Is Jerry Falwell Jr Making a Comeback at Liberty University? Considering the Falwell Personality Cult

A disturbing story appeared in Politico recently, which grabbed this blogs’ attention. The article is about Jerry Falwell Jr appearing on campus and hanging around and is leading some of think that Jerry Falwell Jr is planning a comeback at Liberty. This issue is linked to the ongoing issue of the personality cult at Liberty around the Falwell family. This blog sees no differences between the Falwell personality cult and the personality cult that exists with the Kim family of North Korea. Furthermore since both Jerry Falwell Jr and Becki are alleged sexual predators Liberty should be moving to address this issue right away. Liberty should take out a restraining order against Jerry Falwell Jr and communicate that if Jerry Falwell Jr hangs out at Liberty and comes on campus he will be arrested.

A cult is a religion with no political power.

Tom Wolfe 

As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. 40 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”

41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[a] Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.

Luke 10:38-42 NIV


Does Liberty’s past history with a personality cult set it up for failure? 

The other day there was a troubling article at Politico about Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University. This blog noticed it in reading the news and put it aside to write about. Last fall Jerry Falwell Jr fell from Liberty University. The tipping point was a picture of him having his arm around someone other than his wife, while holding alcohol and having his zipper down. You can read about that in, “An Overview of the Scandal Concerning Jerry Falwell Jr’s Inappropriate Picture with his Zipper Down and Liberty University Placing Him on Indefinite Leave.” After that it emerged that the Falwell’s had an inappropriate relationship with Miami pool boy Giancarlo Granda. Jerry Falwell Jr liked to watch his wife Becki have sex with Granda. Falwell liked to sit in the corner of the room, drunk and enjoyed watching his wife sexually perform. You can read more in, “Is This The Liberty Way? How a Pool Boy Had a Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell While Jerry Falwell Jr Watched.” Then Politico reported on how Becki Falwell preyed on students and allegedly forced oral sex on at least one. You can read about that in, “Did Becki Falwell Prey on Liberty University Students For Sexual Purposes? A Troubling Story of Forced Oral Sex in Politico Raises the Question.” In September of 2020 Liberty’s General Counsel advised staff to avoid Jerry Falwell Jr and not to engage him. You can read more about that in, “Is Jerry Falwell Jr Stalking Giancarlo Granda? Liberty Advises People to Avoid the Falwells. Meanwhile Jerry Warns Reuters Not to Mess With Him.” Then Jerry Falwell Jr sued Liberty for defamation over “Poolboygate” you can read more in “Jerry Falwell Jr Sues Liberty University For Defamation.” And the corruption of Jerry Falwell Jr continued to emerge when Politico in November wrote an article about how the Falwell’s used to play sex games on campus imagining which students would be great at sex. You can read more in, “Politico Writes About the Falwell’s Playing Sex Games at Liberty University.” This brings us to what Politico wrote recently which is what this blog post is about. You can read Politico’s latest in, “‘They thank me’: Jerry Falwell Jr. says Liberty community still embraces him.” 


Is Jerry Falwell Jr Planning a Comeback at Liberty? 

Politico wrote the other day that Falwell can be spotted walking across the campus and going to events on campus. He has showed up at sporting events with his family. He recently attended a lacrosse game on March 13 and wrote about it on his Instragram page. “Congratulations on an exciting 14-9 win over NCAA team from Walsh University in North Canton, OH!” On Instagram you can see pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr at sporting events watching on campus. He communicates that he plans to attend more and spent more time on campus as well. With all this talk as well as Liberty University’s silence it begs the question if Jerry Falwell Jr is planning a comeback and a return to power one day. And in the view of this blog it may be possible due to how Liberty was founded. 


Personality Cults Die Hard, and They Have to Die 

Personality cults are hard on a country, culture or an organization. They are hard to get rid of and they are defining. History is full of personality cults for example even though Fidel Castro was dying  and he wanted nothing named after him, he had already developed a personality cult. And that personality cult guaranteed that Cuba would-be transferred with in the family. Another infamous personality cult takes place in North Korea. One family has controlled North Korea since its founding but Kim Il Sung became its premier in 1948. The Kim family has transferred power down three times and may be preparing for a fourth.  In this personality cult the state is designed to worship the Kim family. They are viewed as father figures and that they care care for the organization. They are often elevated, even in death and remain adored. And if you cross it you run the risk of ending up in a re-education center or concentration camp. Personality cults tend to be authoritarian and all around controlling. The only way a personality cult ceases to exist is through death and those in power who enable the cult are removed entirely. North Korea still worships Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il even though they have been dead for years. The Kim family has created that aspect and uses it for survival. The only way to end the personality cult in a place like North Korea is the removal of the family completely. 


