Vince Manuele Broadcasts a YouTube Video Explaining How Mark Driscoll Leads a Cult in Arizona

One of the individuals in the family driven out of Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church broadcast a video earlier today explaining why the controversial pastor leads a cult in Arizona. Vince Manuele’s video is articulate, mature and he does a good job pushing back against Driscoll. If you get a chance this blog would recommend you listen to it.

“Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.

John Patrick

“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
6 Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

Proverbs 30:5-6 NIV


Mark Driscoll 

Earlier today one of the individuals in the family that was forced out of The Trinity Church created a video on a YouTube channel to discuss the issues with Mark Driscoll and his church. Vince Manuele who was part of the family that was driven out of The Trinity Church spent eleven minutes explaining why Mark Driscoll leads a cult in Scottsdale, Arizona. The presentation is good and this blog is impressed with Vince who is very articulate in communicating his thoughts. Its amazing to see a 15 year old who has the ability to stand up to Mark Driscoll when so many will not. You can subscribe to Vince’s channel. This blog is proud of him and his father who did a good job raising Vince.  


14 thoughts on “Vince Manuele Broadcasts a YouTube Video Explaining How Mark Driscoll Leads a Cult in Arizona

    • The Certificate of Occupancy for The Trinity Church states 575 persons in the building. Given the number of cars in the two lots, parked on the grounds and not in the lots, along the sides of the west lot, up 86th St. going northbound into the neighborhood, and being bused over from the Basha’s parking lot further down McDonald Dr. at the 9 am Sunday service, I suspect he is way over his occupancy limit.


      • What I find surprising, and so discouraging, is that a high-profile individual such as Driscoll, who publicly left such a trail of destruction and division and hurt in his wake, was able to transition so quickly into a new situation and to quickly acquire another large following who completely disregard everything he previously did. Do so many Christians lack any degree of discernment? (The question is somewhat rhetorical, as the answer is so clearly and obviously “yes.”)


      • Do so many Christians lack any degree of discernment?

        More like they’ve redefined “Discernment” from “seeing the reality beneath the appearance” to “seeing DEMONS! DEMONS! EVERYWHERE! THEY’RE IN YOUR CLOSET! THEY’RE UNDER YOUR BED! DEMONS! DEMONS! DEEEEEEEMONS!”

        Remember what Screwtape wrote to Wormwood about Semantics?
        Specifically, “redefining the Enemy’s words into their ‘diabolical meanings'”?


  1. A fascinating reveal of Mark Driscoll’s leadership from one that was actually part of the church and was mature enough to leave it. That Driscoll spent $15,000 of the church’s money to hire private investigators to research the family after they left smacks of his totalitarian and paranoid mindset I can barely begin to understand.

    I hope every member of Driscoll’s church sees this video. Thank you for the link.

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    • Hiring private eyes to “research” Disloyal Enemies of The Anointed One (real or imagined) is straight out of Scientology. Operation Freakout, Fair Game Law LRH, and all that. Miscavage (current head of Scientology, steward for unincarnated Elron) even unleashed them on his own father.

      When your church can be described as “Just Like Scientology, Except CHRISTIAN(TM)!”, that’s NOT a praise & worship complement.

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  2. Dear Attendees of Mark Driscoll’s Trinity Church:

    Do NOT participate in any future communion services at this church. It’s possible the grape juice may be replaced with grape kool-aid instead.

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  3. It was only a matter of time before we started seeing the rotten fruit of Driscoll’s narcissistic personality disorder leadership style. It was only a matter of time before his Scottsdale church would start hemorrhaging victims/bodies/walking wounded, like his Seattle church did.

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  4. At rate this is going, Mark Driscoll may end up doing the perp walk as he gets arrested, runs away and hides for a time like he when Mars Hill imploded, kills himself with his cult followers with some specially fortified Kool-Aid, or someone takes out him and his rent-a-cop goon squad and either buries the bodies in the desert or dissolves them like Breaking Bad.

    Place your bets now.


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