Some Thoughts on Paige Hilken, COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine

On Paige Hilken’s blog she wrote about her own COVID-19 diagnosis. In her post there was a lot of self diagnosis, leaning on YouTube videos and some alternative medicine. This is an issue that many evangelical’s struggle with as many eschew expertise. Its dangerous when people act like they know better than medical providers and doctors. Speaking of COVID-19 this blog has a question, was Paige Hilken vaccinated? Can someone answer that question below? 

“My basic strategy is to stick to my core business and to my area of expertise.”

Henry Sy

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7 NLT 



Paige and Chris Hilken 

Before I get into this post let me share a story, one of many from my days inside American evangelicalism. It was February of 2005 and I lived in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I was getting ready to move to Washington, D.C. when a member from my charismatic church wanted to meet with me. He said there were two other people and I agreed to meet him in a restaurant. After pleasantries were exchanged I heard a presentation, a pyramid scheme that involved selling oils, lotions, and health foods that if I followed would make me a millionaire. That was the claim. It was a wasted hour and I said no. I was amazed that someone could buy into oils, lotions, and other health measures. But over time I ran into it over and over again. I see it at this blog frequently. When I write about Beni Johnson of the Bethel movement in Redding, California I see her Instagram page drowning in oils and other alternative treatments. And when I looked at Paige Hilken’s blog post, I go and see it again. I want to provide some analysis and ask some questions about why evangelicals buy into this alternative medicine while frequently rejecting regular medicine. But see what Paige Hilken wrote in her blog post called, “My Covid 19 Experience (while 7 months pregnant), Research and Recommendations.” Things that trouble me I will highlight in red. 



(I am not a medical professional and this is just information that has helped myself and others personally. Be sure to talk to your health care provider about treatment options that are fitting for you specifically)

First and foremost I of course recommend starting off with a healthy whole foods diet as a base for all of your macro and micronutrients. When I was sick (and when I’m not) I consumed a lot of fresh fruits, homemade bone broth, raw milk (made into hot chocolate or matcha lattes), collagen, grass fed gelatin based vitamin C gummies, eggs for choline, fermented gluten free sourdough, cooked vegetables and meats, etc. Outside of your whole foods, lets start with some general recommendations and supplements I believe everyone should have on hand plus some videos/articles as to why:

  • Vitamin D3/K2:

    • K2 helps with absorption of vitamin D so you want to try to get a formula that has both.

    • Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus:

    • Get out in the sun as much as possible to get natural vitamin D into your body

    • This is the Vitamin D3/K2 that I use and that I use for my kids as well:

  • Vitamin C:

    • Ideally you want to avoid vitamin C in its abcorbic acid form because it is missing the enzyme tyosinase, which contains bio-available copper that is essential for reaping the full benefits we know come from vitamin C

    • Getting vitamin C in its whole food form is always ideal. We try to eat lots of citrus and other vitamin C containing foods and make vitamin C gummies each week. If you do go with a powder route, which can be helpful when sick for extra doses, I recommend Organic Acerola Powder, Organic Camu Camu Powder or the Pure Synergy whole food vitamin C powder that is a blend of different whole food vitamin C sources.

    • Another great form of vitamin C is Sodium Abscorbate

  • Zinc:

  • Quercitin:

    • I take this in the form of elderberry syrup as elderberries have one of the highest whole food concentrations of quercitin. Quercitin is known as a zinc ionofore, meaning it helps drive zinc into the cells so it can be used by the body.

    • Quercitin has also been shown on multiple occasions to bind to various viruses, stopping them from infecting cells and replicating. It’s currently being studied as a therapeutic for coronavirus

    • I make my own elderberry syrup for our whole family to consume. Here is the link to my DIY kits that you can use to make your own for a much cheaper price than in the store:

    • COVID-19 Insights: Quercetin as Zinc Ionophore and COVID-19 Outpatient Management:

    • Other whole food sources of quercetin are onions (cook them down into your broths and soups), cranberries, kale, blueberries, red apples, pears and spinach (listed in order of highest concentration to lowest, with elderberry being the highest of them all).

