Milwaukee Cru’s Steve Papez, Scott Papez, Stormy Daniels and the Sanctity of Marriage

Before the Lord a Biblical marriage consists of a man and a woman and a porn star. This is a reflection on what Steve Papez of Milwaukee Metro Cru believes is Biblical when he threw his theology system under the bus to worship Donald Trump. Recently for his 35th anniversary his son Scott celebrated his father’s sanctity of his Christ-centered marriage. So the real question is since a porn star is a part of the Christ centered marriage maybe Scott and Taylor Papez can open up their marital bed to Stormy Daniels.

“I’m one of the most successful adult movie directors in the business.”

Stormy Daniels 

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

1 Corinthians 6:19 NIV


Stormy Daniels stars in Breast Side Story 

Late last year this blog saw something that it put aside to write about at a later point. How many here remember their retreats in Navigators, Campus Crusade or Intervarsity Christian Fellowship? The staff shows up and their kids go wild and run around, play and have fun. Its a feature on the retreats, and as I type this I can reflect on many that happened within Campus Crusade for Christ’s Milwaukee Metro section. When I attended Milwaukee Cru’s retreats I often saw Crusade director’s Steve Papez’s kids run around and be themselves. It was cute and funny. So I write this post having remember Scott Papez as a young kid. 


Recalling Stormy Daniels and Evangelical Hypocrisy. When Steve Papez Through the Gospel Under the Bus

I always thought marriage was sacred. At least that was hammered on all the men’s retreats and conferences I attended. I recall when I attended Elmbrook’s No Regrets and it was taught as to how you protect your marriage and singles were encouraged to be holy for marriage. You often had 1 Corinthians 6:19 emphasized as you were often reminded that your body is a temple and that you sin against yourself when you engage in sexual sin. This was the standard evangelical message I heard from Milwaukee Metro Crusade. And that is what evangelical’s believed…until Donald Trump came around in 2016. Then all of a sudden it was not true. I remember feeling confused and like my head was put in a blender. To have something reinforced for years and then be downplayed or to have egregious sexual sin whitewashed and told it was not true, or to find an exception to it. It left me in a state of disorientation and confusion. And who taught this best? My former Campus Crusade for Christ Director for Milwaukee Metro Steve Papez. Steve took a 30 year ministry and in his worship of Donald Trump threw it all under the bus as he worshipped and made Trump his personal Lord and Savior. On social media I saw Steve bully and even throw his African-American daughters under the bus as he defended Trump’s racism. But in seeing his behavior I also realized that the Stormy Daniels situation in his mind was somehow downplayed and its was not a factor at all. Maybe it was fake news in his mind? After all who needs facts today? Steve Papez like other evangelical leaders taught me that much of what they proclaimed and preached was all a lie. Steve taught me that he was also a fraud. Steve ultimately didn’t believe in the holiness of marriage. He didn’t believe in sexual immorality. Suddenly the cry of “But Gorsuch” Trumped (pun intended) the warnings of 1 Corinthians 6:19. It with that in mind that I saw Steve Papez’s son say the following on social media last year. 


Scott Papez on the Sacredness of Marriage…?  

Last summer Steve and Tammy Papez celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. Their son Scott Papez commented on social media. Scott played up his parents high value of marriage and their sacredness of it. He extolled how he wanted to honor and duplicate their wedding vows. Read what was said below. 


Perhaps Scott and Taylor Should Bring a Porn Star into their Marital Bed. After all Steve Papez Was Okay with Stormy Daniels 

So after Steve Papez changed his view of the sacredness of marriage with Donald Trump , it begs the question what is a sacred marriage? What is a Biblical marriage? Since Steve didn’t have a problem with Stormy Daniels it seems as if marriage now has a brand new definition. Marriage before a Holy, and just God now is defined as a man and a woman and their porn star. Its even more more Biblical if the man having an affair who is adored by evangelical’s has a penis that looks like a mushroom or cartoon figure Mario Kart with Yeti pubes. And lest you think I am making that up you can see Stephen Colbert discuss that and read this article here. So now that we know that a Biblical marriage is going to be between Scott Papez and Taylor Papez and Stormy Daniels the next question to ask is where does Stormy sleep? In the middle of Scott and Taylor’s marital bed? That’s going to make sex interesting. But remember for evangelicals this is now Biblical. One item that needs to be pointed out is that if Taylor and Scott are going to celebrate a Biblical marriage and open their home up to Stormy Daniels well maybe Stormy can breast feed Dillon, and pick up a couple of chores as well. 

But on top of all that Steve Papez as a father failed to teach his son Scott what is healthy when it comes to marriage and the sacredness of marriage. On top of selling out his ministry Steve Papez also sold out his family and his children. Through his actions he taught Scott that marriage is not sacred and there are exemptions to what he has taught over the years. But even sadder is learning that Steve Papez, like many other evangelicals I once knew are really frauds. They stand for nothing. They have no ethics, character, integrity, and in the end the Bible that they claim is the word of God is nothing but a prop. Its all an act. Steve Papez is really no different than Jimmy Swaggert or Jim Bakker. The one person who has the most character in all this is Stormy Daniels. You can read why in, “Why Porn Star Stormy Daniels Has More Character and Integrity Than White Evangelical Christians.” For me seeing that Facebook comment resulted in me vomiting in my mouth a little bit. I’ve sat on this for a couple of months and then decided now is the time to write about this issue. So since marriage is now between a man and women and a porn star this blog wishes Scott and Taylor well. Rumor has it Stormy snores so just prepare yourself for having her in your marital bed. 

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