Marty Baron, The Editor for The Washington Post Known for his Expose of the Roman Catholic Pedophilia Scandal at The Boston Globe – Is Retiring

Marty Baron is retiring. The former editor of The Boston Globe steered the newspaper through its coverage of the child sex abuse scandal within the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. It became the story of my generation, the issue of sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church. Baron who became the editor of The Washington Post retires at the end of February. This blog wishes him well and thanks Marty for his commitment to truth and investigative journalism.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana 

Marty Baron talks about the work the Boston Globe did on the Roman Catholic sex abuse scandal. 

Boston Globe video on the Spotlight work on the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse story. 

In 2002 I was a graduate student living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin attending the Jesuit Catholic university called Marquette. Its a school I love and am proud to have attended. During that time I began to hear of the work of The Boston Globe which dug into and revealed how the Roman Catholic Church covered up pedophilia and child sex abuse in its namesake city the newspaper serves. The story went way beyond Boston and engulfed the Roman Catholic Church globally. I’m in my 40’s and for individuals like me, this work of the Boston Globe I consider to be one of the most important stories written about in my generation. And that is saying quite a bit when you consider all the other issues that happened from 2000 onward – September 11, 2001, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, 2008 Credit Crisis, Obama, Arab Spring, the rise of illiberal nationalist populism, Trump and two impeachments. The work the Boston Globe did had a profound effect on the Catholic Church long-term. The person who is responsible for the Globe’s work in directing the press to research the Catholic cover-up in Boston is Marty Barron. The story of The Boston Globe’s work on he Catholic Church was introduced to millions of Americans through a major motion picture that won two Academy Award in 2015 including Best Picture. I watched Spotlight in a movie theater in New Jersey. One of the people who reads this blog asked me to come to a wedding in his family so I traveled up there for the event. In the movie theater they passed out posters for Spotlight, and I have that poster attached to the wall above my computer where I write this blog. I would encourage you to see Spotlight, below you can watch the trailer and a couple of clips. 


Recently the Washington Post announced that Marty Baron its editor is retiring from journalism after being in the journalism career for 45 years. The retirement occurs at the end of February. You can read his note to the newsroom as published in the Post here. The National Catholic Reporter also wrote about Baron’s retirement and then interviewed him and discussed both his takes aways of the Roman Catholic Church scandal and his thoughts on the work performed by The Boston Globe.  One of the reasons why I like the National Catholic Reporter and read it in conjunction with other newsletters, reports that I subscribe to is its fact based approach to journalism. The National Catholic Reporter does not shy away from the hard questions. That is good for the newspaper which covers the Roman Catholic faith. You can read that article in, “‘Spotlight’ editor on retirement: Clergy abuse coverage has permanently changed church.” 


Outsiders Are the Best at Writing About Religion 

This blog may take this section and expand upon it in another full blog post. What made Marty Baron so key and important in covering the Catholic Church sex abuse situation? Marty, who is Jewish, is an outsider. He is able to see aspects of the Catholic Church and the issues within from a different perspective. That became key to guiding the Boston Globe through the biggest story in the paper’s history. Outsiders have an important role to play. And in many ways that is what this blog does. While I attended an EFCA church in California I consider myself to be an outsider to the organization. I think that helps when it comes to writing about the EFCA. You’re not bound by by the same rules as the organization and you are more free to call it as you see it. Both in a positive way to highlight what an organization is doing well. And also in a negative way in helping to hold an organization to account. Marty Baron is an inspiration to many people, including this blogger. This blog wishes Marty Baron a happy retirement and thanks him for 45 years of dedicated work in journalism.

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