J.D. Greear’s Southern Baptist Sewagepool. Driving out the Beth Moore’s and Embracing the Bryan Loritts

J.D. Greear has become known for his corruption and mismanagement of the Southern Baptist Convention. In the process he has defended and gone to bat for Bryan Loritts who is known for his alleged cover-up of voyeurism and child pornography at Fellowship Memphis. Meanwhile his convention is driving away people like Beth Moore at the same time. He attracts the corrupt and drives away the faithful. Its the sewage pond of the Southern Baptists and every day Greear puts on his suit, climbs into the pond of shit and works to make it worse. And then he expects to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” To those in the Convention it is time to leave.

“Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.

Karl Krause

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!

Matthew 25:23 NIV

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Beth Moore

J.D. Greear going to work in the SBC of his own making!

The state of the Southern Baptists could not be more dire. More troubling and disturbing. As I contemplate the stops that J.D. Greear’s The Summit has gone through to rally behind Bryan Loritts. In the largest Protestant denomination in the United States it has made its hill to die on. And what is that hill? A pastor who bullied, threatened and covered up a voyeurism and child pornography scandal at Fellowship Memphis. The Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing its decline. But the Convention is an official cesspool and it should not be given much credence of credibility in light of trying to use the Guidepost Solutions report to say Bryan Loritts did not cover up a voyeurism scandal. If you want to see what this blog has written about in regards to the Guidepost Solutions report go to, “Bryan Loritts is Not Exonerated. Here are the Problems with the Guidepost Solutions Report.” But under the leadership of J. D Greear where does the convention stand today? What has been created? 

Driving Out the Beth Moore’s

People who are theologically conservative and committed to theology find themselves trapped in a corner. The Southern Baptists have been founded on the shady issue of slavery and its been a three legged stool for most of its existence. If you are committed to a theologically conservative Gospel where does that leave you? if you are people like Beth Moore you find yourself isolated and alone. On one side you have the Neo-Calvinists and their agenda, but then you also have the Christian nationalist who have grown in strength. Its forcing people to make decisions. In the case of Beth Moore its led people to leave The Christian nationalism, politicization, combined with the abuse issue has led those who care about faith to walk away. Beth Moore represents this camp that has grown under J.D. Greear. You can read more about this in, “Beth Moore Leaves the Southern Baptist Convention. What Does This Mean? The Convention is Dying…

Attracting the Pastoral Predator’s Like Bryan Loritts

While the Beth Moore’s leave the corrupt, scandal plagued and those who have been involved in covering up deviant schemes are being given a new platform. It used to be that when you were corrupt you practiced your corruption in silence. Behind the scenes. of a church. You did your corruption in the congregation in private and church office but when you stepped out ion that stage to preach you presented another image, one of holiness and being a man of God. Today in casting his lot with Bryan Loritts J.D. Greear has shown that corruption can no be public. Its open to the world. Its perfectly okay to cover up sex crimes and still be in good standing inside the Convention. This has empowered people like Bryan Loritts. Now they don’t have to work behind the scenes in your corruption you can flout it, brandish it and have organizations like Guidepost Solutions and even a person like Rachael Denhollender vow for the accuracy of the report. This is what 2 Timothy 4:3 is about in the opinion of this blog. You tell people what they want to hear and they go ahead and engage in their lusts. In Loritts case its his lust for power, fame, attention, and he even does it while using the skin tone of his own skin to present himself. J.D. Greear has openly created an environment where corruption is now embraced and openly practiced. 

Racism Needs to be Addressed in the Convention, But a Man Who Allegedly Covered Up a Voyeurism and Child Pornography Scandal?

The Southern Baptists have a dark history given how they were founded prior to the Civil War in 1861. The hill to die on was slavery in 1845 which split the Baptists from the north and the Baptists of the south. This issue has been complicated and the Convention struggles with it still. While I disagree with the Neo-Calvinists because of how their doctrine makes the problem of evil worse I have to acknowledge that they have been addressing the issue. That said the fact that J.D. Greear chooses to embrace a person who has been involved on the alleged cover up of voyeurism and child porn is absolutely revolting.  What about the idea touted in scripture about an elder being above reproach? Is it above reproach to cover up child pornography and voyeurism? Or is it the case that when you have issues in the convention that are driving away blacks you have to settle for what you have. And that is the corrupt like Bryan Loritts. The fact that Greear is losing people like John Onwuchekwa speaks volumes of the direction of the Convention. But keep in mind this is a complicated problem set. You can read more about this in, “A Damning Indictment: How J.D. Greear’s Southern Baptists Are Losing an African-American Pastor John Onwuchekwa While Hiring an African-American Pastor Bryan Lorits Who Allegedly Covered Up Sex Crimes. Plus How the Hiring of Loritts Will Tragically Reinforce Racism Against Blacks.” This blog also wants to point out that other denominations like the Evangelical Free Church of America are not burdened by the same history and have a different ground to stand upon. You can read more in, “The Strategic Role the EFCA can Play in Racial Healing; Plus Did the EFCA Allegedly Remove a Church from the Denomination that Had Ties to the White Supremacist Organization the League of the South?

Bryan “Its strictly business” Loritts when it comes to covering up alleged sex crimes.

Caring Well is Now Cover Up Well. The Southern Baptists Are Not Committed to Stopping the Child Sex Abuse Crisis

By making Bryan Loritts the hill to die on this blog is going to change its approach to how it views Caring Well. Caring Well will now be known as Cover Up Well. The Southern Baptists in hiring a wolf as a pastor made it known to the world that they don’t care about sex crimes at all. Instead covering up sex crimes is going to be the modus operandi going forward. Its just business and who better to lead the way than Bryan Loritts? Bryan Loritts allegedly comes from one of the most infamous crime families inside modern evangelicalism – the Loritts Family. In the Loritts Family covering up abuse is just business. Its strictly business as that will be the way forward. The way to deal with sex abuse and sex crimes is to cover it up. And with that J.D. Greear has an outstanding candidate! A pro who knows how to cover up crimes well. What Bryan Loritts achieved at Fellowship Memphis is the evny of many pastors who cover up such behavior. But at future conferences and calls about sex abuse, and when J.D. Greear gets up before someone like Rachael Denhollender and cries, don’t believe a goddamn tear  Because for the head of the Southern Baptists its all an act. Its just business. 

J.D. Greear is this What “Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant Looks Like?”

And what I have written above is the Southern Baptists that J.D Greear has created and guided. Its just how things are going to be. The way people should respond to all this is that they should just walk away. The Southern Baptist Convention is beyond saving and it is not worth it. Its an atrocity that the organization even exists in the United States. Its an organization founded in greed and racism before the Civil War. Its known for covering up sex crimes and fundamentalism. Its struggling with Calvinism and is a harsh culture that exists. And J.D. Greear has done his part to make it more corrupt. He actually brought it to a new low. And that is Bryan Loritts coming on board. Using Christian theology this blog would like to ask J.D Greear is that what it takes to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant?” To cover up sex crimes, child porn. sex abuse, and abuse your authority? This blog would advocate that no one should feel sorry for the poor bastard from Durham, North Carolina. He created his own problems.  

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