the act. This year I also challenge James MacDonald  to a Feats of Strength! Continue reading