A Personal Reflection on Fresno Evangelical Free Church; Known Today as The Bridge Fresno

A personal reflection on Fresno Evangelical Free Church, which is today known as The Bridge Fresno. This explores how I got involved and my experiences in this church. Also I explain why if I lived in Fresno today I would not get involved in this church. The EFCA denomination has this one systematic flaw that I believe will eventually lead to the destruction of the denomination. Its autonomous nature is being exploited by Neo-Calvinists. Continue reading

Why Write about Church Corruption, Systemic and Systematic Issues? Lessons from the Creation of the National Park Service in 1916

The National Park Service turns 100 this month. Over a century ago a number of people had the vision, and drive to preserve national parks. They ran into difficulty, and went against the culture at the time. In time they convinced others that places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and others deserved protection. Religious bloggers are similar in that we love the church too much to keep it as is. We love the church and write and endure difficulty so that others will not. We write so that a person can attend an Evangelical Free Church or Southern Baptist Church in 2050 and worship in peace. Continue reading

Analyzing the Growth of Reformed Theology/Neo-Calvinism in the Evangelical Free Church of America: The Eastern District

Today I unveil the first completion of a long term project of determining the rate of Reformed/New Calvinist theology in the Evangelical Free Church of America at The Wondering Eagle. This is a year long effort at this blog as I work through 17 districts. In this post I reveal my findings in the Eastern District Continue reading

Analysis of the Eastern District of the Evangelical Free Church of America

Today I do a profile on the Eastern District which is headed up by Dr. Eddie Cole and is responsible for all Evangelical Free churches in eastern New York, central and eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, eastern Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia. This post also puts the Eastern District on notice that I will write about corruption and polity issues of the Evangelical Free denomination. What drives me to take on this project? The silence by the Evangelical Free denomination on D.A Carson’s corruption, a traumatic experience that Eagle endured and personal knowledge of atheism. Continue reading

Wanted: Stories about Neo-Calvinism Church Hi-Jackings, Corruption, and Child Sex Abuse Cover Up in the Evangelical Free Church of America

A brief overview of the history, doctrine and breakdown of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The Evangelical Free is plagued by issues of corruption, Neo-Calvinism, and church hi-jacking’s that are leaving some people theologically homeless. If you were involved in an Evangelical Free Church that was taken over in a silent coup by Neo-Calvinists, Eagle would like to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if its Clovis, California; Chicago, Illinois or Portland, Maine. Continue reading

Practicing Discernment: Analysis of Ambassador Bible Church’s Membership Covenant (Evangelical Free Church of America)

This is my analysis of the membership requirements to Ambassador Bible Church, an Evangelical Free Church in nearby Chantilly, Virginia in the D.C. area.  A little over two weeks ago I asked people to analyze and look at their membership requirements and you guys did exactly that, and did a good job.  This is my look at Ambassador and as always I welcome your feedback. Continue reading

Practicing Discernment: Membership Requirements for Ambassador Bible Church a local Evangelical Free Church in Chantilly, Virginia

From time to time I will throw up a post, a church page on membership that will be a quiz. I will refrain from commenting for two weeks and then I’ll write a post on it. I’m kicking it off with the requirements of a local Evangelical Free Church, Ambassador Bible Church in Chantilly, Virginia. Have at it…let’s practice some discernment! Continue reading