In Utah to Get Financial Assistance You May Have to Join the Mormon Church First

This weekend a disturbing story in ProPublica emerges about the Mormon Church in Utah. Getting financial assistance has become so hard in Utah that some have allegedly joined the Mormon Church to get food and support. The State of Utah points people to the LDS faith if they need support. Meanwhile the Mormon Church is willing to discriminate against whomever they decide.

“Cheerfulness is a very great help in fostering the virtue of charity. Cheerfulness itself is a virtue.

Lawrence G. Lovasik


Mormon Temple of Washington, D.C.

Imagine the following scenario taking place. You are a single Mom living in Sandy, Utah in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. You have a job and all is going well. Then in March of 2020 COVID-19 hits and you lost your job. Distraught you start to go through your savings. You apply for financial assistance but learn that the state of Utah has cut back its financial aid and welfare so much that you can’t get any. So after some quick thought and realizing your back is against the wall you do something you never thought possible. You join the Mormon Church just so you could feed your children.

A Disturbing ProPublica Story About Welfare in Utah and Mormonism

ProPublica released another story this weekend that was shocking. For those who are not familiar ProPublica recently wrote a story about rape and the Liberty Way at Liberty University which this blog has written about. You can read about that in, “Liberty University Allegedly Punished Rape Victims Through “The Liberty Way” According to ProPublica. Plus Scott Lamb Sues Liberty Claiming the Evangelical University Retaliated Against Him.” In the ProPublica story we learn about an African-American’s plight in Salt Lake City. Danielle Bellamy shares her experience in getting assistance. She was denied cash assistance for not being low income enough. State welfare workers told Bellamy to go to the Mormon Church for help. In order to receive aid a Mormon bishop told her that she needed to read Mormon scripture and embrace the Mormon faith. Under pressure she decided not to go through with a LDS baptism. The ProPublica article is shocking in how it shows how Utah’s welfare system and the Mormon faith are intertwined. In the story there are experiences raised. Former Mormons denied welfare, people who have not tithed enough turned away. Lessons on sex to single mothers or GLBTQ turned away. What do you do when you live in a state that points people to the Mormon faith for welfare and the Mormon Church can discriminate against anyone? Better yet can you imagine poverty stricken evangelicals being forced with that decision? Could you imagine a Southern Baptist facing eviction because that person can’t pay their rent being baptized as a Mormon so they can make ends meet? When you think of it, its a good way for Mormon Church to grow its organization by using psychological manipulation against people. To read this story in its entirety go to, “Utah Makes Welfare So Hard to Get, Some Feel They Must Join the LDS Church to Get Aid.” As a side note if there are any people who find this post in Utah who want to share their story this blog would be happy to give them a platform.

11 thoughts on “In Utah to Get Financial Assistance You May Have to Join the Mormon Church First

  1. How long before Christians in power positions start making the same decisions as the Mormon Church in Utah? Forced membership in order to receive any assistance, former Christians denied welfare, single moms having to take lessons on sex, low tithers denied any help…and criminalization of all abortions.

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  2. Josh Hawley is a POS (Senator – MO (Luddite)) Trump leg-humper and Kool-Aid Drinker. If there is any justice in the world, he would be brought up on sedition charges for what he did on Jan 6th and his fist raising support of the rioters. He really needs to be shot for treason.

    And since Seneca is a supposed “conservative” one should really ask him why would he support Hawley and Trump when their attitude towards Big Tech and the proposed solutions by FedGov are no different that Elizabeth Warren’s or Bernie Sanders.

    But then Josh is too busy trying not too look like a limp-dicked wuss in his defense of his manhood. Authoritarians like him see masculinity as so fragile that it needs to be reinforced by the state. Which is why he latched his lips onto Trump’s ass so quickly.

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