To Contain the Pandemic This Blog is Advocating for Evangelicals to Show Proof of Vaccination Before Worship/Church Events. If Not Vaccinated They Should Produce a Negative COVID Test

It time to create vaccine passports that evangelicals need to produce if they want to attend worship or church functions. Its time for common sense, health and safety to take precedence so that the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained. Right now your ability to live is being infringed by those people, this blog will single out white evangelicals, who refuse to get vaccinated. Lets make this happen, and I hope this stirs up needed debate. 

“Safety applies with equal force to the individual, to the family, to the employer, to the state, the nation and to international affairs. Safety, in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of mankind.”

William M Jeffers

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14, 16 NLT


North Coast Church

Imagine the following happening at the EFCA’s North Coast Church in Vista, California. North Coast is a mega church and part of the EFCA in the EFCA West District. 

Before you go to church you have to provide your vaccination status to North Coast staff Monday through Friday when their office is open. The staff compile a database and you are checked off as you attend on Sunday morning. Then imagine those who are not vaccinated who have to provide a twice a week negative COVID test to the church so that they can attend Sunday services and also Bible studies or other events. Then imagine the church having an infra red gun that scans people’s temperature’s as they walk into the building. Let’s say someone has a higher temperature and on infrared it is caught and the individual is told they can’t attend and are encouraged to watch the service online. 

Its technology and policy like this that this blog is advocating for as a way to create a safe environment that allows events to continue. Its a vaccine passport and its a step in the right direction for dealing with COVID-19. And it considers public safety. 

Employing Temperature Scanners

Corporations and a lot of smaller companies are using temperature scanners in the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to protect employees and also catch people who are sick. This can be done easily and efficient and the reality is that if you go to a number of places today they already have this technology deployed even if you are not aware. My gym and dentist have this technology in use. An example of this technology is provided by the company Garda. But in your case it could be a camera in the door as you enter. Or a camera at the cash register or turnstile when you walk into your company for work. If you would like to read more about this go to the following articles. This technology is not guaranteed but it is popular.

  1. NPR, “More Companies Are Using Technology To Monitor For Coronavirus In The Workplace.” 
  2. Here is how a Hartford, Connecticut hospital uses them

Rolling Out Vaccine Passports for Entry

Vaccine passports are a reality in many parts of the world today and are quickly growing as a way to protect populations and countries. In France, according to the New York Times, Emmanuel Macron has said that if the French population can not show proof of vaccination then they can not access public spaces. Italy has followed suit. Israel, United Kingdom, and The European Union have stated that if you want to travel to their country you need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Well known Hong Kong based airline Cathay Pacific has rolled out vaccine passports if you want to fly. Even Fox News has required its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccine Passports protect people and can play a role in saving lives. Combined with other technology like thermal temperature checks they can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If a Person is Not Going to Get Vaccinated They Need to Provide Proof of a Negative COVID-19 Test

And that leaves us with the following question, what do we do about unvaccinated people who refused to get vaccinated? This blog would advocate for them to provide weekly COVID-19 testing that shows a negative result. Want to attend a Sunday worship service? Produce a negative COVID-19 testing result. Want to attend a Bible study? Produce a negative COVID-19 testing result. Want to work in Vacation Bible School? Produce a negative COVID-19 testing result. This needs to be enforced and there is growing evidence that even private corporations and companies are moving in this direction. 

Vaccine Passports Will Save Lives

Its time for evangelical denominations to get on board and think of the public interest. If you are going to say you love Jesus and care about your neighbor, then you would get vaccinated. Many people, myself included, fid it ironic that evangelicals scream of rights while they intentionally put people’s health on the line or even limit other people’s ability to live. Why do we have to wear masks today? Because of the unvaccinated people who are not getting vaccinated. Or let me rephrase that. For the Southern Baptists in Alabama, the charismatic sin Texas, or the evangelicals in Missouri who are rejecting vaccination. Can we dispense with the cheesy BS Jesus loves you lingo and actually have some behavior to back it up? Want to show me you love God? Get vaccinated. This blog is calling for vaccine passports to be rolled out and made a part of public health policy. And this blog is aware that the tiny little brains of people like Greg Locke, Ken Peters, Jeff Dornik or Wade Burleson may explode over such a request. Well, its time, so be it. Let’s make vaccine passports happen and do this for the public good. 

23 thoughts on “To Contain the Pandemic This Blog is Advocating for Evangelicals to Show Proof of Vaccination Before Worship/Church Events. If Not Vaccinated They Should Produce a Negative COVID Test

  1. D.B., if a non vaccinated person attends a church function, who is in danger of getting Covid? Wouldn’t it be the unvaccinated person? Who is at risk?

    “EVIDENCE” is all over the place these days so nothing is totally definitive BUT, if you’ve been vaccinated you’re in pretty good shape if you should come into contact with someone who is a Covid carrier. [ BTW, some media reports that you can be vaccinated and still carry the Covid bug in your nasal passage thereby able to pass it on to others; such as the unvaccinated.]

    I saw yesterday the DOJ is looking into whether or not they can force all Americans to get vaccinated. I don’t think you have to be a conservative to fear giving the government that kind of power.

