The Wondering Eagle Turns 6 Today

This blog The Wondering Eagle was born six years ago today. Its been six years of adventure and walking in the wilderness and exploring the issue of religion and all the problems that exist. This blog is looking forward to another year. 

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.

Transamerica Building in San Francisco 

This morning when I was checking the blog WordPress wished this blog Happy Birthday. Yes It was six years ago on February 6, 2015 that this blog was launched. I can not believe how much time has passed and what this blog has written about it. There has been a total of 2,111 posts done over a wide range of topics. Modern evangelicalism, EFCA, atheism, doubt, Harvest Bible Chapel, COVID-19 pandemic, Neo-Calvinism, churches here in the D.C. area and much more. This blogger can’t believe all the places he has traveled to up and down the East Coast and the Midwest. Likewise I can’t believe how many hotels I have crashed in before getting ready attend a church the next day to work on a situation. Before the pandemic hit I was getting ready to buy a plane ticket to travel out to Missouri and Kansas. The pandemic disrupted that, but when its over I will resume doing so. But I just wanted to say that this blog is looking forward to another year of writing. Another year of questions and another year of wondering in the wasteland that is modern evangelicalism. 

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