With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well

This past week I took the second COVID-19 vaccine with a Pfizer shot here in Virginia. It was a rough day afterward but am feeling better and am looking forward to doing more in life. This post is about my vaccination and my hope that others will get vaccinated as well. This blog would love it if people were a part of the solution and helped end the pandemic by getting vaccinated.

“Vaccines are safe, effective, and lifesaving.”

Alex Aazr


It’s done…

It’s finally done…

I’m vaccinated against COVID-19, as I took the second Pfizer shot on Monday. For those wanting to know here’s how they went. The first shot left me with a sore arm and a headache. That cleared up by the next morning and I scheduled my second shot. The second shot was rougher. I dealt with sore joints, and minor pain. In the middle of the night I woke up with deep chills. I was all bundled up in my bed and had the heater on full blast. I was out of commission for a day. And I slept for almost a day, and it slowly passed from my system. But I knew what I was going to have to deal with and I bit the bullet and did it. And I’ll be honest. I was nervous, but I also knew it needed to be done. 

For me the vaccination is important because I was raised in a medical family. Both my Mom and Dad were into medicine. And my Dad’s personal hero was Jonas Salk who invented the polio vaccine. I heard so much from Dad as to how Jonas Salk gave western civilization one of the greatest gifts in modern history. A vaccine that spared people from a vicious and difficult disease that could kill and cripple children. This is why vaccinations are important, the polio vaccine improved public health and allowed people the ability to live free of fear of a brutal virus. A child could be a child and live and play and be free of fear. Vaccines purchased that peace of mind. 

In many ways I took the COVID-19 vaccine to honor my Dad and his memory. If living Dad would have called me up and asked if I am working to get vaccinated.  Dad I’m vaccinated, and I am fine. 

The Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines are gifts to the United States and the western world. 

When SARS hit Hong Kong in 2003 its effects were brutal. I remember reading an article in a newspaper about how people who survived had PTSD and how the population there was emotionally struggling with the physical and mental scars of a pandemic. I didn’t understand that at all. Today after a year of COVID-19 here in the United States I do. To read more about the PTSD from SARS in Hong Kong read this article 

The best way to face the pandemic is by being vaccinated. After I took my shot in Virginia I was told that modern medicine is working on addressing the variants that have been triggered by the out of control pandemic. The variants I am referring to are the South African, UK and Brazilian. I think we are gong to have a booster shot later this year that will address those variants. Since we know through medicine more about how COVID works I think this will be easier to do. As it won’t have to be done by scratch. But I am deeply optimistic that life will return to normal later this year. 

What does normal mean for me?

  • Seeing family in San Francisco, California. 
  • Getting to travel up and down the East Coast writing this blog and going to the Midwest,. 
  • Going to York, Pennsylvania for the largest model train show in the United States twice a year. 
  • Going to a baseball or sporting events game. 
  • Seeing a play or musical. 
  • Returning to the gym and swimming again. 
  • Having a beer with friends in a bar here in D.C.

Let me also say that I think recovery from this pandemic will need to take place. Being at home, I have struggled to focus. and concentrate. I have put on some weight which I will have to work off. And I won’t lie, there will be some anxiety as I push the limits and try to reengage. But I am slowly doing that. I’m still wearing my mask and I’ve spent more time inside a couple of places. 

But with the COVID-19 vaccine I am optimistic. But that doesn’t mean you let down your guard. We’re almost there. Let’s get across the finish line together and then when the pandemic is in decline we can take the next steps. Listen to Dr. Fauci. I’m a yuuuuuuuuuuuuge believer in science. I’m current on all vaccines. Now that applies to COVID-19. 

So my plea to you is as follows if you read this blog. 

  • Talk with your doctor about the COVID-19 vaccination and follow their professional advice. You know and trust your family doctor. Your doctor will probably encourage you to take the vaccine. Yet I know there is a small, and when I say small, its a tiny fraction of people who can have a reaction. Your doctor can address those issues as they know your health and also answer all your questions. 
  • Take the vaccine for the love of your neighbors and communities. 

If you want to get rid of masks eventually the vaccine is the way forward. That is our path to freedom. Let’s follow the science as that is the way ahead. If you want to attend an indoor basketball game. Watch your grandkids play high school sports, have the neighbors over for Thanksgiving, see a play in New York City or elsewhere – well the vaccine is the way to get us there. 

Here’s in the United States we need to get to a herd immunity of about 85 to 90% I’d love it if the readers of this blog were part of the solution and helped play a role in ending this pandemic. Do this for yourself, your families, and your loved ones. 

But I have taken the vaccine and I’ll admit it was rough. But sometimes vaccines can be rough. Years ago in Washington, D.C. I spoke with a member of the military who told me about some of the vaccines he had to take before deploying to either Iraq or Afghanistan. I forget which. Some of the vaccines were hard on him. But they worked and kept the member of the armed forces safe. 

So please join me and let’s take this vaccine and let’s get back to normal. Find your state here and let’s get there together!


11 thoughts on “With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well

  1. I’ve had my first shot, and will get my second in early April. The only side effect of the first shot has been tiredness, I’ve been sleeping a lot. We’ll see how the second one goes, I’m trying to arrange things so I can take the next day off work if needed.

    My spouse has completed his shots a while ago, but he’s both an essential worker and has health complications, so it made sense for him to get it early. Now we’re watching for when my adult daughters can get vaccinated.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Here’s in the United States we need to get to a herd immunity of about 85 to 90% I’d love it if the readers of this blog were part of the solution and helped play a role in ending this pandemic.

    But the CHRISTIANS(TM) are hell-bent on remaining part of the problem. They could keep us from reaching that level of herd immunity all by themselves.


  3. I am in between the two Pfizer doses. I had no issues to speak of from the first shot. My wife, a nurse, had the Moderna doses in Jan and Feb.she had no real issues either.


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  5. Kind of funny for people who only shop at Whole Foods line up for an experimental drug. This is the largest clinical trial of an investigational drug in the history of mankind. What happens in 5 years when the cancer rate from meddling with mRNA starts to appear? You should stop promoting a drug that has not been proven safe and effective.


    • Actually I get my food from Safeway or Giant here in the D.C. area. Wholefoods is pricy for me. And the research and science behind the COVID vaccines go back years. Many years of research into HIV benefited with this vaccine. And in the end I believe the science. The emergency use authorization was not done lightly and the FDA would not approve a vaccine that would result in blow back against all vaccines (ie. MMR, flu, etc..) And yes the COVID vaccine are safe and effective. Here’s a question do you want to wear a face mask for the remainder of your life? I’d challenge you to speak with your primary care doctor Bob. What would they say? Let me know I would love to hear what they communicate.


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