How Will Mark Mitchell, The Church Lady of Covenant Life, React to the Newest Scandal?

With the situation involving P.J. Smyth’s father beating against the door of Covenant Life Church, The Wondering Eagle has a question. When the Washingtonian magazine published a story about Covenant Life and SGM, Mark Mitchell claimed that Satan was attacking the church. And that this attack came just as God was about to move at Covenant Life. That was in 2016, my question is what will Mark Mitchell say about this latest scandal in 2017? Continue reading

Analysis of Covenant Life Church’s P.J. Smyth’s Statements on the Situation Regarding his Father, John Smyth QC

A new and dark scandal comes beating at the door of P.J. Smyth’s Covenant Life Church. This is a fast moving situation and this is the first of several posts. This is the analysis of P.J. Smyth’s statements regarding his father, John Smyth. John Smyth’s alleged abuse occurred in the United Kingdom and also there was the death of a 16 year old boy in Zimbabwe allegedly at his father’s hands. Brace yourself Covenant Life Church this I fear is the beginning. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on the Latest Post at SGM Survivors, and a Note that Other Blogs, Including The Wondering Eagle will Help Also

This is a quick post that is a response to the most recent post at SGM Survivors. This blog will always welcome posts and stories related to Sovereign Grace or former SGM churches. This blog was created out of an incident from Eric Simmons Redeemer Arlington. If you want to publish anything you are free to, plus I am certain that The Wartburg Watch or Thou Art the Man would also do so as well. Continue reading

How the Internet Helps Heal and Bring People Together

How the internet helps heal and how those hurt by the church connect and reach out to each other. This looks at the role social media plays in totalitarian churches and how I realized this in writing about Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church in  Elverson, Pennsylvania. Also if you were hurt by the church you are not alone, and you will heal in your own way in your own time. Each person is different. Continue reading

Is Neo-Calvinism Creating Mini Popes and a Misapplication of Scripture?

A comment by Daniel Roueche at Nate Sparks Facebook page leads to this quick and brief post. Its an honest question about how sustainable is Neo-Calvinist application of  theology in the end? What is its legacy for abuse, poor theology, and in the process creating a mini-Rome? I’ll let you guys discuss this below. Another post is going up later today. Continue reading

Why Write about Church Corruption, Systemic and Systematic Issues? Lessons from the Creation of the National Park Service in 1916

The National Park Service turns 100 this month. Over a century ago a number of people had the vision, and drive to preserve national parks. They ran into difficulty, and went against the culture at the time. In time they convinced others that places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and others deserved protection. Religious bloggers are similar in that we love the church too much to keep it as is. We love the church and write and endure difficulty so that others will not. We write so that a person can attend an Evangelical Free Church or Southern Baptist Church in 2050 and worship in peace. Continue reading