The Falwell Personality Cult is a Problem at Liberty

Turning to Liberty, the way this blog looks at it, the same problems that plague North Korea also plague Liberty University. There is a personality cult around Jerry Falwell Sr, that has carried forward and exists today at Liberty University. This blog had some interesting conversations with several people from Liberty over the past year. A couple of them spoke about how the staff largely worships Jerry Falwell Sr. And how some people will say that sitting at the feet of Jerry Falwell Sr and watching him teach was deeply religious and personal. For some it was the most intimate times of their life. It was similar to Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Though many at Liberty would dispute this claim,  this blog would say with authority that Jerry Falwell Sr was worshipped just like Jesus if not more. He developed a personality cult that the Falwell family supported and the school supports today. Honest question that I have for the Liberty University crowd. How is the Jerry Falwell Sr Museum which you can see here, any different than the Kim Il Sung Memorial at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang where Kim Il Sung is memorialized and enshrined? In the view of this blog the only real difference is that Jerry Falwell Sr isn’t embalmed to be displayed to the world like Kim Il Sung is. And you know what the test for this personality cult would be? How Liberty would allow scholars, historians and others from the outside access to write anything free of censorship or criticism about Jerry Falwell Sr. Today anyone can go to any Presidential Library in the country and access achieve material and write and publish anything at all and be as critical or hard on a past president as you would like. Its like this as Presidential Libraries are administered by the National Archives. If I wanted to write a book on Jerry Falwell Sr and discuss the personality cult around him I would bet my 401K that Liberty would not cooperate and archival material would not be shared. Why? People feel an identity and need to protect the image of Jerry Falwell Sr. Another aspect of what perpetuates the Falwell personality cult is the employment of Jerry Falwell Jr’s children, Wes and Trey. The university needs to let them go. The family and all those who still enable the cult need to separate from the university. There needs to be a complete and total break from the Falwell family. But for some this will be hard as many in key positions still revere the Falwell name. But all options for Jerry Falwell Jr to return to Liberty need to be vanquished and blocked. 


Liberty University Should Take Out a Restraining Order Against Jerry Falwell Jr. 

So stop and think about what I am going to say. Here is Liberty which in the past has threatened to arrest newspaper reporters from the New York Times and other newspapers if they step foot on campus. The university has taken a harsh stand against those who work in the press. And then you have Jerry Falwell Jr and his wife Becki – both of whom are alleged sexual predators – able to walk around on campus. Are they there to play sex games or are they truing to perpetuate the Falwell hold on Liberty? Jerry Falwell Jr is probably still banking on sympathy for the Falwell family name at Liberty. Also worth noting is the silence by the leaders of Liberty to this development of Falwell coming on campus. I mean last fall Liberty was telling staff to not to associate with Falwell and ignore him. Now they are doing nothing as Jerry Falwell Jr comes on campus and tries to re-engage. The University is not only failing to protect their students from alleged sexual predators but they are allowing a narcissist air time and to continue his deviant behavior. Stop and think about it, especially after all the sexual scandal that came out about Jerry Falwell Jr last year. Can you imagine a teacher who was fired from a job in either Denver Unified or Chicago Public Schools or Topeka Public Schools being allowed to come back to campus and hang around? Especially if sexual abuse is part of the issue? No! No serious institution would act this way at all. 

Here’s what needs to happen. Liberty University needs to take out a restraining order against the Falwells.  Jerry Farwell Jr should be served notice that his presence is not welcome at campus. And if he violates it he will be arrested and taken into custody. It needs to be firm, clear and it needs to be done to protect people from predators. Doing nothing is only encouraging the problem. If Jerry Falwell Jr still has a fetish of sitting in the corner of a room and watching sexual activity, well he can sit in the corner of a jail cell and watch a couple of male inmates have an intimate sexual encounter. Its not Becki Falwell and Giancarlo Granda but it will have to do. This blog is calling for Liberty University to take out  restraining order against the Falwells to keep Jerry Falwell Jr from accessing campus. 

12 thoughts on “Is Jerry Falwell Jr Making a Comeback at Liberty University? Considering the Falwell Personality Cult

  1. Jerry Falwell, Jr. actually _attended_ a Lacrosse game?

    I always thought he would just sit back at home and WATCH, just like with other things he does. But go easy on Junior, he gets kudos for practicing social distancing (staying at least 6 feet away) while another guy f*cks his wife.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not surprised.
    All these other MenaGAWD who got caught drop out of sight until the heat blows over, then hit the comeback trail with their LOYAL base. Often with the cronies they left behind greasing the skids for them.

    Often with some sore of Direct Word From GAWD COMMANDING them to Resume Their Ministry with His Blessing. Like a stranger at a gas station in rural Wyoming coming out of nowhere, laying hands on the ManaGAWD, giving a direct Word of Prophecy from GOD to Resume their Ministry, then vanishing without a trace. In short, a standard Evangelical Angel encounter.

    Expect JFJr to take his Entitled Place on the Iron Throne in the Holy of Holies, with liveried Elders blowing long trumpets before him while his Base screams “PRAISE GAWD!”

    And the next season of The Cuck & Cougar Show begins.

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  3. They were in no way interested in pulling a Richard Roberts. With his BFF Jerry Prevo in charge, there was never any doubt he would be back, and welcomed. Did anyone who knows fundamentalists seriously expect any other outcome? I smell some lame restoration forthcoming. Its a win for everyone… Jerry probably got the millions he was holding out for, the school has its rainmaker back, and we had an election without once seeing his smirky face on Fox.


  4. HUG and Wondering Eagle,

    Though it Liberty _really_ wanted to be like North Korea, after Junior was in charge, various family members would suffer various fatal “accidents” and the like. Or maybe Junior and Jonathan can LARP Cain and Abel (or any other fatal sibling rivalry throughout history for that matter).


      • That problem can be solved by Restoring a CHRISTIAN Nation by any means necessary.

        Or failing that, propping up and sucking up to an Absolute Ruler to become the Court Favorite Religion.
        (And all the REVEREND False Prophets KNOW they’ll always be the ones in control — whatever would The Beast do without them?)


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