  • Probiotics:

    • Gut health is so essential to overall immune health. I had gotten out of the routine of taking my daily liquid probiotic during the first part of my pregnancy when I was sick but immediately started back up once I got sick because I know how powerful good gut health is

    • The gut/brain connection is also huge so I knew taking a high quality probiotic was helpful for brain fog symptoms I was experiencing.

    • Heres an article on the liquid probiotic we chose and why:

    • Using Probiotics to Flatten the Curve of Coronavirus Disease COVID-2019 Pandemic:

    • Role of probiotics to combat viral infections with emphasis on COVID-19:

  • Garlic: natures antibiotic. I take garlic capsules when any illness starts to present itself to help kill any infection naturally. You can also consume raw garlic or make a garlic honey tincture by soaking garlic cloves in a small jar of honey to make the taste more tolerable. Plus raw honey has amazing beneficial properties as well

  • Glutathione:

Other potentially helpful items to have on hand:

  • Saline Nasal Sprays:

  • Colloidal silver

  • Red Marine Algae:

  • Natural Electrolytes (avoid gatorade at all costs because its just filled with sugar and artificial ingredients)

    • coconut water (mix with orange juice, raw milk, a scoop of collagen and a spoonful of honey for an orange creamsicle)

    • bone broth

    • an electrolyte drink powder without natural flavors, artificial colors, etc.

  • Baby Aspirin:

    • I didn’t personally use this but because blood clots can be common in Covid a lot of people are suggesting taking one baby aspirin a day to keep blood from clotting

  • Essential Oils:

    • Thieves: great for immune support

    • Lemon, Clove, Rose (or geranium) and Eucalyptus: needed for the smell training I mention below

    • Frankincense: amazing for immune support and as I’ll share below there may be some connection with frankincense and restoration of the neurons that are affected by loss of taste and smell

    • Peppermint or Panaway oil: rub on temples for pain relief from headaches, which can be a common symptom

    • Breathe Again to rub on chest for breathing/congestion or my Easy Breathy Chest rub that has a mix of essential oils that support breathing/congestion

  • Inflammation reducing supplements/ products because so many of the symptoms are associated with excess inflammation in the body:

    • CBD oil: what I started using for brain fog symptoms to reduce inflammation in the brain

    • Turmeric: I like the leefy organics turmeric extract liquid tincture and the boswellia/turmeric extract I recommend below

    • In this video a doctor provides great insight into some supplements that can be helpful in reducing inflammation causing brain fog: Let’s talk BRAIN FOG after COVID 19! Get your brain back with Dr Emily Splichal:

  • Melatonin:

    • The glymphatic system that helps eliminate the excess fluid in the brain that could be causing brain fog only works when you are sleeping so if you’re struggling to sleep melatonin can be helpful

    • Sleep in general is helpful in recovering from any illness. CBD oil can also help some people sleep better

  • Magnesium:

    • needed for many of the bodies regular functions and most of us are deficient

    • Here is the one I started taking internally:

  • Gua Sha stone:

    • helps with lymphatic drainage in the face and body when used as a part of a lymphatic drainage massage routine

    • I pair the gua sha stone with my glow serum oil and it worked wonders on puffiness in my face from being sick and some of my brain fog symptoms

  • Other gut healing products

    • grass fed collagen

    • grass fed beef gelatin

    • bone broth

Regaining Taste and Smell:

  • Smell training is one of the only proven remedies that can help recover the proper smell/brain connection after losing it for 2 weeks or more. This website Abscent shares what smell training is and how to do it. I use my essential oils from Young Living to do it:

  • Frankincense:

    • As I was deep into my research I went to instagram and searched the hashtag #anosmia to try to see if any fellow sufferers had found solutions that had worked to restore their taste and smell. One man had posted about his success with Boswellia (frankincense) extract. He had been suffering with anosmia and parosmia (distorted sense of smell) for almost 9 months and after taking the extract for one week he said his taste and smell were almost fully back to normal.

