Paige Hilken Wife of Chris Hilken of the EFCA’s North Coast Church in Vista, California Commits Suicide. This Blog Extends its Condolences to North Coast Church and the Hilken Family

Paige Hilken, the wife of Chris Hilken of North Coast Church committed suicide. This blog extends its condolences to the Hilken family and also the North Coast Church community and the EFCA as well. 

“People lose people, we lose things in our life as we’re constantly growing and changing. That’s what life is is change, and a lot of that is loss. It’s what you gain from that loss that makes life.”

Thomas Jane

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

Romans 12:15 NIV


Yosemite Valley

Larry Osborne announces Paige’s suicide.

This morning I was sitting through an EFCA service here on the East Coast. This blog which writes about the EFCA denomination planned to take notes and do a review. That’s not going to happen. Midway through the service my Android started going off and when I looked at the blog I saw some really dark search terms which gave me pause. I stopped paying attention to the EFCA service where I was started to research on the internet and social media to find out more of what happened.

A Difficult Patch of Life for Paige Hilken

This blog is going to piece together what happened. Paige was married to Chris Hilken. This blog wrote about Chris Hilken and issues at North Coast Church in 2020. Allegedly it looks like Paige was diagnosed with a catastrophic disease last April of 2021. Keep in mind that what could have made the illness far worse is the stress of the pandemic that we are living through. It looks like Paige went through a mental health crisis and Chris took leave from North Coast Church to help out his wife. Paige was put into a mental health facility in Arizona and there she committed suicide. For me that also raises questions as to how a person in a mental health crisis could have committed suicide in a mental health facility. Paige leaves behind her husband and five children. There is a GoFundMe that has been launched which you can support here. Through Facebook Chris Hilken issued a statement which you can see below. 


This Blog Sends its Condolences to the Hilken Family and North Coast Church

This blog wants to communicate to the Hilken family and North Coast Church its condolences at the loss of Paige Hilken. This is a tragedy in many ways, and this blog feels for the five children who lost a mother. This blog grieves with the Hilkens and those dealing with the pain of this loss.

24 thoughts on “Paige Hilken Wife of Chris Hilken of the EFCA’s North Coast Church in Vista, California Commits Suicide. This Blog Extends its Condolences to North Coast Church and the Hilken Family

  1. FYI, Vista is north of San Diego, midway between Carlsbad (on the coast) and Escondido (on I-15) just south of Camp Pendleton.


  2. This is heartbreaking. But my heart broke even more as I read and heard the news and like Columbo, just kept scratching my head and thinking, “There’s just something that’s still bothering me about this…” Literally, the first thought was, it can’t really be a “top-notch mental health facility” if someone kills themself at it. But there are other things that are very troubling. This reminds me so much of the tragic suicide death of Bethany Deaton who was part of a cultish bethel offshoot. There’s just something not quite right or believable…

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  3. This is so sad I am in disbelief. She posted that she did have covid back in January and a lot of people end up with psychiatric diagnosis and other long term effects that just become unbearable. I wonder if there is any connection to that, I’ve read that even some celebrities have taken their lives due to the suffering post covid. Wishing their family all the best, how tragic 😦


  4. Yes, beginning of Jan 2021 she wrote about her Covid symptoms on her website (blog).
    Mainly Loss of Taste and Smell, Brain Fog and Other Nerological Issues were mentioned.
    In April 2021 she posted on her FB around Easter. That seems to be the last post on social media. In May 2021 was Chris Hilkens last sermon before he took a break.
    On the fundraiser (as of today has over 330k of donations),
    it says” Paige Hilken received a catastrophic medical diagnosis in April that led to PTSD and other co-occurring mental health issues.”
    What was that catastrophic medical diagnosis? A friend of a friend of Paige told me she had blood clot and then suffered by depression and insomnia. Blood clots are no joke but can be treated. I wonder what else she had and why that would lead to PTSD?
    Can things go south so quickly and end up with suicide just 4 month later leaving 5 young kids behind. Its hard to imagine. I dont understand it…..I wouldnt be surprised if there is much more to the story that makes more sense.

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    • Holy cow your reply is super insensitive. Take a moment to be sad for a family who is grieving. Check out the most recent update on this blog if you’re your suspiciousness needs to be dissolved


      • The aggressive comments you have make your user name “love” hilarious.