    Bottom line; people who are UNVACCINATED are most at risk if they attend services.


    • Vaccination does two things, protect against covid & prevent serious illness should you become infected.

      Because covid is new to the human race, information is constantly being updated.

      The US government is deeply concerned about the delta variant. The vaccinated can be carriers. The fear is that large swathes of an unvaccinated population will a pool where the virus can continually spawn new variants (like India).
      It’s already happened – there’s now a lambda variant.
      Unfortunately delta is more virulent than the previous strains, and we have a large segment of the population that cannot be currently vaccinated – children under 12.

      Even if most under 12’s don’t suffer poor outcomes, the immuno compromised and those with underlying medical conditions are still vulnerable.

      Worst case scenario? The next variant can steamroll the vaccinated, and we’ll be right back at square one.

      I’m not a fan of forced vaccination.

      I also think that there needs to be an international standard for any proof of vaccination – right now it could be anything from my provincial vaccine card to a letter from a Colorado Walgreens.

      Ultimately I don’t think the DoJ will force vaccination but airlines and other venues likely will require proof of vaccination to use their services.

      But as I said, without herd immunity, all of us continue to be at risk.

      Even you, Oh Marked One.


      • And there are COUNTERFEIT Vaccination cards circulating on the Web and among anti-vaxxers. Like the fake “Freedom to Breathe Act” mask-exemption cards from last year, except really good copies of the official CDC cards.

        Earlier this week, morning drive-time radio interviewed someone at the station who was just back from one of the first cruises since the pandemic. They related not only did you have to present proof of vaccination, they grilled you for all the minute details of when/where/what/who vaxxed you “like you were an Arab trying to fly El Al”. That was when he first heard of counterfeit proof-of-vaxx cards.

        My CDC vaxx card is a cardboard hardcopy, a nonstandard size too big for my wallet, with no online backup or confirming database, just “DON’T LOSE IT! EVER!”


      • Worst case scenario? The next variant can steamroll the vaccinated, and we’ll be right back at square one.

        Remember why there’s never been a vaccine for AIDS:
        The AIDS virus mutates so fast by the time you develop a vaccine for it (even at Warp Speed), the virus has mutated to where IT’s immune to the vaccine.

        At which point, the only thing you can do is “STAY LOCKED DOWN!!! FOREVER!!!”


      • Just this morning on drive-time radio, they reported that counterfeit CDC COVID vaxx cards are going for over $400 a card on the Dark Web from sites like “Counterfeit Central”, “Jimmy Black Market”, and “Real Fake Passports”.

        Cut-rate cards have been going for $200 a pop from anti-vaxx sites – “This is our own way of saving as many people as we possibly can from the poisonous vaccine”.

        The boom in counterfeit cards came from colleges starting to require proof of vaccination. No college student surveyed admitted to having a counterfeit vaxx card, but most said they knew someone who had. Looks like when you go to college you get a fake ID to get into the bars and a fake CDC card to get in period.


    Christianese for:

    Welcome to the Perpetual Pandemic/Lifetime Lockdown.


    • Lockdown won’t be permanent. All pandemics end eventually. The 1918 one didn’t really end until 1922. We’re not even halfway there.

      But if we want this to end faster, with minimal loss of life and waste of resources then herd immunity is needed.


      • Something else from morning drive-time radio, a couple days ago:

        In low-vaxx Red States where Delta is surging, you are seeing teens and young adults getting vaxxed in secret, actually coming into get the jab well outside their residence area and wearing a disguise. Out of fear of what will happen if their parents or peers ever find out.

        Someone commented “In my day we sneaked booze; now they have to sneak COVID vaccinations.”

        And on the CDC COVID tracker website, the vaxx rate has slowed almost to nothing. No states levelling up the percentile tiers on the map in over a week. And the Bible Belt Red States still remain the least-vaxxed. “MABA!”


    • Unlike other outbreaks, no one died.

      Also the stat was 74% of symptomatic people. The vaccine is not 100% effective. I think Pfizer is around 80% effective. So we’d need to know how many people in the whole pool was vaccinated for this stat to really mean anything.

      Still a win for the healthcare system.

      My son got his second shot yesterday.

      Don’t worry, oh Marked One, you’ll be ok….at least in this world…bwahaha!


      • Some COVID news I ran across over the weekend:

        1) COVID Delta described “as contagious as chickenpox”. Some sources said “200x as contagious” as COVID Alpha, some only twice as contagious (200%). I suspect the discrepancy came from some copywriter mistaking “%” for “x”.

        2) Data from the UK (which is experiencing its own Delta surge) show while cases are rising, the hospitalization and death rates for those cases are only a fraction of the last (pre-vaccine) surges. This indicates the vaccines are working even in the case of breakthrough infections, making any breakthrough cases much milder.

