How Sheboygan Evangelical Free Used Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds, MD to Dispel Disinformation About COVID-19 and Promote Expertise

As a dark pandemic works across the United States in March of 2020 Sheboygan Evangelical Free did something unique that is to be commended. In April the church had a doctor, trained in medicine address the COVID-19 pandemic to the congregation and answer questions and provide medical advice. Expertise was displayed. And science shot down conspiracy theories,. In the process Sheboygan Free showed how faith can co-exist with science. That is rare and to be commended. This blog is grateful for the leadership of Gary Hylander

“Sometimes you just have to calm down a little bit and let the system work itself.”

Blake Griffin 

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:6-7 NIV

Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds 

***Note, this blog wants to stress the fact that when Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds did this video about COVID-19 it was earlier in the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control has changed its recommendations for responding to COVID. And this blog would encourage you to follow the CDC.I am writing about a topic to make a point***

When I was doing some research about COVID-19 and the EFCA this blog found something that was interesting that needed to be pointed out. If you recall in March and April when we were early stages of the  pandemic there was a lot of confusing information. At the time we didn’t know very much about the coronavirus. Science was confronted with a major challenge and was trying to find an answer to COVID-19.  


Sheboygan Evangelical Free Has Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds Address COVID-19

Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds is a doctor in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. His specialty is general practice and family practice. Sheboygan Evangelical Free, which is led by Gary Hylander did something that was unique. What happened is that Sheboygan Evangelical Free asked Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds to address the congregation and respond to questions about COVID-19. And in a video released on April 9, 2020 Dr. Lynds explains the differences between viruses and bacteria. He addresses the pandemic and talks about safety and at the time is following what the CDC recommended. In the talk the doctor addresses conspiracy theories and shots them down in a disarming manner. He also offers professional medical guidance to the congregation and it looks like he allowed himself to be accessible to future questions. 


Kudos to Sheboygan Evangelical Free for Promoting Medicine, Expertise and Working Against Conspiracy Theories

This blog is impressed. What Sheboygan Evangelical Free did is to be commended. In a time of uncertainty and confusion they encouraged someone to address the pandemic who is medically trained to speak to the congregation. The church played a major role in not only promoting science but also discouraging conspiracy theories. Dr. Lynds addressed several of them and gave solid medical advice in their place. Sheboygan Evangelical Free remains one of the few churches I have come across that acted in this manner. Not only did the church take a step in diffusing a tense situation. They gave the platform to someone medically qualified to discuss these issues. They promoted expertise which is important. Over the past year I have often wondered why haven’t more churches brought in medical professionals and asked them to address the pandemic?  Evangelical churches often seem to fan the flames by a lack of information. In this case they did the exact opposite. From this blog’s perspective this church is a model in this area as to how to respond to a dangerous pandemic. Many more churches should have taken this action and followed Sheboygan Free’s lead. How would the pandemic be different today if more of this were promoted and not conspiracy theories which in the end hurt people? Plus Sheboygan Free showed how evangelicalism can co-exist with science. That is rare in evangelicalism. Gary Hylander, this blog is impressed with Sheboygan Evangelical Free. I write about a lot of difficult situations. And I firmly believe that when something affirming is found it should be pointed out, and be congratulated. That blog is doing this today. I look forward to seeing what Sheboygan Evangelical Free does in the future. 


3 thoughts on “How Sheboygan Evangelical Free Used Dr. Jeffrey Clark Lynds, MD to Dispel Disinformation About COVID-19 and Promote Expertise

  1. Good to see! I went to this church several times in college. Too bad I couldn’t get there often, being at the mercy of whoever with a car wanted to take me to church. But it had nice people and a lively service, and in those days seemed more like my home church than Calvinist.


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