On Reddit a Grandparent Recalls How Q Anon Has Divided Their Family and The Pain Its Created

On a Reddit forum post a grandparent recalls how Q Anon has divided a family and with children caught in the center how a daughter-in-law and son have rejected their parents. Its what happens when some reject Q Anon while part of a family goes all in on the conspiracy theory. This blog hopes that this situation is resolved and that the family become whole again. That’s what I am rooting for. in this sad situation. 

“Delusional pain hurts just as much as pain from actual trauma. So what if it’s all in your head?

Octavia E. Butler

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13 NIV

Q Anon has been receiving a lot of attention inside evangelicalism recently. Not long ago this blog wrote about Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia and how Q Anon became a dividing issue in the congregation which resulted in a Southern Baptist pastor resigning. Meanwhile up in Michigan another pastor resigned from his evangelical church because of Q Anon and disinformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read both of those stories in the following posts, “How Q Anon Resulted in Pastor Jared Stacy to Leave Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia” and “A Radicalized Congregation into Q Anon Forces Another Evangelical Pastor to Resign From His Church in Michigan.” Yesterday at the Q Anon Subreddit survivors I saw a comment that was heartbreaking, its part of an ongoing Q Anon situation. It is about how Q Anon divided a family and separated grandparents from their grandchildren. Its a tragedy that is unnecessary. I asked for permission before republishing it. This blog hopes that these grandparents will be able to see their family reunited one day soon. And that in the process that they find peace, comfort and closure 

Our son and daughter in law (DIL) are QAnon devotees. They are ardent anti-maskers and anti-vaxers who are no longer talking to us because as non-QAanon believers we are now their enemy. In their minds we should all be outraged at the satanic cannibalistic rituals and child molestation that is going on. DIL said she spends a lot of time on Facebook praising Trump as “The One”, arguing with her friends and promoting the QAnon belief. Back in October, she texted we failed to respect her boundaries, are not to contact her and told us she is wearing God’s protective armor in defense, presumably from us.

Their two early teenage kids, our grandchildren, are confused. They love us and we love them, but we can’t see them and mom and dad no doubt have painted us as evil. Mom and dad think the severity of the virus is a hoax. The death statistics quoted in the media are all fixed and positivity reports are fake due to many false positives. They don’t take safety precautions seriously. Our relationship with our grandchildren has been reduced to the occasional text and we are wondering how their minds are being programed by their parents.

Our son sent an email back in October that he will not see us or speak with us until he figures out his boundaries. ??? There has been no contact since, other than a text permitting us to drop off Christmas gifts for their kids on their porch. In the past, we never visited without prior permission and have always respected their privacy, so don’t understand this talk about boundaries. A request for clarification went unanswered. We’ve always helped when asked. We have often taken care of the kids when mom and dad needed a date night, partied, or travelled without the kids. We have been generous with support, and even loaned money when asked.

The rejection stuns. What can we do to fix this broken family? We are grieving the loss of our son and grandchildren and I’m now in the angry stage of grieving.

And yesterday there was this update about the situation. 

During our last visit in October, our daughter in law (DIL) went on a rant about how great Trump is and how the Clintons, Hanks and Gates are evil Satan worshipers. She’s a Qanon evangelical and our son, her husband, is now also on board. During the conversation, she said our son probably grabbed women’s crotches and bragged about it, just like Trump did.

It was provocative and there was a misunderstanding. The next day DIL sent my wife a threatening text that there would be “trouble” if we don’t abide by her wishes. She later instructed us not to communicate with her and advised she is wearing God’s armor as protection against us. Clearly she sees us as evil. Our son hasn’t spoken to me since. I’ve reached out to him to reassure him of my love, but he says he’s too busy to speak with me. We haven’t been able to see their kids, our grandchildren, age 13 & 14 for months.

We have always been kind to the parents and children, often providing sleepovers when mom and dad needed a break. We’ve lent money and helped them whenever asked. We’ve attended the grandchildren’s special events and cheered them on. The kids love us and we love them. At this age, with parents who think this way, what chance do they have?

In the scriptures Christ said, “You can tell a tree by its fruits.” As far as I can tell, the fruits of Qanon are pain, anger, hatred, fear and torn apart families. This leads me to believe the Qanon and Trump worshiping tree is the opposite of Christ’s instructions to love one another. Worshiping Trump with golden statues is hypocritical for evangelical Christians, who are instructed not to have false idols.

I hope you get your family back and wish you well. I will try to let mine know that despite our differing views, I love them.

One thought on “On Reddit a Grandparent Recalls How Q Anon Has Divided Their Family and The Pain Its Created

  1. After reading these Reddits, I am glad my parents did not live to see the Age of Trump.

    Judging from the family dynamics regarding Ross Perot in 1992 (I will not go into further detail in public), my stepmother would likely have gone full-honk QAnoner/Trumpista and dragged my father in after her.


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