As Evangelicals Scoff at Vaccines: Stephen Harmon of Hillsong Rejects Vaccination and Dies of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile Jonathan Lotz Fights COVID in an ICU in a Raleigh-Durham Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has been in the news with the growing Delta Variant. In Los Angeles COVID claimed the life of Hillsong’s Stephen Harmon. Meanwhile on the East Coast Billy Graham’s grandson is in the ICU fighting COVID-19. Harmon mocked vaccination against COVID. This blog researched and could not find out if Jonathan Lotz is vaccinated. This blog is encouraging you to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

“There is no vaccine against stupidity.”

Albert Einstein 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

Hebrews 12:1 NLT 


This is going to be a dark post. Currently White American evangelicals are the largest group to reject the COVID-19 vaccine. In the last couple of days there have been news stories about a couple of evangelicals who were deeply impacted by the pandemic. Though African-American, Stephen Harmon was involved in Hillsong. The other one is Billy Graham’s grandson Billy Lotz who is fighting COVID-19 in the ICU in a hospital in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  


Hillsong’s Stephan Harmon Dies of COVID-19 

Stephen Harmon was a part of Hillsong. He graduated from Hillsong college. He was known on Twitter for mocking the COVID vaccine and constantly downplaying it. Now his accounts were locked down on Twitter and Instagram so I can’t pull much from his feed. But here’s an example of what he would tweet. 

Other things he also did was make memes making fun of Anthony Fauci, saying that he trusted Jesus over Fauci. After July 9 his health declined and he was finally intubated. His last tweet was on July 21, 2021 when he said the following. 

“Please pray y’all, they really want to intubate me and put me on a ventilator.”

“Even the slightest movements and my heart rate skyrockets and oxygen dependency increases,” he tweeted.

“i’m choosing to going under intubation, i’ve fought this thing as hard as i can but unfortunately it’s reached a point of critical choice & as much as i hate having to do this i’d rather it be willingness than forced emergency procedure. don’t know when i’ll wake up, please pray,” he wrote.

On Instagram Brian Houston said the following:

“Stephen was just a young man in his early 30’s. He was a graduate from Hillsong College and a vital part of our church in California. He was one of the most generous people I know and he had so much in front of him. He would always turn up to our grandkids soccer games and he will be missed by so many. RIP.”

And after Stephen Harmon’s death Brian Houston didn’t push vaccination, instead he said that its a personal choice. If you would like to read more about that you can do so in the following articles. 

  1. Yahoo News, “California man who said he had ’99 problems but a vax ain’t one’ dies from COVID-19.” 
  2. New York Daily News, “Hillsong churchgoer who joked he had ’99 problems but a vax ain’t one,’ dies from COVID.” 
  3. Yahoo News, “Hillsong Church member, 34, dies of Covid after publicly speaking out against vaccine.” 


Meanwhile Jonathan Lotz is in the ICU Fighting COVID-19

On the other side of the United States there is another sad story of evangelicals and COVID-19. This concerns Billy Graham’s grandson Jonathan Lotz. Anne Graham Lotz started writing about her son’s condition and now he is in an ICU. Anne Graham Lotz started to write about her grandson on Facebook on July 24, 2021 and asked people to pray for him. 

Fifty years ago I could hold my son in my arms. Now I have placed him in the arms of Jesus. He has been hospitalized with COVID and is in critical condition. The verses last night in the Daily Light were perfect: “Brethren, pray for us” 1 Thessalonians 5:25. And James 5.16–“ Pray for one another that you may be healed. “ I am asking you to please pray for Jonathans swift healing and recovery. For the glory of Gods great name. Thank you.”

The following day Anne Graham Lotz said the following: 

Jonathan is in ICU. Genesis 41:52 came to mind when I read the following text Jonathan sent me this morning. He is being fruitful in the land of his affliction: “I am physically exhausted yet Spiritually overflowing! I am continually pouring over the Psalms of Ascent (120-134) in ICU. I have had the privilege of sharing Jesus with the ER & ICU staff! What a Savior! God is so good!”
Please be encouraged that God is hearing and answering your prayers—just please don’t let up. Pray he will not have to go on a ventilator, that his oxygen levels would increase, that his lungs will be strengthened, healed and that his health will be fully restored—with no long term complications. My heart is filled with gratitude for your prayers.

