Jeff Dornik is Promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Anti-Semitism and Conspiracies. He Illustrates Why White Evangelicalism is a Cancer in the United States

Today’s post looks at Jeff Dornik promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter. The founder of the GK Pastors Network and Freedom First Network is pushing a proponent of warped conspiracy theories. Greene is the Q Anon supporter in Congress who has called for Democrats to be executed and says that a plane never hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Greene has also said that school shootings like Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida were staged as a false flag attack, mocked those who survived; and pushes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving Jews and space lasers resulting in California’s wildfires. Anti-Semitism starts by ridiculing and marginalizing Jews and denying their humanity. His promotion of Marjorie Taylor Greene is sick and in this blogger’s view indicative of why white evangelicalism is cancerous in this country. The best thing many people can do is leave evangelicalism. Jeff Dornik and culture war evangelicals show why faith is not about God. Its about using faith to obtain political power.

“Slander is worse than cannibalism.

John Chrysostom

So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander.

1 Peter 2:11 ESV

This is a post that comes from something I saw on Twitter that deeply troubled me. In a word if I were to describe white American evangelicalism, I would use the word, “toxic.” Jeff Dornik illustrates that well on Twitter. Some of what I saw on his feed were shocking. So even while writing about Ravi Zacharias, the EFCA and other topics on my agenda I decided to also write about this aspect as well. 

Who is Jeff Dornik?

Today he lives in Orange County, California but it appears that Jeff grew up in Arizona according to some research. He attended Chandler Gilbert Community College. Afterward he studied at Moody Bible and Arizona Christian University. He founded the GK Podcast Network and does Jeff and the Gatekeepers Radio Show. He also worked to established the Freedom First Network with JD Rucker which hosts podcasts mainly about the culture wars. The Freedom First Network is designed to “fight” the leftist media and also big tech as its called.  He helped write “Church and State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America.” The book is about how progressives and leftists have hijacked the education system, entertainment and regular media. And how the role of the church is to stop the leftist invasion. The book also has contributions by Greg Locke and Ken Peters. Greg Locke is a Trumpist pastor in Tennessee known for his culture wars. He also strongly denies the COVID-19 outbreak and recently threatened to physically assault a Dunkin Donuts manager when they asked him to wear a face mask. He’s a frequent subject of discussion on The Friendly Atheist. Ken Peters this blog has written about. Peters is involved in the Patriot Church Network. Its a Christen nationalist church planting network that adores Donald Trump, focuses on the culture wars, denies COVID-19 and also has a lot of members that are into Q Anon. You can read about Ken Peters in the following post, “A Look At the Patriot Church Network and an Examination of Its Problems.” Another book Dornik has contributed to is called “Social Justice.” This book has twelve authors who produced material about the threat social justice issues poses for the church and why conservatives should not compromise on abortion, white privilege or oppression. It also identifies “false teaching” as well. Jeff is monitoring the situation with John MacArthur and Julie Roys’ expose of the issues with Grace Community Church and the Masters Seminary.  He is married and has a wife, loves Disney and enjoys traveling.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Q Anon, Jewish Space Lasers, Assassinating Democrats, Parkland School Attack Being Staged  and Harassing School Shooting Survivors

On February 4, 2021 on Twitter Jeff Dornik promoted Marjorie Taylor Greene in a tweet and called for evangelicals to support more people like her as it “shakes up the system.” Its a can of worms that this blog needs to explain, especially given the severity of it. 

Assassinating Democrats

Before she ran for congress in Georgia and won in 2020 Greene indicated that she believed that Democratic leaders should be shot and subject to violence. She revealed these beliefs in 2018 and 2019. Greene liked another post on Facebook that called for putting, “a bullet in the head ” as a quicker way to remove Nancy Pelosi. Greene also liked comments about executing FBI agents and those in the “deep state.”

Congress’s Q Anon Supporter

Marjorie Taylor Greene ran for Congress as a Q Anon supporter. What that means is that Greene believes there is a cabal in the “deep state” of the federal government that are smuggling children for pedophilia and cannibalism. Democrats like to feast on the skin of babies. And the savior is going to be Donald Trump. She has praised Q and in regards to Trump fighting pedophiles had this to say. “There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it,” She won in November of 2020 and was the first Q Anon supporter to enter Congress. 

Jewish Space Lasers

In November of 2018 Marjorie Taylor Greene had a unique suggestion as to what caused California’s devastating wildfires. Apparently Jews from space fired a laser that triggered the disaster in the Golden State. This is anti-Semitic and blaming the Jews in an ongoing problem. But it is not the only anti-Semitic comment she said or endorsed. On Facebook she shared the same anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that motivated a gunman to enter the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and gun down 18 people with the killing of eleven.  Greene’s anti-Semitic comment about Jews and space lasers received a hostile reception from those in Israel which you cam read about here

Parkland Shooting is a False Flag and Harassing School Shooting Survivors

The Parkland school shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. 17 high school students were killed by a gunman. Despite that fact Marjorie Taylor Greene believes the school shooting was staged to attack the 2nd Amendment. Greene on Facebook criticized the police officer who was fired for not responding to the shooting and doing his job. In leaving government his pension was paid out to him. Greene supported the idea that it was instead a payoff for his role in covering up a staged operation. On the Gateway Pundit which is known for pushing conspiracy theories Greene affirmed that school shootings don’t take place in the United States. But it also takes a more disturbing turn. Greene went to Capitol Hill to harass and mock David Hogg who survived the Parkland shooting. You can watch the mocking in the video up above. Greene has also claimed that Hogg was an actor as well. She called Hogg and “idiot” who is reading “off a script.” Hogg in response said that Greene needed to apologize to the victims of Parkland. Hogg on his Twitter account which you can see below said that those who spread conspiracies should not serve in Congress. 

