Guest Post: Mark Driscoll is Allegedly Ranting About People Who Protest The Trinity Church. Dee Holmes Answers Driscoll Directly

Mark Driscoll behind the scenes became unglued over people protesting The Trinity Church. When I heard about that I reached out to Dee Holmes, who protests The Trinity Church and asked her if she wanted to write a post? Dee happily agreed and she wrote the following post down below which is directed toward Mark Driscoll. 

“To me, protesting and playing music go hand in hand.

Tim Commerford

As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer 4 or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. Such things promote controversial speculations rather than advancing God’s work—which is by faith. 5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 6 Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk. 7 They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.

1 Timothy 1:3-7 NIV


The other day I was speaking with one of my sources from The Trinity Church. And he told me something that was incredible to hear. Allegedly in a recent meeting Mark Driscoll ranted about people protesting The Trinity Church. As far as I know there has only been one diligent and eager person in the Phoenix area who has shown up and protested Mark Driscoll. And that person is Dee Holmes. So I reached out to her and asked since she has Driscoll’s attention does she want to say anything to him? Dee decided to write him a post about why she protests and what she wants to see happen. 

When Mark Driscoll first started The Trinity Church in 2016, I protested outside the church for seven months. My goal then was to warn people away from the place. As I told people then, it’s not the church, it’s the pastor. At the time, I thought spending my time on the sidewalk out in front of what I then called the “House of Driscoll” was worth it if I was able to get even one person to go elsewhere.

I gave up protesting after the election of Donald Trump because it was abundantly clear that Driscoll and his followers were simply disinterested in listening. I pretty much ignored what Driscoll was doing because there were other outfits that needed a protester on their sidewalks–churches covering up child sexual abuse, a megachurch that rented out its property to “Students for Trump,” a church where the pastor taught God was going to force Trump on us whether we liked it or not. But Driscoll was not on my radar.

What popped Driscoll back into view was Warren Throckmorton’s discussion about elders. Different churches have different types of governance, and in many churches, there is some form of oversight. It may not be an elder board, it could be a denominational authority or something else. But Driscoll has no oversight. I knew this from the beginning because I had read the church’s documents for it’s “non-profit domestic corporation.” Just because Jimmy Evans and Robert Morris are directors of the corporation doesn’t mean they’re supervising Driscoll.

Throckmorton pointed out that Driscoll had previously taught that elders were needed in a church and had put this in a book that he’d written with Gerry Breshears called Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe. In fact, the book was available on The Trinity Church’s website up until very recently, when it disappeared. I suspect the book went down the memory hole because it would inconveniently remind the members of Driscoll’s church that Driscoll once thought he should have elders. That said, the elder thing was a problem, but there are a LOT of churches, independent megachurches that don’t have very good governance. So that wasn’t enough to get me off my duff and back onto the sidewalk. What was?

It was the story of a family posted on this very blog, a family that was kicked out of the church after Mark Driscoll got very angry about a consensual action. But not even the “being kicked out” part was enough for me. This happens, especially when you have a church where the pastor is in complete control.

No, what did it for me was Mark Driscoll calling the Scottsdale police on the family. That is when I completely lost it, because this is what cults do. I have a LOT of experience from the ‘90s and ‘00s protesting Scientology, and one of the things Scientology does is cultivate relationships with the local police departments. Then, when Scientology starts harassing people, or calling the cops on protesters because Scientology thinks the protesters are over some invisible line, then the cops are more likely to look favorably on this “church” than they are on the former members who are having their garbage stolen or out of town protesters who are not quite reflecting what the city fathers may want people to see.

So the too long; didn’t read (tl;dr) is Mark Driscoll called the cops on a family that had formerly attended and the family had to explain what was happening to the Scottsdale PD. That just ticked me off and sent me back to the sidewalk. And, as in 2016, it’s not the church, it’s the pastor.

What I Expect to Happen as a Result of Protesting

What I would like to happen as a result of the protesting is that Mark Driscoll would leave the religion business. It’s obvious that the things which had the elders remove him from the pastorate at Mars Hill in Seattle are surfacing again here. The problem is, Mark doesn’t have anyone over him who can tell him what to do. Specifically, he has no elders. And he is really the only principal of The Trinity Church who matters.

