Margie Zacharias and Dottie Sandusky. When Your Husband is a Predator

In late April of 2021 Margie Zacharias came out and defended Ravi Zacharias against the abuse claims from the Miller & Martin report. This post is about how two women of a sexual predator responded to the facts by living in denial. Its the story of Margie Zacharias and Dottie Sandusky. But when you consider the situation Margie Zacharias is far worse because they claimed to be born again and acted of faith. This is probably the most serious case of denial that this blog has written about.

“Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.

Jane Austen

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Proverbs 31:30 ESV


This is a post that has been on my mind for the past few weeks. In writing this blog article this blogger wants to state that he is not trained in psychology or a psychologist. There are themes that the experts will hopefully study one day. This post is just some thoughts based off two different scandals which are dark, and observing how each wife has responded to the situation. The sex crimes of Jerry Sandusky are dark. The scandal with Ravi Zacharias and the allegations in the spa, an alleged rape and questions about what took place in Thailand are also dark. So let’s start this post by looking at Dottie Sandusky.

Dottie Sandusky Vouches for Jerry Sandusky’s Innocence and Criticizes the Victims

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal was dark. There were serious sanctions that affected the football program. Initially Jerry Sandusky was indicted on 52 charges of child molestation which allegedly happened from 1994 until 2009. After a trial Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts. He is currently in prison serving at least thirty years. Because of his age he’s basically facing a death sentence as he will likely die in prison. But what really stood out in the Sandusky case is how dedicated Dottie Sandusky became to Jerry as rather disturbing situations emerged during the scandal. 

In Jerry’s trial Dottie said that she never saw Sandusky doing anything inappropriate with any boys. Victim number 9 spent over 100 nights in the Sandusky home. The abuse began with fondling, and moved on to oral sex, before being anally raped. In the basement while being raped, he screamed out for help. Dottie said in the trial that her hearing is good and that she heard no screams. Dottie also rebuffed another victim who said that she never walked in on him having a sexual encounter at the Alamo Bowl. Dottie said that both individuals were clothed. In Jerry Sandusky’s sentencing Dottie wrote a letter to the judge denying that any sexual abuse took place because that she never say anything. Dottie also criticized her adopted son Matt who claimed that he was also abused by Jerry Sandusky. She said that Matt refused to take his bipolar medicine. Dottie also wrote about how she lost faith in the system in a letter to the judge. “To think that they can lie and get away with the lies,” she wrote. “The press has been unbelievable. People who have not met us are writing untruths.” Matt Sandusky said that Dottie walked in on situations that were inappropriate and she still acted with denial. Dottie went on the Today show with Matt Laurer and said that the children coming forward to accuse her husband were motivated by greed and wanted money. She even went further when she defended Jerry Sandusky showering with teenagers. “I believe he showered with kids. That’s the generation that Jerry grew up in … There were always people coming in and out no matter what time that was,” If you want to read more this blog would recommend the following articles. 

  1. The Atlantic, “The Depth of Dottie Sandusky’s Denial Is Alarming.”
  2. Lehigh Valley Live, “Jerry Sandusky’s wife walked in on things most wives would find inappropriate, adopted son says.
  3. Tulsa World, “In letters to judge, Sandusky, wife were defiant.
  4. Florida Times Union, “Jerry Sandusky’s wife breaks silence with Tuesday’s testimony.”
  5. Psychology Today, “Dorothy Sandusky: A Woman Who Saw Nothing.


Margie Zacharias Defends Ravi Zacharias and Criticizes Ravi’s Victims

The Ravi Zacharias scandal has been dark and troubling to process. The allegations from Lori Anne Thompson and spa workers are quite disturbing. The law firm Miller & Martin investigated the claims and discovered that Ravi exposed himself to spa workers, asked to be masturbated and allegedly raped one worker. Plus he also had a home in Thailand and traveled there allegedly for work. This blog believes he traveled there for a sexual vacation or to get involved in the sex business in Bangkok, which is well known.  For more of all this you can read, “Ravi Zacharias Allegedly Sexually Harassed and Abused Women in a Spa in Alpharetta, Georgia” and “Dare We Ask the Question? Was Ravi Zacharias a Sex Tourist in Bangkok? Did He Abuse Women in Thailand and Southeast Asia?” So despite the evidence by the Miller & Martin report Ravi Zacharias wife is still defending her late husband and criticizing the women who came forward and spoke about their abuse. 

