Quick Admin Post on What is Ahead at The Wondering Eagle

This is a brief admin post about this blog. I thought there was a way out of the pandemic. Recent events have made me realize that this pandemic will be longer than I thought. I was ready to move on to new topics. But that is not to be the case. 

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

Harvey MacKay


The EFCA’s Greg Strand

This is a quick admin post that I want to write due to some recent events. I have to confess to you that I thought when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic that we were on the way out. In my mind I was thinking of transitioning away from the pandemic and get into other topics. Recent developments have put that on pause. There were some developments with evangelicals rejecting vaccination in the Midwest and the American South. I am seeing more news stories in press outlets about this issue. And I am seeing some evangelical pastors on Twitter push disinformation as well. With recent CDC guidance its clear to me that we have a long way to go with COVID-19. I am disappointed I will be honest. I was looking forward to moving forward and tacking others topics. That now will not happen. And yet so much else has happened.

Other Topics on My Radar

  1. This blog has been approached about a couple of church stories. I know you say, “well tell them!” Its much more complicated than that at this blog . For the Fellowship Memphis or the EFCA stories I tell there are more that never see light of day. People change their minds or they are scared to let the story be told. This blog doesn’t care about ratings in Google and I will never force someone’s hand. Its hard to let some go, but that is the right way forward. Other blogs in my view are written by narcisstic personalities, and that is not how I operate.
  2. This blog has two posts coming out about Greg Strand of the EFCA. This blog views him as being key to EFCA theology. His sway from Minneapolis is long across the denomination. So expect more posts looking at some of what he writes about or does not write about.
  3. When it comes to the EFCA I am working through the EFCA Central District of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and South Dakota. I am trying to finish this district to move on to another district. Changing Gospel Coalition and other databases force my hand to find ways to tackle the problem rom a fresh perspective. I am finishing some posts that review a book by the EFCA’s Bill Kynes. Expect that shortly.
  4. Christian nationalism is still very hot. There was some interesting perspectives about the January 6 insurrection about Christian nationalists and violence that grabbed my eye which I have put aside.
  5. McLean Bible and David Platt is on my radar. This is important to me especially since I was once involved years ago. I have several unfinished posts that are started that I need to finish.
  6. I signed up to attend a Center for Inquiry event in Washington, D.C. and never made it because I got stuck in D.C. traffic. Atheist movements and thought process fascinate me and its important. I am monitoring atheist events in the D.C. area to get more involved.
  7. Liberty University is also important. I am working on a couple of posts about Liberty. I am expecting activity to pick up when they start school again in the fall, which is around the corner.

Please be Patient

I’ve had an uptick in email. And I have had a number of people who wanted to speak with me about situations. Its hard to write, speak, email people and then on top of all that live my life. To put things in perspective its 2:05 in the morning as I type this. So please be patient, as we live in a unique time in history and have many things going on. I feel torn and pulled in different directions. But I care about a lot of these issues and I invest a lot of time in this blog. The way to put out a good blog is to pound the key board and enslave yourself to the beast. I accept that responsibility and am focused on many of these issues. But I will be honest I thought the United States had a way forward with COVID and now I am not so sure. I just want this pandemic to be done. Its tiring. Okay I just wanted to do this quick admin post. Have a good day. 

5 thoughts on “Quick Admin Post on What is Ahead at The Wondering Eagle

  1. I think the pandemic discussion is very much linked to faith right now. It’s tiring but the platform provides a valuable public service.

    That being said, there’s appears to be tons of other topics.

    Maybe limit yourself to one post per day max and have a weekly or bi weekly pandemic roundup so it doesn’t overwhelm the blog.

    Good work.


    • I think the pandemic discussion is very much linked to faith right now.

      Ever since Anti-Vaxx and COVID Denial became Litmus Tests of your Salvation.


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