    • I of course wanted to understand the why behind why boswellia might work to fix this issue and here’s some research I found that I made some inferences from:

      • This first research article talks about how frankincense extract has been shown to help with nerve regeneration and the proliferation of Schwan cells:

      • This article talks about the similarities between the gilial cells in the olfactory system and the Schwan cells mentioned in the previous study:

      • Another research article I found helpful: :

      • It would be interesting to see if they eventually do a study on if frankincense could potentially help properly regenerate the central nervous sytem/olfactory system link in people who are experiencing anosmia and especially parosmia based on the studies above

    • I have been putting 3 drops of frankincense essential oil from Young Living under my tongue at night before bed

    • I also ordered this boswellia/turmeric extract supplement the man who I originally read about had taken. Here is the link:


I hope this information has been helpful! I’m sure I’ll be adding to this post as I discover more information and to make updates on my own personal journey and what’s working! Feel free to comment below with any questions or if you have any information/suggestions you would like to add to what I shared I would love to look into it more and have my community be able to look into it as well!

Why Do American Evangelicals Embrace Alternative Medicine? 

Often I am left scratching my head. Why are so many evangelicals enamored with alternative medicine? Evangelicals often ignore and avoid professional scientific advice and instead get caught up in health fads, oil crazes, and alternative medicine. It leaves me baffled as to why they act this way. Catholics don’t go that route. Nor do mainline Protestants. Nor do others in the Orthodox Faith. Yet here are evangelicals who dive into alternative medicine and they just pick it up and run with it. Many of these alternative retreatments are not vetted by the FDA or science. Its like the medicines you can find at GNC or a similar store which are not regulated by the FDA or the United States government. 


Why Won’t American Evangelicals Trust Their Medical Providers and Doctors and Why Do They Self-Diagnose? 

I’m amazed as to how many evangelicals self diagnose and try and do things themselves. They often don’t have a degree in biology, lack the education and yet they plow forward and relegate their medical doctor to the backseat. Here in the United States we are losing expertise which I fear is resulting in this country going backwards. When you have problems and issues you trust your doctor and follow their advice. I keep seeing evangelicals diagnosing problems and leaning upon their own knowledge and many lack the knowledge to act appropriately. Worse how many evangelicals harm their health and put themselves in a difficult situation? While nothing is a 100% perfect your doctor knows more about you then you do. And part of that is due to science and how that helps people to understand the human race. 


Why Do Many People Lean on YouTube for Their Information? 

Do you notice up above how often Paige leans upon YouTube for her information? Evangelicals do that a lot but so many others do that as well. YouTube is a love-hate relationship with me. Its filled with disinformation and driven by people who like the fame. Its a good platform for narcissists. But in the case of Paige she keeps going to YouTube for medical information why does she do this? Often I wish YouTube can be un-invented as I see people post videos to their social media pages. In my case I monitor and go straight to the source. And that is my doctor or places like John Hopkins or the University of Chicago which puts out information that helps you understand. This blogger, who is also a doctor’s kid honors and respects expertise. We would be in a much better place if people honored expertise. 


A New Disease and Why Does Paige Hilken Act Like She Knows More then Medical Professionals or Places like the CDC or John Hopkins University? 

Here is what stuns me when I read what Paige writes above. COVID-19 is a brand new disease. Science is throwing everything they can at researching it and breaking it down. One aspect that I find amazing is that science has been able to respond to COVID quickly because they have been able to build upon what they learned about viruses in studying HIV. Schools with incredible research departments like the University of California San Francisco which are on the front lines of fighting HIV are on the front lines working on COVID. 

But this also gets me as well. COVID is a brand new disease that has been raising havoc. Its mutating and changing and evolving. Its doing what Charles Darwin taught about evolution. There were many schools and universities and medical centers that have gone at 110% in trying to understand COVID-19. That includes schools like John Hopkins University, University of Michigan, University of Washington, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania among other schools. They are doing research, and working on the fly in a major medical crisis. And then an evangelical like Paige comes along and throws out on a blog what you should do for COVID in this situation and that situation. Its the height of arrogance, and it also shows that Paige did not have respect for a dangerous disease like COVID-19. Those who don’t respect such situations set themselves up for problems and indeed complications. Some high risk individuals like myself followed guidelines and leaned upon what my doctor told me to do. In the end I am a doctor’s kid. You will never see my write a post about a medical disease where I act like the doctor and throw things around like Paige did in the post above. Even if some of the people are physicians in the YouTube videos context is important. 


Was Paige Hilken Vaccinated? 

