Wondering Eagle Deep Dive into Tyler Ethridge. A Look at a Christian Nationalist Pastor Allegedly Involved in the January 6, 2021 Insurrection and Riot in Washington, D.C.

This blog did a look at a Christian nationalist pastor and alleged terrorist involved in the Washington, D.C. storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. This blog post is just a reference to all the prior blog posts written about Tyler Ethridge. From his views on faith and politics, to Islamic conspiracy theories by John Guandolo, to the prosperity gospel as a charismatic theology individual. He was influenced by several questionable ministries or charismatic movements.

“No one but a fool is always right.

David Hare 

For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.

1 John 3:11 NIV

Tyler Ethridge in the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

This blog did a series on a Christian nationalist pastor who allegedly stormed the United States Capitol and recorded video of the event. The Wondering Eagle got involved in this situation when on January 17, 2021 Pro-Publica an investigate journalist organization which often partners with PBS’s Frontline did a data dump of videos from Parler. They did a scape of a large number of videos. This blogger sat down and started going through the videos. I wanted to see how many evangelicals were involved in the coup attempt. Then after a few minutes I was watching this video. It was of a pastor who spoke of how he would probably lose his job. Amid tear gas he spoke of being in the riot for his child and daughter. This blog did a quick post and was eager to identify this individual. That took place in, “Twitter/Facebook and Social Media. Lets Identify This Pastor Who Trespassed at the United States Capitol During the January 6 Riot.” 

Less than twelve hours later he was identified by another organization and we had a name. Tyler Ethridge, a Christian nationalist pastor form Texas who was at one point a high school football athlete well known in the Lone Star State. This blog found his social media and started looking into his theology and beliefs. First Tyler deleted his Twitter and then locked down another account. But I was able to take screen shots of his Facebook account before he locked that down also. This post is going to compile all the blog posts about Tyler Ethridge so individuals will be able to find and read more about him easier. 

  1. #PastorParler No Tyler Ethridge Premarital Sex Wont Destroy Your Life. However Raiding the Capitol and Participating in a Coup Attempt Will.” This post looks at Tyler’s view of sexual sin and his warped way of thinking. After all what will destroy a person’s life? Sleeping with their boyfriend/girlfriend or engaging in alleged terrorism activity in the United States Capitol?  
  2. #PastorParler Danielle Ethridge Since Your Husband May Spend Years in Prison for Alleged Terrorism/Sedition Activity in Washington, D.C. Some Suggestions For Your Planned Baby Registry.” After allegedly engaging in the storming of the Capitol, Tyler’s wife on Facebook spoke of planning her baby shower. This post is about the cold hard realities of what will hit their family when his actions catch up with them. 
  3. #PastorParler Alleged Christian Terrorist Tyler Ethridge and his Beliefs on the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Tyler didn’t believe COVID-19 is a serious public health crisis and downplayed the pandemic. He is allegedly opposed to vaccines, testing, and treatment for COVID. 
  4. #PastorParler In the End Tyler Ethridge Gave Up on the Gospel By Raiding the United States Capitol.” In the end Tyler gave up on his faith, God and the Gospel when he allegedly stormed the United States Capitol. 
  5. #TylerEthridge is Fired From Christ Centered Church of Tampa, Florida After He Allegedly Engaged in Terrorist Activity in the Washington, D.C. Capitol #PastorParler.” For his alleged actions in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 Tyler was fired from his youth pastor job at his church in Florida.
  6. #PastorParler Alleged D.C. Terrorist Tyler Ethridge is Influenced by John Guandolo Whose Organization is Listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website as a Hate Group.” The Christian nationalist pastor was influenced by John Guandolo a disgraced former FBI agent into conspiracy theories about Islam.  
  7. #PastorParler Tyler Ethridge Who Allegedly Participated in the D.C. Insurrection and His Views on the Prosperity Gospel.” This post looks at Tyler’s views of the prosperity gospel which he deeply embraced. 
  8. Brian Gibson of HIS Church: Is He The Pastor to Terrorists?” Tyler was also influenced Brian Gibson a Christian nationalist pastor based in Owensboro, Kentucky. Gibson it appears is allegedly tied to a number of people who allegedly engaged in terrorism in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. 
  9. #PastorParler A Look at the Politics of Tyler Ethridge, a Christian Nationalist Pastor Allegedly Involved in the January 6, 2021 Washington, D.C. Coup Attempt.” This post examines Tyler’s view of politics. As a Christian nationalist his faith and politics were merged. 
  10. #PastorParler Tyler Ethridge, A Christian Nationalist Pastor Comes to Washington, D.C. For #SaveAmerica and Allegedly Follows The Rioters Into the United States Capitol.” This post looks at the planning and what Tyler Ethridge did up until the January 6, rally and invasion of the United States Capitol. 
  11. #PastorParler Tyler Ethridge and His Alleged Behavior After the January 6, 2021 Coup Attempt in Washington, D.C.” The final post this blog wrote examined Tyler’s behavior after the Washington, D.C. insurrection. From people disassociating from him, to his doubling down in the wake of the event. In some ways he became more political and used the Bible to attack, “communism” though if pressed I don’t think he could understand communist thought or theory or explain the differences between Soviet style communism or Chinese communism. 

This blog will also contact the FBI tip line and report Tyler Ethridge. Others have done so already, but this blog will follow suit just to make sure that he faces justice for his actions at the United States Capitol. 


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