Showing his Narcissism Eric Metaxas Preaches at Bethel Church After his Mother-in-Law’s Death and Appears to be Excited. Is Bethel Under Beni Johnson Going to Raise Joan Schiavone From the Dead?

Two peas in a pod. Bethel Church in Redding, California and Eric Metaxas who preached their last Sunday on April 18, 2021. Eric revealed from the stage that his mother-in-law died and almost appeared to celebrate, with at one point calling people to high five each other. Metaxas behavior in the case of his mother-in-law’s death reveals his narcissism and his desire for attention. Meanwhile this blog would like to ask Beni Johnson, any plans to try and raise Joan Schiavone from the dead? 

“Americans are experiencing an epidemic in narcissistic behavior in a culture that is intrinsically self-conscious and selfish, and citizens are encouraged to pursue happiness and instant gratification of their personal desires.

Kilroy J. Oldster

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

Romans 1:20 NIV


Eric Metaxas speaking at Bethel starts about 1:05.

Last week I learned that Eric Metaxas planned to preach at Bethel Church in Redding, California. So I put his talk on my list of sermons to listen to as I continue to write about the issues and problems with evangelical author Eric Metaxas. Metaxas’s sermon had issues but the biggest shock was over how he reacted to the death of his mother-in-law. The fact that Eric Metaxas would show up at Bethel is not a surprise. Everyone who attends Bethel often wear their aluminum tin foil hat, and it attracts conspiracy theorists which of course describes Bethel. 


Being Thrilled Over a Family Member’s Death and Narcissism That Puts Monetary Gain Over Family’s Emotional Need

Eric Metaxas spoke about how his,96 year old mother-in-law Joan Schiavone who died on April 18, 2021 in Oceanport, New Jersey. You can read the obituary here. In a talk Eric Metexas basically spoke about death as being good news. Joan’s death is not bad news, instead its an occasion to high five each other. There was no sense of lament, it was almost as if the death of his mother-in-law is is just another day. He also talks about a vision with his sister-in-law which probably plays well to the Bethel culture. But in all the talk about his mother in-law’s death which lasted about fifteen minutes there is little to no remorse as to what happened. 

But here is the other aspect that troubled me deeply. So he gets the news that his mother-in-law died. So after he learns of his mother-in-law’s death he continues with preaching at Bethel and wants to be in the center of the spotlight. Eric Metaxas as always has to be the center of attention. I compare and contrast other people’s deaths. Canceling plans, making arrangements and dealing with the emotional toil, and then I compare that with Eric Metaxas smiling and saying happily Joan Schiavone died. It appears as if Eric Metaxas puts his speaking career ahead of family and especially Joan Schiavone. Any normal person would have been moved and in shock over the death of a loved one. Is it me or is Eric Metaxas – the one who allegedly physically assaulted a person here n Washington, D.C. and an anti-vaxer mentally unstable? I just don’t think any regular or normal person would act like this after a death. 


Is this part of the act for Beni Johnson when she learns that someone dies? 

Does Beni Johnson Want to Raise Joan Schiavone From the Dead? 

So here’s a question. How does Beni Johnson react when she hears the news that someone died? Let’s take off the tin foil Q Anon hat that she wears as she tries to channel Q. How does Beni react? Does she do somersaults? Does she do the Macarena? Does Beni get a smile ear to ear at the prospect of Bethel trying to raise another person from the dead? Or since we know that Bethel is a show does she react like Meg Ryan does up above in Katz’s Deli in When Harry Met Sally? In the end it can be convincing for some but many people see through Bethel and call it fake. And when you think of it are those other charismatic churches like mine in Wisconsin which watch Bethel basically say, “I’ll have what she’s having” and not being able to tell the difference?  The policies and procedures of Bethel are warped and twisted. If anyone could find out how many people Bethel has tried to raise from the dead and give me the background in the cases this blog would like to write about it. Bethel will always be a cult in Redding and its behavior deserves to be studied and analyzed. 


9 thoughts on “Showing his Narcissism Eric Metaxas Preaches at Bethel Church After his Mother-in-Law’s Death and Appears to be Excited. Is Bethel Under Beni Johnson Going to Raise Joan Schiavone From the Dead?

  1. I’d like to be the curious fly on the wall at the Metaxas household these days. Mrs. Metaxas was there last summer to witness Eric sucker punching the guy on the street outside the White House. She even yelled out his name immediately after he did it, albeit in a fashion that sounded more like a mom exhausted with the antics of a misbehaving child. And now this regarding her mother, just hours after the death? And thanks to YouTube, it’s all there for the world to witness. Eric’s narcissism has fully entered the realm of acting with impunity. I found Eric’s most telling / most honest moment at the 1:13:35 mark: “It’s hard for me not to talk about this.”

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    • Agreed Benny when l watched Eric talk about his mother-in-laws death l was shocked. I buried 2 parents in the last few years. Death is hard and fir Eric its a lighthearted almost playful topic. His comments on death were sick in many ways.


  2. Wondering Eagle,

    They need to make sure they top off their spiritual mojo tanks by making another round of grave-sucking from “spiritual luminaries” first. /sarc

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    • They can always spice up their grave-soaking with pentacles, magick circles, and incantations revealed by a conjured angel to John Dee & Edmund Kelley.


      • H.U,G.,

        That works. Though in reality their grave-sucking ceremony is something akin to a Scooby Doo episode, a really, really, bad horror movie (even for “B” standards) that makes Manos: The Hands of Fate look like Citizen Kane, or a rejected skit from a Sid and Marty Kroft show episode.


  3. It’s not a funeral, it’s a HOMEGOING CELEBRATION(TM)!

    I knew this was going to happen eventually when Homegoing(TM) became the Christianese word for Death. CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! or you’re an Apostate Backslider!


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  5. Let’s take off the tin foil Q Anon hat that she wears as she tries to channel Q.

    Oh, she IS channeling Q.
    Q as in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s resident Mad God.
    Only she doesn’t realize Q’s a cosmic-level Trickster trolling her for shits and giggles in John DeLancie’s voice.


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