I spent some time researching this story and I see nothing about Jonathan Lotz and vaccination. If someone knows more please update this post in the comment section. 


Get Vaccinated Everyone 

Its really simple. Call your primary care physician or your public health department and discuss vaccination. If you want to live and save your life and also prevent these situations from developing in your own family a vaccination is the way forward. Stephan Harmon could be alive today if he took the COVID-19 vaccine. Brian Houston is a coward for not pushing COVID-19 vaccination. This blog will always tell you to get vaccinated. The writer of this blog is vaccinated and I wrote about it in the following post, “With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well.” But take this virus seriously. Pardon my French but don’t fuck around with COVID-19. Get vaccinated. Don’t debate it any longer make and schedule an appointment today. Here is the website


18 thoughts on “As Evangelicals Scoff at Vaccines: Stephen Harmon of Hillsong Rejects Vaccination and Dies of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile Jonathan Lotz Fights COVID in an ICU in a Raleigh-Durham Hospital

  1. I’m running across newsfeeds of COVID/Delta sufferers in ICU begging for the vaccine as the ventilator tubes go in.

    But then, that’s All Fake News/Librul Media Lies From The Pit of Hell.


  2. There’s a lot of grumbling among the vaccinated, too.
    Along the lines of “We were responsible (or was that stupid?) enough to get vaxxed, now we have to mask up and lock down because of the anti-vaxxer superspread?”

    — Motto of The Darwin Awards


  3. Definitely not in my neck of the woods. Seven evangelical churches have taken the government to court. Their lawyers even hired a PI to have the judge overseeing the case followed. Unprecedented craziness.

    The pi had a child ring the doorbell of his house & followed him to his cabin.

    This is the same insane behavior seen in the anti abortion lobby.

    The belief that you are on a mission from God is incredible force multiplier for nuttiness.


    • “Are you police?”
      “No, ma’am. Were Musicians. We’re on a Mission from God.”
      — The Blues Brothers (pursued the whole way by Ms Heavy Weapons…)


  4. And where did Ryan Burge get his graph data. There’s no sources in the “powerline blog”. No survey cited. Not even “I polled my local community”.
    How many people were involved in the survey? What’s the percent error? Who asked the question? How widespread was the survey?

    Loved the American and Israeli flag getting equal billing.


    2 hours ago
    Jonathan Lotz, grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, is in the hospital ICU battling a severe case of COVID. Lotz’ sister, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, provided an update on the situation, saying he’s “showing signs of improvement.”

    “Ya’ll, I cant thank you enough for your prayers for him!!” Wright exclaimed. “He is still in ICU from complications with Covid, but he’s showing signs of improvement!! His attitude has been positive the entire time!! He is witnessing up a storm in the hospital!!”

    Wright went on to praise the positive attitude her brother has maintained despite the trying health situation. “My guess is the nurses must be fighting over who gets to care for him, because he is so sweet,” she wrote. “He prayed with a nurse who wanted to rededicate her life to Jesus at 3am!!”

    While his positive attitude and signs of improvement were welcome developments, she cautioned about the hurdles ahead. “I just wanted to ask you to please continue your prayers for his oxygen levels to go up!!” she said. “The outpouring of prayers and support has brought our family to tears a bunch! We know we aren’t the only ones going through difficulty – so thank you for your compassion!”


    • Praise Jesus. He took an ICU bed that could have been used for a cancer patient, or accident victim, or any one of a hundred non covid events that you can’t vaccinate for.

      I take the nurse story with a huge grain of salt.


  6. Great News

    Jul. 28—Jonathan Lotz, a North Carolina evangelical minister and a grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham, has been moved outside of intensive care after testing positive for COVID-19, his mother Anne Graham Lotz posted on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.


    • I’m sure the ICU nurses are disappointed. 3am rededications have now been moved to post recovery.

      On the other hand an ICU bed can now be used for someone else.

      I’m sure someone’s prayer was answered.


      • Bitter? I’d probably taste better with Bullseye sauce…
        Hate the Graham family? Did Billy hate Jews? Oh yeah, he kinda did didn’t he? Does Franklin want to incinerate Muslims? Oh…yeah he kinda did…um… I guess I like graham crackers…does that count.

        Never even heard of Jonathan Lotz til this post, just glad the ICU bed is now open…and more nurses can be rededicated to Jesus.


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