In late April of 2021 Margie Zacharias sent an email to close friends and supporters saying that she had gone through Ravi’s belongings and found no clue that he did that Miller & Martin found. Margie in an email claimed she found nothing, “suspicious . . . absolutely nothing to support the claims being made or the charges against him.” She added: “He could never have kept a secret like they are alleging (alleging, I say, as there is not one whit of evidence to support what they are saying). At the very least, with all the medication he was on at the end and his hallucinations something would have come out.” When it came to exposing his genitals Margie said that his, “failures were not in this area.” Margie added, “He was spectacularly self-disciplined in his conduct, especially where it would reflect poorly on the Lord. He denied himself every single day in order to fulfill his calling and be pleasing to the Lord. . . . Such a man could not be guilty of what is being alleged and there is no evidence at all to support those allegations, not in his personal effects, his financial records, his correspondence, his actions observed by all who knew him over 74 yrs.” Margie is in the process it appears of doubling down and not facing the facts of the situation. You can read more about Marjie in, “Margie Zacharias Breaks Silence, Defends Ravi.

One other note I want to quickly make is that Ravi’s son Nathan Zacharias has also doubled down and is defending his father. He started a blog that attacks RZIM, Julie Roys, Steve Boughman, individuals who worked at RZIM, Sam Allberry and even disagrees with his sister Sarah Zacharias. You can read his blog at, “Defending Ravi” One item to note is that you can not leave comments on the blog.

Leaving in Denial and While Both Are Bad Margie Zacharias is Worse, Here is Why

In both situations up above you see how two females react to the news that there husband was a predator. Neither individual could process it and both doubled down. When I watched some of the videos about Dottie Sandusky I felt sick. What normal, everyday people would regard as abnormal she has found a way to justify it. And instead of holding Jerry Sandusky responsible, she attacks and criticizes the victims who came forward. But let’s frame this issue in the context of faith and evangelical theology. Jerry Sandsuky was a Big Ten football coach. In State College, Pennsylvania he had a lot of sway and influence. But Jerry Sandusky never claimed to be a born again believer. He was not a Christian apologist at all. He was an assistant football coach. In contrast Ravi Zacharias gave his testimony regularly. He spoke of coming to faith and leaving India. He spoke about conversations with atheists and those in other religions. He talked regularly about his personal love of Jesus Christ and of his ministry. I watched a couple of Ravi Zacharias videos posted by Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois  And through his years in ministry Margie stood by his side and in at least one video I watched Ravi made reference to her. 

But when I think of the situation I would have to say that Margie’s denial of the situation is worse than Dottie Sandusky. Margie is challenging Miller & Martin, RZIM, and much more. Margie is also communicating to the world that her husband was above sin and could not do what he actually did. She can’t come to terms with the facts and in her denial is making the victims who came forward the issue. Whether she will admit that or not her behavior is stating that she does not believe the victims. She won’t admit that a highly capable law firm found solid evidence that Ravi Zacharias was not the person he claimed himself to be. 

Part of the reason why it took longer to write this blog post is because of how dark it was. I watched a number of videos about Dottie Sandusky and I read, and re-read Margie’s letter denying that Ravi Zacharias is a sexual predator and that he did no wrong. You could easily interchange the communications and for me that reveals the depth and lengths of the denial. Both women are in the same spot emotionally it would appear. I am not a psychologist, but I really wish someone trained in psychology could look at this phenomena and explain it. The denial is disturbing. In the end no matter the crime its just stand by your man. How horrific. 

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