        Sounds like you need some love. Stop with the childish and inappropriate responses. Are you 12 years old?


    • The church’s senior pastor said that now Paige is free from the demons that plagued her. I thought it was absurd, total disrespect. If she was physically ill, why talk about demons?


      • If she was physically ill, why talk about demons?

        Probably just an expression, BUT…
        If The Devil Made Her Do It,
        It Can’t be MY Fault, can it?


  5. Yes, this is what set off my alarm bells, as well! The GoFundMe said that Paige was in a “world class mental health facility in Arizona,” and the email sent to NCC members by Larry Osborne (forwarded to me by my parents who are members) called it “one of the nation’s best clinics.” So it’s a lot of positive adjectives but exactly zero detail. Not that we are entitled to the private medical details of other people, but something about the way this place is being described is off.

    Another thing that makes me feel weird: 3 weeks before her death, Paige posted an Instagram story highlight called “Update” in which she described her post-partum struggles with PE, insomnia and anxiety, then said she had recently undergone something called “Brainwave Optimization” and she had stopped all medications. From what I know of Brainwave Optimization, it is junk science and NOT a medical treatment for PTSD or PPD/PPA. It just gives me this sinking feeling that this mental health facility was not really a mental health facility, you know?


  6. As I’ve followed her story, it sounds like she tried treating it without medication and holistically. It seems like if that’s the case did they withhold these options for her in treatment also? I’m wondering why they aren’t talking about post covid diagnoses with her when I see other posts. This is one place I feel like is seeking truth for her story. I’m worried they will try to bury this. Her husband posted about how he now feels its his new job to share about grief and moving on from her loss. It came off really not giving a crap about her. I think we need to be sensitive but also realize she might need some advocates to bring justice to this story.

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  7. In her celebration of life Chris mentioned that its expected for a pastors wife to have a side hustle….

    Does anybody know a “super-woman” (That’s what her father in law called her) that can handle homeschooling 5 young kids, running a business and find time for maintaining a social media presence as an influencer/youtuber/blogger? Plus always behave like the perfect pastor-wife. And don’t forget cleaning and cooking…..

    Personally, I dont know one woman (that’s alive) who can pull this all off….

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    • Plus always behave like the perfect pastor-wife. And don’t forget cleaning and cooking…..

      Don’t forget “Are We SMIIIIILING Today? Always Victorious in Christ – Scripture! Scripture! Scripture!”

      And one day she just – shattered – to the point that suicide was the only way to Make It Stop.

      P.S. She mentioned that one of her COVID symptoms was “brain fog”. This implies she had “Long COVID”, with long-term aftereffects and possibly permanent damage. The virus is as much a vascular infection as it is respiratory, inflaming the blood vessels enough to cause micro-clots in the capillaries (like miniature strokes). Which can result in long-term to permanent organ damage: lung, liver, heart — and BRAIN.


  8. Why do we ask so much of women or men in the church? It is a travesty. It is like raising kids is not enough it is required we be all things and do all things. If you also work then on top of that homeschooling it feels like an impossible scenario. A simpler life is ok. For all of us. I feel like many young women who maybe even follow her will not speak out on the truth that they also are suffering. I hope we can give voice to her so not any more lives are lost to this zero sum game.


    • Great comment Beth….totally agree.

      The church can thrive due to unpaid workers/volunteers. It starts with the pastor…his wife is expected to set an example for others. Give everything you have and more.

      I bet you Paige would have been just fine if they have had 2-3 kids and her being “just” a mom caring for those kids without all this other stuff.

      But no, they had to move into a 1.3M dollar house with 2.7 acres, 5 kids, goats, dogs, social media influencer presence, her own business(es) and, and, and…


    • Why do we ask so much of women or men in the church? It is a travesty. It is like raising kids is not enough it is required we be all things and do all things.

      They already anticipated you, Beth:
      “I Can Do All Things In Christ Who Strengtheneth Me.”


      • Exactly. Pray harder. Do all these other things like take essential oils and don’t medicate or try anything that might help. Like not procreating so often or much. The church abuses people for a namesake I would like to think is angry AF at how we treat them and everyone else.


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