An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber (Modeling COVID Vaccination in EFCA SE District)

This is an open letter to the head of the EFCA SE District Glen Schrieber. As many white evangelicals are rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine due to conspiracy theories, fringe politics and the rejection of science. Is Glen Schrieber going to be a positive force and be a role model when it comes to taking the vaccine and encourage pastors and leadership in the EFCA SE District? The failure to do so will mean further unnecessary loss of life. And this blog would argue that an evangelical leader who fails to do the right thing would be like the Jewish Priest walking by the Good Samaritan. 

“The Church has failed to be a positive influence for good in our nation and our world.

Tony Evans 

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:30-31 NIV




This is a brief open letter, I am working around all EFCA districts because I believe the response by the EFCA in the COVID-19 crisis has been a failure. You are the first one to get this letter. Recently I wrote about the moral failure of Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien to set an example to encourage vaccination. You can read that in, “The Moral Failure of The EFCA’s Greg Strand and Kevin Kompelien to be a Role Model in Covid Vaccination and Help Mitigate a National Pandemic.” 

Recent press reports in The New York Times, Boston Globe and other newspapers discuss how evangelicals are rejecting the COVID vaccine in rural areas. Its due to either the rejection of science or the embrace of conspiracy theories. Science is even suggesting that the nation may not reach herd immunity due to white evangelical Christians.  You can read the original news stories in the following posts, “Recommended Read in The Boston Globe: A Baptist Pastor’s Battle to Get Evangelicals and Skeptics to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine in North Carolina” and “The New York Times Asks if White Evangelicals Are Going to Drag Out the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States Due to their Opposition to Science.” The EFCA has a presence in rural areas of North Carolina, Florida, George, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. As the head of the EFCA SE District what are you doing to live as an example and encourage others to take the COVID vaccine? Are you talking about having taken the COVID shot?  Have you gently encouraged others to and remind Christians of their responsibility to love their neighbor? If you stay silent on this topic Glen, then this blog would suggest you are like the Jewish high priest walking by the good Samaritan. More people will die than is necessary. Many have died when they do not have to. The vaccines according to science are effective. Plus science is also discovering psychological effects to the coronavirus. We eradicated polio once in our nation’s history. We can also eradicate COVID-19. 

Are you going to play a role in helping to end the greatest medical crisis in the United States since the 1918 Spanish Flu? Or are you going to sit idly by and do nothing? This blog hopes you take the right course of action. If your faith is vibrant and you love your neighbor than its clear what needs to take place. Otherwise I would question your faith  especially after the loss of life that has taken place. The choice and legacy are yours. Are you going to take the right course of action and set the example in the EFCA SE District? 

Very Respectfully, 

David Bonner 







16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber (Modeling COVID Vaccination in EFCA SE District)

    • In many ways that’s true but are they using their influence in rural areas to help take the vaccine. A picture of a pastor taking the Covid vaccine showing up in someone’s social media could go a long way. Are they doing that snd is the EFCA SE District leadership leading by example? That’s the question Seneca.


      • Today on morning drive-time, they had a story that medical experts said the USA will NEVER be able to achieve herd immunity because the PATRIOTS(TM) and CHRISTIANS(TM) refuse to get vaccinated. And their numbers are large enough (when combined with the Anti-Vaxxers) that we will never be able to get enough of our population vaccinated.

        Money quote excerpts:

        That view is bolstered by a religious, near-joyous fatalism. People say that if they haven’t caught Covid a year into the pandemic, they will take their chances. True, they might get Covid and die. But either way, a win-win: longer life on Earth or, for the faithful, eternal life in Heaven.

        On the door of her church, someone recently posted a newspaper letter. It derided Covid mask mandates, “the Prophet Fauci” and vaccines “made in part from aborted children.”

