Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien its Time for the EFCA to Have a Secular, Outside Entity Scrutinize and Examine the EFCA’s Child Safety Practices. The Rape of One Child Inside the EFCA is One Too Many

With the Department of Justice investigating the Southern Baptists over their handling of sex abuse its time to write this post. When it comes to the EFCA, this blog is going to advocate for and call on the national EFCA in Minneapolis to bring in a neutral, secular third party that can examine the EFCA’s sex abuse policies and safety. This issue is too important to ignore as the rape of one child in the EFCA is one child too many. This post is directed at Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien in Minneapolis.

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.”

Herbert Ward

but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,[a] it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:6 ESV


Greg Strand

The news involving the Southern Baptist Convention and the sexual abuse is still playing out. With the learning of the Department of Justice getting involved in the sex abuse problems its time to write this post and direct it to both Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien. Its this blog’s belief that the rape of one child in the EFCA is one child too many. A healthy, robust and vibrant organization would do all that they can do to make the organization safe. Sex abuse is too large of an issue to be ignored. To read about the Department of Justice investigating the Southern Baptists go to, “The New York Times Breaks the News that the Department of Justice is Investigating the Southern Baptist Convention Over the Issue of Sexual Abuse.


EFCA President Kevin Kompelien

Its Time to Have a Secular Outside Organization Examine the Child Safety Practices and Policies of the EFCA

The EFCA needs someone who has no conflict of interest, and is neutral to the entire EFCA to go into the organization, study it and come up with recommendations on strengthening protections against child sex abuse. Too often evangelicals act tribalistic in their behavior. For example its this blog’s contention that if you really want to know what a church worships watch how it behaves when people learn a child has been sexually assaulted. The best and most qualified organizations to do this are those on the outside, and most importantly secular. The EFCA should not do the investigation by itself as that would be risky and problematic. Many organizations have issues with transparency and tend to avoid these kinds of issues.

The EFCA Needs to Conduct an Audit of Their Sex Abuse Policies Immediately

This blog does not want to see the EFCA end up in the New York Times, Washington Post or the Minneapolis Star-Tribune because of sexual abuse. And this blog has been clear in stating that it does not believe the sex abuse problem is as severe as with the Southern Baptists. But in 2022, such risk can not be avoided or assumed. The best course of action is to tackle the subject directly and put it under the microscope. In doing so lives can be spared pain, trauma, and hardship. Does the EFCA love Jesus? Is it about worshiping Jesus? Bring in an outsider that can look at the EFCA and come up with policies to strengthen safety inside the EFCA. This blog does not want to write about story after story in the years to come, especially if it could be avoided or prevented. Any outside audit can be compiled in a report and can be implemented by the national EFCA across their 17 districts. Time is of the essence with this issue.

If You Have a Story About Sex Abuse in the EFCA This Blog is Willing to Write About it and Contact Leadership

For those in the EFCA or for those who used to be involved I want to communicate this loud. If there is a sex abuse situation that has taken place in an EFCA church this blog is ready and willing to write about it. This blog blew the whistle on David Platt’s McLean Bible and also wrote about Bryan Loritts and Fellowship Memphis voyeurism and child pornography scandal for years. When it comes to the EFCA this blog is willing to write about these stories with the goal and hope that they will prevent further abuse from taking place. These posts are hard to write but if it creates peace and harmony down the road that is the ultimate goal. This blogger has seen enough of the dark side of evangelicalism to want to see it take a different approach. So EFCA its time to hire an outside secular organization and open up your books and have them studied. Again the rape of one child is one too many.

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