        3) The base odds of dying from any variant of COVID go up with age. I finally got some hard figures that the chance of dying doubles for every five years of age (figuring from a baseline of age 20). A 30-year-old has 4x the chance of dying than a 20-year-old, a 40-year-old 16x, a 60-year-old 64x, etc. This was part of an essay on a medical/health site arguing that the vaxx priority of older people first (because they are most at risk) was paying off in reducing morbidity/mortality and emphasis on twenty-somethings and teens (because they are more likely to spread) may be an over-reaction. (This same fight happens regarding flu shot priority every flu season.) This does not address the question of “long-haulers” who have permanent aftereffects after recovering; there is no solid data what the odds or demographics are in those cases.

        4) In Europe, the Delta surges seem to be shaping up as short duration, burning out and dropping back after a few weeks. Still unsure whether that pattern will hold in the USA with its lower vaccination rate (thank you QAnon, Donald Trump, and The Christians). I would still stay well away from Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, and Nevada – the Delta surges in FL & MO are actually surpassing the all-time peaks of the last surge.

        5) And from morning drive-time radio, the breakthrough infection rate may be inflated by over-sensitivity of the USA’s more common COVID test. During the early part of the pandemic (where we didn’t know whether it spread by airborne or fomites/surfaces), the over-sensitivity of the tests cause false positives on surfaces, picking up dead virus residue as active virus. Some of that may still be happening in the actual testing. No information as to possible proportion of false positives.

        6) Other anecdotal evidence from morning drive-time radio is that the current Delta surge is almost entirely among the unvaxxed; state and county levels are higher where the vaxx rate is lower (see FL & MO above), with all that implies. Doctors interviewed said they had never seen a vaccinated patient in ICU or on a ventilator. And after several months of vaxx hesitancy, the black community seems to be getting vaxxed; apparently their hesitancy was more of a “wait-and-see” attitude (compounded by memories of the Tuskeegee Experiment) than the Ideological Purity of Trumpists and Christians. White Evangelicals are now the core of the COVID anti-vaxx movement.


    • Of course, because….
      All together now…

      You. Took. The. Mark

      So your chance of a poor outcome is greatly diminished.

      Father Satan is very impressed with you, James!


    • But, oh Marked One, the vaccinated aren’t dying in the hospitals. At least not of covid.

      It’s already known the vaccinated can carry the virus, that’s why the CDC reversed the mask policy.

      So like all your other references, this does not argue against vaccination.

      However, as that sweet, sweet man Jonathan Lotz has found out, the unvaccinated evangelicals can choke out ministry to ICU nurses from the their ventilator tubes!

      Praise Jesus!

      But alas, my Marked One, you will not be among that blessed host.

      However, please join us at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan invasion staging base.

      Just a small gathering of unholy.

      You, me, Joe Biden, KISS, the Peoples Liberation Army…

      Talked to Paul Stanley, you can be the cat…


      • It’s already known the vaccinated can carry the virus, that’s why the CDC reversed the mask policy.

        But apparently for shorter duration, a “window of opportunity” for the virus until their vaxxed immune systems can take it down. In a text example of Evolution in Action, COVID Delta infects and reproduces faster, causing higher short-duration viral loads (masking/social distancing would select for virus strains that could get past the precautions, as a virus’s only goal is Reprodctive Success enough to spread to new hosts).

        And when it comes to Reproductive Success, COVID Delta is a Coronavirus Quiverfull.

        So like all your other references, this does not argue against vaccination.

        Though that essay I mentioned above did claim that in retrospect a nasal-spray vaccine would have been more effective (and easier to administer) than existing injectable vaccines. COVID enters the body through inhalation; even a breakthrough infection in someone vaxxed would start in the nasal passages, where a nasal-spray vaccine or treatment could take it down EARLY, before it had a chance to build up enough viral load to spread.


      • A nasal spray vaccine wouldn’t be as effective. The mucous membrane is designed to keep things out.

        Injection bypasses the body’s physical defenses for a more sure fire delivery.


      • I’m just not that authoritarian.
        BTW, they believe about 9,000 people have died from the vaccination in the USA, which is actually a tiny sliver of those vaccinated – but still.


    • Oh, Triplesix, you jolly old elf. I laugh when I see you in spite of myself.

      The reason that makes the news is because those workers are outliers

      I work near a hospital & my wife works at a hospital. The vaccinated rate among healthcare workers we know is 100%.

      This is from citing the CDC and the FDA

      “How many people have died after getting a vaccine?

      Between December 2020 and July 19th, 2021, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018% of doses) among people who got a vaccine, but this does not mean the vaccine caused these deaths. Doctors and safety monitors carefully review the details of each case to see if it might be linked to the vaccine. There are three deaths that appear to be linked to blood clots that occurred after people got the J&J vaccine. Since we now know how to correctly treat people who develop these blood clots, future deaths related to this very rare side effect can be prevented.

      After careful review of the additional data, doctors have decided that there is no evidence at all that the vaccines contributed to the other patient deaths. Nonetheless, the CDC and FDA will continue to investigate every single report of death (and other adverse events) reported to VAERS.

      By way of comparison, getting COVID-19 while unvaccinated poses a grave risk; as of July 23, 2021, more than 610,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus in the US alone. Not everyone who dies while having COVID is counted towards this total. Suppose someone who tested positive for COVID-19 was killed in a car accident. The car accident would be the cause of death. This person would be counted as having “died with” COVID, not as having “died of” COVID.”


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