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks Never Happened and the Pentagon Was Not Attacked

Marjorie Taylor Greene has also claimed that the Pentagon was not hit on September 11, 2001. Or that it was a staged event. According to some of what I have read in my research Greene has asked if a plane really flew into the Pentagon? A former Trump aide who worked in the Pentagon offered to have Greene meet with staff who survived the Pentagon attack

Is this recording of a shooting in Stoneman Douglas staged Jeff Dornik? 

Why Jeff Dornik is Engaging in Slander and Anti-Semitism

Evangelicals like to throw around the word slander. They often yield it in a reckless manner. Its done in the same careless manner like a three year old playing with a loaded firearm. What is slander? A look at Jeff Dornik’s Twitter account shows slander to take place frequently; Your risk of slander I would suggest increases substantially when one embraces baseless conspiracy theories. Its slander to say that a plane never hit the Pentagon on September 11. Its slander to say that a school shooting in Florida was staged. Its slander to float conspiracy theories that are anti-Semitic. There is a long list of issues about Greene and I’m not going to get into them. But another one that Greene floated is that Obama was a secret Muslim. I wasn’t a strong supporter of Obama, but I also know the fact is that he was not a Muslim. Jeff Dornik engages in such slander when he promotes people like Marjorie Taylor Greene. He’s promoting false facts that are not based in truth. And while I have pushed back from church and faith I also know that the Bible calls such behavior lying. 

But what is even more troubling is that evangelicalism it appears has at its core a deep problem with anti-Semitism. I have seen evangelicals throw around the George Soros conspiracy theory regularly. It happened so much that I did a post about it last year, which can be read at, “The George Soros Conspiracy Theory Which Some Evangelical Christians Are Pushing is Blatant Anti-Semitism.” And it is an ongoing problem. The fact that Dornik is engaging in these conspiracy theories also shows the lack of substance in his claims or material. When you can’t respond in a fact based way, then you have lost the argument. But anti-Semitism is also dangerous and deadly. The Pittsburgh Tree of Life shooting reveals that clearly. But in addition to that my commitment to resisting anti-Semitism goes much deeper. Its a part of my family history. I have family that is buried in Arlington National Cemetery who served in Europe in World War II. My great uncle helped liberate Buchenwald which was an event that scarred him deeply. For the remainder of his life he never forgot what he saw the Nazis do to the Jews. Buchenwald is a concentration camp the Nazis ran in Germany. And even while 57,000 Jews died from starvation and being worked to death it was not an extermination camp.  Extermination like Europe saw in The Final Solution don’t start overnight. Its not a sudden event. The path for Jews into showers and deaths at places like Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Treblinka,  Sobibor and Majdanek started with anti-Semitic beliefs pushed in the 1930’s. And that is the danger that Jeff Dornik is doing when he pushes anti-Semitic material. 

Why White Evangelicalism is Cancerous

This post was not on my list of items to do. I have a pile of about twenty topics to tackle. And yet I was shocked to see Jeff Dornik tweet. This is an example of why people do not want to associate with faith, God and church. What redemptive qualities or message is Jeff Dornik teaching? There is none, just a quasi Christian nationalist message that reduces faith to a process of scoring political points. This blog has suggested that for a number of white evangelicals God is not what faith is about. Faith is a means to obtain power and use people in the process. Or its used to ridicule or shut people down. For all his comments on cancel culture what does it say when he pushes someone that says that September 11, 2001 never happened? What do you think that means for those who survived the attacks or those who died on American Airlines Flight 77?  Washington, D.C. is a large city and also a small town. Over the 15 years that I have been here I have bumped into people who were affected by the Pentagon attack. After a sports event, or hanging with someone in a bar, you can be surprised about what people open up about. And sometimes it happens in the most unlikely of places. One time when I was taking a cab to Reagan National to catch a plane I was stuck in traffic on the 395 between Pentagon City and the Pentagon. The driver opened up and told me that he was stuck in traffic on September 11, 2001 just a little bit down the road. He saw the plane descending into the building. It flew so low as it was aiming for the building that you could feel the heat from the jet engines. The plane clipped lights along the freeway before hitting its target. That’s not something you push conspiracies about. And when that is what white evangelicalism is about, then its time to leave. Jeff’s promotion of Marjorie Taylor Greene is sick. Instead of pushing garbage like that maybe he should look into mental health counseling and anti-psychotic medication. Its not amusing to say any of this at all. And again if that is what faith is about, no wonder people are leaving the church and faith in droves. 

3 thoughts on “Jeff Dornik is Promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Anti-Semitism and Conspiracies. He Illustrates Why White Evangelicalism is a Cancer in the United States

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  2. What that means is that Greene believes there is a cabal in the “deep state” of the federal government that are smuggling children for pedophilia and cannibalism. Democrats like to feast on the skin of babies.

    40 years ago, it was to torture their pineal glands into producing (for extraction) an Immortality drug called Adrenochrome.
    800 years ago, it was to bake their blood into Matzoi for Passover
    1900 years ago, it was as human sacrifices to their god “Chrestus”, cannibalism and all.


  3. And even while 57,000 Jews died from starvation and being worked to death it was not an extermination camp.

    Though Buchenwald KZ WAS where “Jew-Skin Lampshades” got started.


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