This blog is curious as to whether or not Paige was vaccinated against COVID. Did she reject vaccination saying “Well I got COVID once, I don’t need vaccination.” I have heard people say that in the pandemic. If Paige put such a high measure on alternative medicine did that replace vaccination? This blog would love to know if Paige Hilken was vaccinated against COVID-19. The tragedy is that she got COVID right when they were rolling out vaccines. Vaccination is a process of several weeks. I wrote about my vaccination against COVID-19 in the following post, “With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well.” If you are not vaccinated this blog would implore you to get vaccinated today. 


This is a Tough Post to Write

Yes its hard to write this after Paige Hilken’s death. But let’s learn from some of this so that others won’t make similar mistakes. For those who think its wrong to write about Paige I can respect your feelings and how you look at this situation. But the higher calling is to learn from some of this so that others don’t go down the path Paige did. And this blog says all this with respect to both the Hilken family and North Coast Church. 


25 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Paige Hilken, COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine

  1. This article is horrible! First off what she wrote it 100 percent validated by thousands of medical professionals. My own neurologist instructed using D3 qeucerin, zinc, along with the other supplements.Did you know Dr. Kory is the physician who currently recommends all the supplements she writes about is the same physician who made giving steroids the now accepted protocol for covid back in 3/2020 when NO other medical doctor was giving very ill covid patients anything? Because of steroids now being given thousand of lives are being saved! Secondly it’s so disturbing you would use a woman who has now died as your launchpad to rail against something you have a hard time with! This is just pathetic


    • As a physician I can tell you that is not true “what she says is 100% validated by thousands of physicians.” You have mentioned a sample of one physician, maybe. She, too, makes multiple comments stating things as facts without mentioning references. When she does reference items she often uses less than credible sources. What I wonder about all this is how someone can really do extensive research into all these things, make ones own remedies, maintain a marriage and household, maintain an appearance of Christian perfection, and keep up a blog no less, all while having 5 children under the age of 6. I think one of the lessons here is one can’t.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Really as a physician you advise against taking quecerin, zinc, vitamin D3,NAC? you advise against using nasal rinse and gargles?
        As a physician you are unaware of medical conditions such as bi polar which can cause insomnia in manic states for days on end which then leads to psychotic episodes all which are completely unrelated to environmental stressors?


      • Really as a physician…
        As a physician…

        Eagle is not a physician himself.
        His late father was a respected neurosurgeon in Central California.

        Go back to your Crystals and Essential Oil Aromas, Miss Woo-Woo.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t remember anything like this back when I was Evangelical, but then, we didn’t have Youtube and the Internet was still pretty new back then. (Dang, has it been that long? 😮 )

    In 2008/9, though, I met a guy through a mutual friend, who was a former Jehovah’s Witness and totally into anti-vax and natural everything. Back then I think a lot of this was coming from the crunchy hippie types, but he was more of a Constitutionalist Libertarian conspiracy theorist. Charlie Sykes (you’ve probably noticed) has wondered how anti-vax skipped over from liberals to conservatives. But maybe that’s where Evangelicals are getting this from.


    • The Internet made instant communication easier across-the-board.
      Including for the crazies yelling at the clouds.
      Now anyone can amass thousands of like-minded followers online and achieve critical mass as a Mass Movement.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s not just some evangelicals (I say some, because in my myriad of acquaintances/friends I don’t have one that is into essential oils or alternate medicine as their main medical go-to). What I am finding is that many younger people, not just evangelicals, embrace alternate medicine. And, they can be on the left or right of things politically. Some of my friends who are into alternative medicine also aren’t evangelicals, but into pantheism, New Age, etc. I think much of this comes from looking for alternatives to invasive medical procedures, managing mental health without drugs, etc. The other thing I find, when some of these folks get really sick, they can’t wait to get to a doctor fast enough. (P.S. When I say “younger”, my reference point is that I am in my 60s).
    I was looking at all of those adorable children that the Hilkens have, and the first thing that popped into my mind was postpartum depression. Just a thought.


  4. It was a wasted hour and I said no. I was amazed that someone could buy into oils, lotions, and other health measures.

    That’s because Magick Crystals are too New Age for Christians.
    Oils & lotions are just the latest iteration of Magick Potions.

    The first part of “Recommendations” sound a lot like the “Veganism & Vitamins” miracle cures I encountered during my first prostate cancer scare. The Vitamin C advice (avoid ascorbic acid, natural/organic Vit C ONLY) fits with the Veganism/Vitamins/Organic angle.

