The Wondering Eagle Cooperates With Guidepost’s Independent Review on Bryan Loritts

This blog cooperated with Guidepost’s independent review of Bryan Loritts. I encouraged my sources also to cooperate as well. This blog was hoping for a report similar to what Miller & Martin issued that would solve the problem and deal with the issues. That is not what happened. This post is the start of beginning to discuss the Guidepost independent review, but before getting into the issues of the report this blog wanted to write about being contacted in this process.

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Isaiah 53:3-4 NIV

Bryan Loritts

This blog was contacted by Guidepost Solutions on January 26, 2021.  Below is the email that was received.

Dear Wondering Eagle,

My name is Stephanie Douglas and our firm, Guidepost Solutions, LLC, has been retained by The Summit Church, Durham, NC to review the actions of Bryan Loritts in response to allegations of misconduct by Rick Trotter while at Fellowship Memphis in 2010. Accordingly, we are reaching out to individuals who may be able to assist in that review.  While you may not have direct knowledge of this issue, you may know of others who do.  If they are willing, I would ask that you please provide my contact information and encourage them to reach out to me.  We want to make ourselves available to listen to their experiences, so we have the most accurate and complete information.  You and others can contact me at

Additionally, Summit Church has also made this information available on their website and you may access this via Thank you in advance for your help. 

Stephanie Douglas

Guidepost Solutions, LLC

They contacted me again on February 4, 2021 and I sent them the following response. I did so after reaching out to Greg and asking for permission to do so.


Good morning. Thank you for the email. In regards to the Bryan Loritts and the Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis situation. Guidepost needs to speak with Greg Silby and Jennifer Baker. They were on Julie Roy’s podcast.
Those are the individuals you need to speak to.


Very Respectfully,

David Bonner

This blog wanted to write about the Bryan Loritts independent review but I held back. I knew what the Miller & Martin report did for the Ravi Zacharias situation and was hoping that Guidepost would be similar. This blog even approached Guidepost at one point and asked if I could talk about it, and they said they could not stop me but asked me not to do so. So to be respectful I held off from publishing. I did want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Well the report is out and you can read it below.


There is a lot to say about this report and for this blog the discussion is only starting. I was hoping for a Miller & Martin like report but what I read was disappointing. The report had a number of issues which this blog will analyze and look at. The writer of this blog is not a conspiracy theorist at all, but rather an establishment grounded individual. So when I read the report I became disappointed because really Jennifer Baker, Greg Silby and others deserve better. The hell that Bryan Loritts put them through is indeed troubling. And the report leaves out other issues that also negatively reflect on Bryan Loritts character, such as the fake doctorate. But that going to be coming in a following post. The goal of this post is just to say that yes this blog was contacted. Yes, it was referenced as one of the “two blogs” in the report. And yes I asked people to participate and they did.

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