#LetUsWorship Bethel’s Sean Feucht Continues Playing on People’s Fears About the Covid Vaccine

As Johnson & Johnson takes a brief pause on the COVID-19 vaccine Bethel’s Sean Feucht plays on people’s fears with the ultimate goal of discouraging people from taking the COVID vaccine. This post is a reminder that vaccines are safe and this blog encourages you to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It’s a simple message parents need to keep hearing.

Jeffrey Kluger

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

1 Corinthians 1:18 NIV


The crazy train that is Sean Feucht of Bethel still continues as he seeks to violate COVID restrictions around the United States with his #LetUsWorship concerts.  Sean who is a COVID denier and downplays the pandemic has actually put more people at risk by his activities. Now there is some more news that this blog wanted to write about as well.

Sean Feucht Plays Off the Johnson & Johnson Pause

A couple of days ago Sean Feucht is jumping on the Johnson & Johnson pause. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been a game changer. Unlike Pfizer or Moderna the Johnson & Johnson only requires one shot and does not need the special storage requirements. To date over 6.8 million vaccines have been given and there is a pause to look at the issue of bloodclots which have happened in six people. When you consider the statistics of the situation 6 people are minor. Its doesn’t mean they are not important but the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risk. Despite that Sean Feucht of Bethel has been seizing on this as a Covid denier and anti-vax advocate. Sean as you can see from the tweet above is very much opposed to vaccines. Its important to note that he is being pushed by Beni Johnson at Bethel who is a follower of Q Anon. 

Vaccines are Safe and Yes Sean You Are Still Crazy

As Sean still likes to play on people’s fears and claim that vaccines are not safe this is a reminder that vaccines are effective and safe. You can watch the video from the University of Washington up above talking about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine. The New Zealand Immunisation Center has explained in a solid chart how effective all vaccines are from measles to hepatitis to diphtheria. So if you have not received your COVID-19 vaccine consult with your doctor and go get vaccinated. I have taken the vaccine and would encourage you to get vaccinated as well. You can read about my vaccination in, “With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well.

But this brings us back to Sean. How should we look at Sean? Is he still crazy? I the view of this blog yes he is. Sean is an individual who whores for attention and he does is because he is a narcissist. This blog believes that if he was psychologically analyzed he would be diagnosed with a narcisstic personality disorder. The take away for me is that he never admits error, instead he doubles down and moves onto the next topic and even in that situation he will not admit error. Those are characteristics of narcissists. This blog very much doubts that he could ever hold a job in real life as he lacks the responsibility to be able to do so. There is more about Sean that will be said in another post but when it comes to what he says about vaccines ignore it. Dismiss it. Sean is a fool who lives for the spotlight.  

18 thoughts on “#LetUsWorship Bethel’s Sean Feucht Continues Playing on People’s Fears About the Covid Vaccine

    • You’ll be partially protected (50%) in another week and fully protected (80+%) in another month.

      I’ve been tracking vaccination rates on the CDC website and the country’s approaching 1 in 3 of the adult population fully vaccinated. Using one-dose as an approximation of where we’ll be a month out, we should be around 1 in 2 by this time next month.

      At this rate, in two months the only reservoirs of COVID carriers will be the anti-vaxxers and the Christians.

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      • Serious side effects from J&J COVID vaccine: One in a million.
        Fatality rate from COVID: One in fifty (not counting “long-haulers” long-term disability).

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  1. On AM radio down here in SoCal, Sean Feucht is known as “Jesus Christ, Superspreader”.

    Is he at the point where the vaccine will rewrite your DNA and turn you into Nephilim, or just that it’s the Mark of the Beast? (The latter usually preached by those with MAGA hats permanently implanted on their foreheads.)

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  2. The first time I had heard of Sean Feucht was last June when he decided it was important to co-opt the George Floyd killing scene / memorial in Minneapolis to put on a worship SHOW because Sean was supposedly called by the Holy Spirit. The video he felt compelled to record and post, invading people’s privacy while they worshipped on the street, truly embarrassed me. (See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Ohr_tp2SM )

    Since then, my opinion of Sean continues to spiral further downward. But, hey, “It’s all for Jesus”. /s


  3. And something I came across that could be updated from “Supermarket” to “Vaccination Site” — 2012’s “Katie Don’t Go to the Supermarket” by Mo David and the COGs:

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      • I think it was serious. It comes from “The Family International”, better known back then as The Children of God under Mo David. You know, the “Mo Letters” and “Flirty Fishing”? Jupiter Effect Rapture Scare 1981?

        Date on the video at YouTube was 2012, but it might have been made long before that. The “IBM 3666 Point of Sale System” paranoia dates back to the first POS systems (electronic cash registers) in the mid-Eighties. The exact one I remember from Christiaese AM radio (which could have been a script for the video) claimed that it was to go into effect as the ONLY legal transactions in (drum roll) 1984!!!

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  4. I thought Social Security Numbers (SSN) were the Mark of the Beast or was it the Universal Product Bar Codes on the back of grocery items or is it the QR codes? I am all confused now….

    Of course the facial recognition technology for REAL ID (and LEOs) and the E-Verify for work (since it goes after those illegals from sh*thole countries and dastardly ANTIFA types) proudly pushed by Trump and his ilk doesn’t enter their minds…


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