15 Reasons Why Bethel’s Beni Johnson Should Take the COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine is slowly being administered across the United States this blog came up with fifteen reasons why Beni Johnson should take the COVID-19 vaccine. How Beni Johnson responds to the COVID-19 vaccine will tell a lot. It will confirm that Bethel Church is indeed a cult if she objects or refuses to take it. And if she does take the COVID-19 vaccine for the first time in her history of Redding, California she could be part of the solution and not part of the problem. 

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.


Since I exalted you out of the dust and made you leader over my people Israel, and you have walked in the way of Jeroboam and have made my people Israel to sin, provoking me to anger with their sins,

1 Kings 16:2 ESV

Beni Johnson is on the left. 

Here in the Washington, D.C. area I learned of one of the first COVID-19 vaccines given a couple of months back to a friend who works in one of the hospitals who has been on the front lines of the pandemic. Several others in different parts of the United States have received their vaccines as I slowly learned. While waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine I got my flu vaccine. I come from a medical family with my former Dad practicing medicine for decades. Dad was a firm believer in science and medicine and vaccinations, and I am also a firm believer as well with science and vaccinations. I work with my doctor to make sure I am current on all vaccinations. I am looking forward to taking the COVID-19 vaccine and will do a post when I do get it. 

This post is going to focus on Beni Johnson of Bethel and give 15 reasons why she should take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

  1. Taking the vaccine would dispel the rumors that I am hearing that she is a part of the Q Anon movement. 
  2. Beni could make Dr. Karen Ramstrom’s life much easier. Dr. Ramstrom works for the the Shasta County Health & Human Agency and is a Health Specialist, According to what I am reading Dr. Ramstrom is receiving threats from anti-vaxxers and this blog would like to know if those engaging in the threats attend Bethel Church. If they are this blog is asking for the details as it will not only write about it but contact the police in Redding as well. 
  3. Taking the COVID vaccine would show that Beni Johnson is not a cult leader. 
  4. By taking a vaccine Johnson can show that faith and science can co-exist. 
  5. For the first time in her life in Redding Beni Johnson in taking a vaccine can show that she is a responsible citizen of the Redding community. 
  6. Beni in taking the vaccine would actually fulfill Jesus’ command to love your neighbor. Imagine that a Christian evangelical leader that actually follows Jesus!
  7. Another first is that Beni Johnson for a change would be a positive role model for Bethel Church. 
  8. By taking the vaccine Beni Johnson can do both her civic and patriotic duty in helping to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to a close. 
  9. If Beni inspires Bethel to take the vaccine they can avoid embarrassing situations of trying to raise dead children back to life and all the scrutiny, criticism and sarcasm they rightfully deserved. 
  10. By taking the COVID-19 vaccine Beni Johnson will show the world she is not another Dorthy Martin. Dorthy Martin was the UFO cult leader in Chicago  whose behavior over false prophecy invented the belief of cognitive dissonance which was written about in the book, “When Prophecy Fails.” 
  11. Did I mention that Beni could show the community she is not a cult leader? 
  12. Speaking of raising people from the dead Beni how is Olive doing these days? You guys laid that all on the line last year. Is she running around the auditorium singing “Let it Go?” from Frozen? Young kids can pack a lot of energy, can’t they? 
  13. In taking the vaccine Beni could reassure others that vaccines are safe. She could lead by example and do the right thing. 
  14. If Beni thinks about it she would realize that if she and many other evangelicals take the vaccine for the COVID-19 and the extra one they are talking about for the variant strains, then Beni and other individuals could help society reach herd immunity and then life could do on and we wouldn’t need face masks any more and could have group get togethers.
  15. If Beni Johnson get the COVID vaccine and follows the rules she would show that people like Bill Kristol are wrong to call her nihilistic in their approach to life. This blog would not have to do a post about nihilist faith coming out of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  

The choice is up to Beni Johnson…is she going to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem? By the way the next time you see Kris Vallotton you can ask him why his prophecy is in the same league of Joseph Smith of the Mormon faith. Its amazing as to how many failed prophets exist in the charismatic world. For more you can read, “Bethel’s Kris Vallotton is No Different Than Mormon Founder Joseph Smith. Here’s Why…

One thought on “15 Reasons Why Bethel’s Beni Johnson Should Take the COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. DO NOT TAKE THESE VACCINES!!! THE COVID LIE IS PROPSGANDA!! Millions are NOT dying from Covid!+ And They are NOT vaccines ! The global elites are using these dangerous jabs to depopulate! China is taking over thru the demonic Democrats and Bill Gates. He and Fauchi are EUGENECISTS who believe the world has too many people! My friend was paralyzed from a Pfizer shot today! Stioblistening to the FALSE SPIRIT AND FALSE TEACHERS AT BETHEL!


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