James MacDonald’s Hatchet Man is Hired by Sugar Grove Church in Goshen, Indiana. Someone Tell Tony Tice to Get a Pornographic Video Tape to Play for Rick Donald in Staff Meetings

Rick Donald was the hatchet man for James MacDonald at Harvest Bible Chapel. He allegedly performed all of MacDonald’s dirty work. He left Harvest and was recently hired at Sugar Grove Church in Goshen, Indiana. The pastor who is known for begging James MacDonald to play an explicit recording at staff meetings is now working for Tony Tice and received a glowing recommendation from Harvest Bible Chapel. Its another reminder as to why evangelicalism is broken and damaged beyond repair.

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”

William Shakespeare

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

Acts 20:24 NIV


This blog recommends that Tony Tice of Sugar Grove Church get a pornographic video tape for church meetings. Rick Donald will appreciate it. 

We are going to go back to Harvest Bible Chapel in this post. Its a good way to illustrate why evangelicalism is not only sick, but why this blog doesn’t believe it can recover. I’ll explain more below. This blog spent a considerable amount of time writing about James MacDonald and the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. There is one key player at Harvest who allegedly did all of James MacDonald’s dirty bidding. At Harvest he was known as the “Smiling Assassin” for how he took out people on James MacDonald’s orders. What I am writing about today Julie Roys first broke this in, “Indiana Church Hires James MacDonald’s Former Right-Hand Man after Harvest’s Endorsement.” This blog wants to explore it a little more. Rick Donald was hired by Sugar Grove Church in Goshen, Indiana. Sugar Grove is non denominational and does not appear to be connected to any denomination.

“The Smiling Assassin”

James Bond faces an assassin in Shanghai in Skyfall 

According to Linkedin Rick Donald was at Harvest Bible Chapel for thirty years. During that period Donald did the dirty work for James MacDonald. An example of that is how Rick Donald took care of John Secrest in Florida and fired him on James MacDonald’s orders. You can read about the coup that John Secrest faced in, “The Tragic Story Involving John Secrest and the Coup that Occurred in Harvest Naples.” Harvest Bible Chapel in the view of this blog was run more like the mafia. And the dirty deeds by Rick Donald illustrate that fact. But there is more about Donald and alleged malfeasance that took place. As James MacDonald abused and wasted money at Harvest Bible, Rick Donald received a Harley Davidson motorcycle as a gift. This happened while people were undergoing sacrificial giving campaigns at Harvest. Some people were locked into giving when they could not buy food, or pay utilities, or get the car fixed. Any idea how cold the winters are in Chicago and the Upper Midwest? But Rick Donald also threw Mike Bryant out of Harvest Bible Fellowship for daring to challenge James MacDonald on having T.D. Jakes speak at The Elephant Room. 

Recalling an Explicit Pornographic Tape That Rick Donald Begged James MacDonald to Play. Plus a Recommendation to Tony Tice

James MacDonald mocked an older female who was married in their 50’s. This blog has an idea as to who she is but will not identify the person for privacy reasons. What James MacDonald did was take a tape of this female and layered it with moaning and explicit sounds from a pornographic video tape. James MacDonald loved it and, so did Rick Donald as well. When James MacDonald had meetings at Harvest Rick Donald to the disgust and chagrins of others asked James MacDonald to play the explicit tape. Because of this The Elephant’s Debt blog said that Rick Donald is unfit for ministry. I would link the blog post to this one but am having some technical issues right now. I will try again later. I wrote about this issue a couple of years back in, “James MacDonald’s Explicit Video Tape That Rick Donald Enjoyed. Plus Reflecting on the Time When Elgin Elder Stephen Stewart Advertised His Daughter’s Virginity in Christianity Today.

This blog has a recommendation for Sugar Grove Church lead pastor Tony Tice. Before the next meeting pop into a pornographic shop in Indiana somewhere and purchase a pornographic video tape that you can play at church meetings. Before a church meeting amongst the pastoral staff begins you can play the video tape. Even better like Pavlov’s dog you can train Rick Donald to ask him to plead with you to play the explicit material before staff meetings. Remember playing the explicit material is all for Jesus! 

Harvest Bible Chapel Recommends Rick Donald After Years of Scandal

The most head spinning aspect of this story is that Harvest Bible Chapel recommended Rick Donald and stated that he is in good standing. They even posted his resume and the recommendation letter from Harvest Bible Chapel which you can read below.

rickDonald_bioAndResume-1 (1)

For me after the entire Harvest Bible Chapel what is most galling is the following paragraph which says the following.

“Rick’s ability to mentor leaders and pastors, lead through crisis and navigate through tough pastoral situations with families and individuals has grown rapidly through the years. In addition to his ministry skills, Rick is a man of high integrity, godliness, displays the fruits of the Spirit, and is highly trustworthy. He is extremely reliable and second to none in humility. If he says he is going to do something, he does it.” 

Maybe its me but I didn’t realize that bullying, character assassination and asking the senior pastor to play porn in church meetings qualifies as fruit of the spirit and godliness. This right here, both the fact that Sugar Grove Church under the leadership of Tony Tice would hire Rick Donald, and the letter of recommendation that is glowing explains best why evangelicalism is broken and beyond repair, Harvest has shown itself to be permanently broken and beyond repair. The fact that they would encourage someone with such a glowing recommendation is nauseating. Are they going to do the same thing with Paxton Singer? Second the fact that Sugar Grove would hire Rick Donald shows how Tony Tice is ethically and morally bankrupt. One of the reasons why this blog writes a lot of posts about atheists is that, they often have higher standards and character than white evangelical Christians. Tony Tice has proven how jacked up Sugar Grove Church is, and why people should avoid it. After reading and thinking through this Sugar Grove should be avoided to the same extent as cancer. This blog was stunned but not surprised when it heard of this development. If any people formerly from the Harvest Bible Chapel community or Sugar Grove Church want to publish stories about either church, this blog is willing and ready to do so. 

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