    “Colloidal Silver” is a known quack COVID cure, pitched by Jim Bakker (Jim of Jim & Tammy fame) along with his Tribulation Survival Food Buckets (“The world is dying but you’re eating like a king!”) on his Christian TV show. At least until the FDA shut that part down and he went on the “PERSECUTION!!!!!!!” circuit.

    Why Do American Evangelicals Embrace Alternative Medicine?

    Holy Nincompoop Syndrome, where the more stupid and ignorant you are, the more Godly and Faithful you must be.

    “Science” Falsely So-Called or WORD! OF!! GAWD!!!
    As For Me and My House, We Shall Serve The LOORD!!!

    Christian Monist used to have lots of horror stories about churches and Christians who would deliberately do the opposite of what (“so-called”) expert advice and even common sense called for to show they were “relying on the Spirit instead of the Flesh”. This never ended well.

    A New Disease and Why Does Paige Hilken Act Like She Knows More then Medical Professionals or Places like the CDC or John Hopkins University?

    Because she’s Born Again living in the Spirit instead of the Flesh?
    “Vain imaginings of Man or WORD! OF!! GAWD!!!”?
    I am very skeptical of Professional Christians.

    Was Paige Hilken Vaccinated?

    Statistically unlikely.
    White Evangelical Christians are the hardcore base of the Anti-COVID vaxx resistance.
    Local radio even refers to COVID anti-vaxxers as “The MARK OF THE BEAST types”. Wonder where that term came from?


    • I know someone who overdid it on the colloidal silver and she turned an ashy blue. Not quite as bad as some, but it was definitely noticeable. Over years it sloooowly disappeared.


    • I know someone who overdid it on the colloidal silver and she turned an ashy blue.

      The silver compounds build up in your skin pigments until you turn into a Smurf without the white Phrygian cap.


  5. Lets remember: your body, your choice. You can shame and blame people that dont want to get vaxxed all day long but you can’t force anyone. That’s how this country works – luckily.

    Besides that. Paige’s research/advice in regards to Covid is in line with many doctors/health professionals. If you disagree, why dont you show evidence that zink, vitamin D3, Quercetin, Turmeric Curcumin, Garlic etc. is harmful. Just because you use supplements that help with inflammation / Covid symptoms doesnt mean someone is against traditional medicine. Let’s also keep in mind that this was part of her business (e.g. selling home made elderberry syrup>which has high concentrations of Quercetin). After getting vaccinated I had a number of severe side effects and the above supplements along with a high fat-low carb diet helped me tremendously to mitigate the symptoms.
    I went to several doctors for my health issues (that started after getting the Covid vaccine) and no doctor had any suggestion besides taking anti-inflammatory supplements and a healthy diet.

    Its not all black and white in this world…..full disclosure: I dont vote, have no party affiliation and are not an anti-vaxxer (I got the covid jab but I had severe health issues afterwards that I had never before in my life) and I believe in God (as the evolution theory makes no sense to me>>> that there was nothing, than there was something that exploded which “created” energy and matter, which “created” life…..and no proof for any of it)… I dont fit in some of your boxes.

    Not all people within certain groups (Christians, Republicans, Liberals, etc) are alike even though the media wants you to believe it.


  6. I have been reading posts on social media around Paige’s death as I have many people close to me who were close to her. It’s also been personally shattering given the history of mental illness as suicide in my family. Anyway, I saw a post today of Facebook outlining the health issues that immediately contributed to Paige’s decision (I say immediately because I wonder if she hadn’t secretly struggled with depression on some level before this, which would be totally understandable given how much people seemed to expect perfection from her). Anyway, she had a pulmonary embolism after her last pregnancy, and I can’t help but wonder if the PE was a result of previously having COVID. I also wonder if her depression was influenced by COVID (see brain fog section in her own post, plus all the studies coming out around neurological effects of COVID. If there is a link, I would sure like to see it discussed seriously within evangelicalism. Most of my friends and family minimize the severity of COVID and play up the vaccine risks, and it’s heartbreaking to think that misinformation may have contributed in part to this tragedy. I’m also curious to see if her family sues the treatment facility. I was inpatient for a week due to suicidal ideation and have known other people who were as well. At least at state facilities it’s pretty damn impossible to harm yourself because of the lack of privacy and extra security around potentially lethal objects (shoelaces, hardcover books, empty bags, etc). Maybe it’s different at the private ones, but for a $30K treatment program (cost for 4 weeks last time I looked into one for myself) I would expect them to have been on top of this.