If Mark won’t leave the ministry and Trinity Church, then what I would like to happen is that he willingly submit to a board of elders who have the legal ability to hire and fire anyone at the church, including Mark Driscoll. Along with that, the church’s bylaws and books need to be made available to members. People should not be giving their tithes to an organization that is as opaque as The Trinity Church.

The thing is, I don’t expect any of this to happen in the natural. As I told one of Driscoll’s attendees this week, “I know this is a God thing,” and really, I have to leave this in the hands of God.

What I do expect to happen is that Driscoll is going to continue being the same guy he demonstrated he was at Mars Hill, the guy who said,  “There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus, and by God’s grace, it’ll be a mountain by the time we’re done.” Remember, Driscoll wouldn’t accept the judgment of the Mars Hill elders and instead chose to crater a church that had 15,000 members across five states (1). He refused to sit for a reckoning, which is how he ended up here in Arizona and back to the same old egotistical nonsense. Only this time, he is the guy in charge and can’t be pushed out.

Well, neither can I. I can’t say I’ll be there every time the church doors are open (summer is coming in Arizona, I’m one of my elderly parent’s caregivers and gee, I have a job where I’m on call 24×7 some Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays). However, I can say that I plan on being there often enough exercising my First Amendment right to enlighten members and attendees as to what Mark Driscoll is up to.

P.S. Mark, when you read this, can you see about expanding the curb cut on McDonald Drive that goes into the west parking lot? It’s about 16 feet wide, which is not big enough for two vehicles to turn in/out at the same time.

P.P.S. Mark, What does God need with a faux Airstream, like the one parked out in front of The Trinity Church? (If you’re not familiar with the reference, it’s from this:

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mark Driscoll is Allegedly Ranting About People Who Protest The Trinity Church. Dee Holmes Answers Driscoll Directly

  1. DB, If you’ve been watching, CNN’s rating are down 1/2 because Trump is no longer President so people aren’t following CNN as much as they used to. Trump MADE CNN number one; he was a hot topic at all times while he was President. Now he’s ex-president Trump so his value as a topic is much reduced.

    Same goes for Mark Driscoll..
    Mark Driscoll USED to be a hot topic but that era has passed and it’s not coming back. So you can write about Driscoll all you want but his 15 minutes of infamy seems to have passed and your readership probably doesn’t care much any more.

    What I’ve been fascinated about in the last couple of years is the impending break-up of the United Methodist Church. It’s been fascinating to watch. It’s been liberal religionists vs Christian traditionalists. At least, unlike the Episcopal Church, they have a plan in place where the chances for a reasonably lawsuit free separation can take place. Churches that want to leave can, under spelled out policies, taking their property with them.


    • Seneca, let’s be clear about this. Your “religious traditionalists” are people who hate LGBTQIA people, and if they had the opportunity, they’d persecute us. (I’m an A, for Asexual, and probably a Q for Queer too.) I live in a city where a bunch of haters disliked the fact that our otherwise conservative, Republican city council passed an equal rights ordinance, so they went and gathered signatures to put a repeal on the 2022 ballot. So pardon me if I just make it exquisitely clear that your “Religious Traditionalists” hate the sheer existence of people like me, and it’s hard not to be hostile towards people actively trying to eliminate us in any way possible.


      • Don’t you know that in Christianese, “PERSECUTION!!!!!” means they’re not being allowed to persecute everyone else?

        And “the Unpronounceables” are just the latest ENEMY that must be Destroyed to show God how Faithful and Devout we are. Remember Westboro Baptist’s slogan?


  2. Oh, btw, David, Warren Throckmorton posted to his blog how Mark’s director of security, Chad Freese left, not because of the cops being called on the family, but because Driscoll authorized the spending of church money to hire private investigator(s). Back in the day, Scientology used to do that, they had Eugene Ingram on retainer and a bunch of other guys they’d hire to tail whoever was annoying them the most at the moment.

    And yeah, as much as I would hope they’d not spend their money spying on me, I’m expecting it.


    • “Just like Scientology, Except CHRISTIAN(TM)!”

      Is Driscoll going to found his own Sea Org?
      He’s already got a start on his own Guardians Office; next step is RPF (in-house prison system), then The Hole at Gold Base.

      P.S. Scientology Sea Org teams tasked with hunting down and returning escapees are called “blow teams”. Given Deep Throat Driscoll’s sexual proclivities, it would be a fitting term for his Private Eye Enforcers.


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