If Evangelicalism Were a Commercial Brand Name with Constantly Defective Product, Wouldn’t You Reject the Brand?

Let’s be honest. If evangelicalism were a defective product most sane and regular people would reject it and buy another product in its place. This post is a brief narrative to make the point that evangelicalism is a system that can not be fixed and it is indeed permanently broken.

“A fool and his money are soon parted.

Thomas Tusser


There is one aspect to American evangelicalism that this blog does not understand. Before I get into the problem I am going to make an analogy to drive home a point. For the sake of an argument I am going to use a Subaru Outback. Note I have a deep respect for Subaru’s and am only trying to make a point.

Let’s say you are in the market for a car and you decided to go for a Subaru Outback. It looks great. Its flashy. Your salesman swears on his mother’s grave that it is reliable. And you are sold. So you buy an Outback. Now imagine a situation a year into the purchase where the transmission fails, and you are shocked. The warranty just expired and you are facing a bill of $5,000 to get the Outback fixed. This doesn’t line up with what you have been told. You think the repair is too costly so you and your wife decide to purchase another Subaru Outback. You think to yourself “I just had a bad model.” So now you are on your second car. And a year into that purchase after the warranty expired imagine you are driving down the road an the air bags for no reason suddenly deploy. It shocks you and you have whip lash but when you have the car taken to the dealer they quote a repair of $4,000. You are shocked as you never heard of a case of an airbag deploying while a person is driving. But you get the car repaired in time you are driving it again. After a few months the engine fails and you have your car towed to the dealer where you are told that you have massive engine failure. The price to replace and engine is quoted at $9,000. Now you are baffled as you thought Subaru is a great car, but you have your doubts. You say forget it, but you decide to buy another Subaru Outback. Now you are on car three. You are driving your Subaru and the warranty expired a week ago and the transmission suddenly died on you. You are stunned. Does Subaru have problems with transmissions? You consider the situation especially with an earlier model that had problems. You are facing a $5,000 repair and you decide to take one more try on a Subaru. So you buy another model. Now you are on your fourth car. Now you are second guessing myself. Should I have purchased a Subaru? You are anxious and do not have peace of mind but hey that salesman swears by it. But that salesman texted you that picture of him swearing over his mother’s headstone. But you relented. So a year out you are driving on the 101 freeway and the engine dies you are able to make it to the side of the road. You call emergency services and your car is towed to the Subaru dealer. You are encouraged to get another Subaru.

Now you are opposed to buying the brand. You realize that it has shoddy craftsmanship, not dependable and costly for you. Not only that but this brand has been psychologically defective. And you tell the dealership, no. So you walk away and decide to buy a Honda Accord.

Evangelicalism is Broken and Can Not be Repaired

Reflect on that experience above. If you had that much trouble with a car brand you would reject the brand and you would go elsewhere. Would you not? The same applies to evangelical churches. People like me have rejected the brand and are done and have no plans of going back. However unlike above the issues are different. Child sex abuse, authoritarianism, abuse of power, financial scandal, cult like behavior and as an added bonus the youth minister is having a relationship with the recent college grad. Lovely isn’t it? The question is why do people do from church to church and get themselves into problematic and cult like churches? Many evangelicals are like that Subaru buyer above except they keep buying a broken brand. In the opinion of this blog I think those who believe evangelicalism can be fixed are delusional. Those who go into another church under the guise, “the next church will be different” are like that gambling addict. They can’t face reality and are fixated on that next church being different. Many evangelicals are foolish to think the system can be reformed. It can not. The only way to stop it is to categorically reject it outright.

4 thoughts on “If Evangelicalism Were a Commercial Brand Name with Constantly Defective Product, Wouldn’t You Reject the Brand?

  1. Wondering Eagle.

    Good post. The bottom line is that the brand (or rather the name or word) “evangelical” has become tainted by all the posers, sociopaths, frauds, wolves, and other deplorable folks. Just like the term conservative, or even Republican for that matter. The vast majority of people identifying as such are do not meet the technical, historic, and specific definitions of those terms and for the most part have no effing clue what they actually mean.

    All those terms have precise, technical, and historic meanings but now they are just amorphous jello based upon some moron’s self-identification. The so-called evangelicals who are really NOT are no better than those in the LBGTQ community who self-identify as female when they are biologically and genetically male in this regard.


    • Oh blergh. Leave transgender women out of your argument. Nobody is choosing to be transgender because it’s the cool thing to be. It’s a pain and given the attitudes expressed by people like you, it’s dangerous. Transgender women get harassed, beaten and killed because of attitudes like yours. One of my closest friends is transgender, we first met when picketing Scientology in the 1990s, before she transitioned. I walked with her through her transition and this was most definitely not an on a whim thing.

      One thing I do know is that transgender people are the new “gay men crawling with AIDS” for the 2020s. I’m old enough to remember when the Religious Right saw gay men as an existential threat in the 1980s. I’m seeing the same thing in the 2020s with transgender people. It was wrong then, it’s wrong now.

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      • Nobody is choosing to be transgender because it’s the cool thing to be.

        Guess again. There are crazies out there who WILL because It’s Fashionable. I saw the same pattern often enough in Furry Fandom, except there it was Teh Gay instead of Teh Trans. And the Loud Crazies have a way of defining the public face of a movement. Gender Dysphoria is real, does not have any really good solutions, but any time something like this hits the news, it can become a bandwagon for Crazies until there is so much noise from the Crazies that the original signal is lost.

        And never understimate Fanatics for The Cause (any Cause). UK courts have placed minimum age limits on gender-reassignment surgery (what used to be called “sex change”) to head off some Kyle’s Mom having her kid(s) Reassigned (surgery and all) to show her peers How Woke she is. (Probably related to Munchausen-by-Proxy; the actual scenario was Kyle expresses some cross-gender interest; Kyle’s Mom immediately goes “He/She’s Trans!” and pushes He/She into the whole package.) Fanatics have sacrificed their own children before for The Cause or their narcissistic supply; again, Munchausen-by-Proxy.

        (It doesn’t help that English has NO animate neuter or animate gender-inclusive pronoun (“It” is an INANIMATE neuter pronoun); as an old-school SF fan, I have come across several attempts at one – “S/He”, “Hir”, “Sahn” – but none has ever caught on.)

        One thing I do know is that transgender people are the new “gay men crawling with AIDS” for the 2020s.

        I believe the actual term is “Trans is the New Fag”.


  2. In reality most things we utilize in society are defective products, yet we still choose to purchase and embrace them.
    I remember when starting medical school being drilled that “Only half of what you learn here is true… the problem is that we don’t know which half of the science it is”.
    This is the ‘science’ society holds onto as fact, essentially following as their god even though time has shown this statement to be true.
    Given the guidance of some of most regarded scientists, we must realize the reality is that science is only fractionally better than chance. Our pride doesn’t always want us to admit this truth.
    –Medical Doctor (M.D.) and Brain Scientist


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