        The topic of the vaccine has even muted the most influential leaders in Greene County: evangelical pastors. There are many who have been vaccinated, like Mr. Smith at Tusculum Baptist, but won’t use the pulpit to support it. He doesn’t want to risk alienating anyone, he explained, at a time when he hopes people will return to the church itself to worship. After a year of Zoom services, which people call “pajama church,” he fears in-person attendance will drop.


      • Their inaction (IOW doing nothing) is striking and makes the problem worse.

        Even worse are the anti-COVID vaccine pastors like TWW Dee’s BFF pastor and conspiracy nutjob Wade Burleson (who is retiring from being a pastor in early 2022 so he can blog and post bullshit full-time). Another POS and the reason why I don’t give a shit about Dee and her crusade anymore. She has lost all credibility with me.


      • CHRISTIANS(TM) seem hell-bent on staying part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Making long prayers and Praising GAWD for justification.

        As for Wade Burleson, I’ve had suspicions about his blog for some time. Nothing I could put my finger on and say “AHA!”, but a general feeling of something WRONG, like he’s slowly going around the bend like a slow-boiling frog. (Calvary Chapel gives me the same vibe.)
        “Retiring to bog full-time”?
        Welcome to the next 8chan Q-cast. “WWG1WGA!”


  1. Simple.

    If they get COVID, they and their families should be refused ALL medical care.

    If they think it is the Mark of the Beast (the vaccine), then let’s play along and help them in their fond persecution fetish. If enough of them die due their earnest desire to win a Darwin Award, then their DNA is removed from the gene pool and we achieve herd immunity that way.


  2. ‘According to the same source, the groups most likely to reject a COVID-19 vaccine are Black people, women, and those with conservative political leanings.”

    A significant percentage of BLACK PEOPLE are not enthralled about vaccinations apparently


    • Senecagriggs,

      That is also true. But since blacks are a much smaller percentage of the population than Evangelicals, the impact of vaccine refusal will be less.

      My earlier statement about refusing medical care also applies to any other individual or group that refuses to take the vaccine.

      To put it is simply, you are responsible for your own actions and inaction. If it comes to bite you in the ass, then tough. Personal responsibility _used_ to be something so-called “conservatives” and “Christians” and “Evangelicals” stressed. I am merely being intellectually honest and consistent unlike most of the faux conservatives.


  3. Gotta tell this one:
    I was running an errand this afternoon with the car radio turned to KFI, the local big-name talk station. Their afternoon show (“John and Ken”) were covering a county government hearing (in my county) about “digital vaccination passports” that was getting crazy. Like REAL Crazy.

    The KFI man in the field was interviewing some of the anti-COVID-vaxxers who were “demonstrating”. He had to say several times “It’s not just the Mark of the Beast types”, though they were heavily represented. Some of them were even giving shout-outs to the show.

    Back in the studio, John and Ken actually had to say: (exact words) “If you’re there and you’re John & Ken Fans, GO HOME! It’s a “vaccination passport”, NOT THE MARK OF THE BEAST!”

    Note that “Mark of the Beast” was the reference on both ends of their radio link.

    In similar news, I was checking out a Dr Fauci interview on YouTube last night and the comment thread was getting weird even for YouTube. After a couple descrtibing Fauci as Liar and Traitor, a thread started up as to when we can expect the “plague of noxious boils” (First Bowl, Rev 16:2) to kick off. (In any YouTube comment thread, one of the first ten will usually include some sort of Prophet with the Plan of Salvation.)


    • KFI had an after-action report on the County Hearings this morning.

      The hearings were whether the County Health Department (which keeps the records) should issue some form of “digital vaccination cards” as proof of vaccination – hard card, website, QR code, or smartphone app. (The Health Department has been running the major vaccination centers, scheduling through a simple website app where you register and get notified when free appointment times come up.) And the fight was on.

      The loudest screamers were “The Mark of the Beast People” and the neo-Birchers (“WORLD COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY! THE COMMUNISTS! THE COMMUNISTS! THE COMMUNISTS!”) and things just got weirder from there.


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