  7. Why Do Many People Lean on YouTube for Their Information?

    The only two YouTubers I leaned on for COVID info were MedCram (technical medical lectures) and Dr John Campbell (retired nursing trainer in UK doing day-by-day coverage).

    But YouTube is full of wannabe Reality Show Stars trying to strike it rich with mega-upvotes. There’s a low signal-to-noise ratio when trying to find hard information and you have to build a list of reputable trusted sites & channels.

    Liked by 1 person

    • During the last surge, MedCram was checking out Vitamin D as a possible interim treatment to lessen severity, presenting the biochemistry of how D3 is metabolized and acts as a regulator on inflammatory responses. Those with Vitamin D deficiencies were much more likely to end up in ICU, to the point that hospitals were adopting a Vit D blood test and a VIt D megadose injection if deficiency was found. Anything to improve the odds.

      I have been on 5000 IU/125 mcg of Vit D3 a day for the past several years because of Vit D deficiency (“nerd scurvy”) and it partially explained why the virus hit the black community harder – the darker your skin, the less your body can make its own Vit D and the more prone you are to Vit D deficiency. Both the above reputable channels recommended it as an interim measure to improve your odds.

      Another thing was use of anticoagulants such as Heparin to prevent micro-blood clots in capillaries that were more common in younger patients. MedCram was the first channel to describe in detail that COVID was also a vascular disease, inflaming the blood vessels and causing micro-clots that clogged the capillaries. This explained both the relative ineffectiveness of Ventilators compared to other viral pneumonias’ respiratory collapse (because the capillaries were involved as well as the alevoli) and long-haulers’ organ damage (including brain damage due to “micro-strokes” from the clogged capillaries).

      Another problem is there is so much Politicized Disinformation about the virus and treatments (above and beyond the usual confusion around a new virus/disease) that any signal gets lost amid all the noise (example “HydroxycholorQAnon”). And since today’s Christians are as politicized as anything in the old USSR…


  8. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I am not sure if she was anti vax but since she caught it early before she was probably eligible for the vaccine I’d give her a fair shot at least. However to catch it in the first place you would have to be not following the current guidelines. That was a high time of covid spread and she had a family member stay over who wasn’t vaccinated. That’s risky of course because we know pregnant women are at increased risk of severe covid reactions. She does talk about having a blood clot, I know that can happen in childbirth but I wonder if that would’ve been caught sooner if it was a hospital birth instead of a home birth. Having covid can absolutely increase your risk of blood clots and that is well documented in the scientific literature. I wonder if her health issues stemmed from her covid infection. It is also well documented young people even with mild infections can go on to have mental health issues, likely stemming from neruoinvasive disease. While there likely isn’t much that could’ve been done once she was infected, I don’t think taking essential oils is safe especially not internally. So I do question some of the interventions used and also posting it online. However it does seem like she is a true victim likely of COVID-19. There’s so much misinformation, propaganda and and anti vax rhetoric that comes from the Christian community and I hope this helps serves as an example for how serious precautions should be taken. Not mixing unmasked with other households esp if you are both unvaccinated and high risk (pregnancy). And now that everyone is eligible, get vaccinated or you could pay with your life

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  9. COVID-19 vaccinations were not generally available in San Diego in January 2021 except to health care workers and long term care residents. It wasn’t until January 23, 2021 that those over age 75 could even schedule a vaccination. Pregnant women became eligible for the vaccine on March 15, 2021.


    • I was in the #2 priority contingent (65 or over) and I was not able to get jabbed (Moderna) until April/May. One guy I knew who was diabetic couldn’t get jabbed (Moderna) until about a month later as the vaxx priorites opened up.

      Checking Vaccination graphs at the CDC COVID tracker website shows that April-to-July was the peak of vaxx rate. Now we’re up against the brick wall of anti-vaxxers with a Delta strain that would require around 80-90% vaxx rate to burn out.


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