Are Neo-Nazis Present at Liberty University and Will Jerry Prevo Act?

A Neo-Nazi sticker was found at Liberty University on January 27, 2021 which raises questions. Has a Neo-Nazi  group that broke off one of the participants of the “Unite The Right” riot in Charlottesville, Virginia penetrated Liberty University? Has The Falkirk Center attracted Neo-Nazi individuals? Its especially relevant when Charlie Kirk regularly pushes anti-Semitic material. This post is aimed at asking questions that need to be asked. And will Jerry Prevo act or will his silence tell people that Neo-Nazism is welcome at Liberty University?

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”

Coretta Scott King 

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

1 John 4:20 NIV 

Jerry Prevo 

Is Neo-Nazism the Liberty Way? 

This afternoon I saw a very troubling series of tweets by Save 71 that raise serious questions about the health of Liberty University. A Neo-Nazi sticker was on the Liberty University campus on Wednesday January 27, 2021. The sticker was from The Patriot Front which broke off a group at the Charlottesville’s “Unite The Right” riot. Look at what the organization Save 71 posted below. 

What is The Patriot Front? 

The Patriot Front was formed after the deadly Neo-Nazi riot that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11 and 12, 2017 which was called, “Unite The Right.” The Patriot Front was founded by Thomas Ryan Rousseau, who is from Forth Worth, Texas and established the Neo-Nazi group as a teenager. There was conflict in another alt-right organization called Vanguard America prior to the Charlottesville riot. Rousseau had taken control of the Vanguard’s web server and after the August riot due to bad press had split from the group and founded a new organization. Rousseau has been arrested for posting Patriot Front fliers and stickers promoting the group. The Patriot Front (and this blog is not going to link to their site) expresses support for white supremacy, anti-Semitism, homophobia, fascism and seeks to create a white supremacist version of American nationalism. It also promotes the Zionist Occupied Government which claims that Jews secretly control the United States government and other governments in the West. Its known for its rallying cry of “blood and soil” which was chanted at Charlottesville. The Southern Poverty Law Center identified Thomas Roussea as an extremist leader. Rousseau has had run ins with the law and was arrested in August of 2020 for distributing extremist material. 


Did The Falkirk Center Attract White Nationalists to Liberty? Plus Some Analysis

Charlie Kirk has long engaged in anti-Semitic behavior over the years. He does so each and every time he attacks George Soros which is a racist dog whistle. If you want to read more about evangelicals and George Soros read, “The George Soros Conspiracy Theory Which Some Evangelical Christians Are Pushing is Blatant Anti-Semitism.You can look at what Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA has pushed below.  

So when the co-leader of The Falkirk Center frequently and regularly engages in anti-Semitism how far is white nationalist Neo-Nazi ideology behind that? Did Jerry Falwell Jr. create the platform for Neo-Nazis by establishing The Falkirk Center and is Jerry Prevo keeping it going by keeping it open?  This is a sickening issue as Neo-Nazis should not be welcome anywhere. If you study history, and I did my grad work on the Weimar Republic of Germany. But the lesson is if you give Neo-Nazis a foothold they seize power by forcing you out. In other words, if you give them a seat at the table, they will seize the table. This should not be a hard issue for Liberty. And if Jerry Prevo stays silent and leaves The Falkirk Center going then then Liberty is going to attract Neo-Nazis with open arms. Liberty will be giving Neo-Nazis a seat at the table, as Liberty will be their home and the school administration is okay with Nazism.  

Neo-Nazis ideology should be firmly and categorically rebuked. We fought a war over this issue in World War II. How many American troops died in Italy and in Europe? How many American GIs died at Normandy on June 6, 1944 as they launched an effort to destroy Hitler’s “Fortress Europe?” How many American troops fought in sub-zero weather at Bastogne and held off the German Army? Its incredible to me that this even has to be said. But this is why you study history. The greatest enemy to fascism and Neo-Nazi ideology is education and history. White nationalists and Neo-Nazis live in a world of alternative facts which is why they avoid or skew history.  When one actually deals with it it mitigates the issue. This post is also personal because my family history includes a great-uncle who helped liberate Buchenwald and build cases to prosecute at Nuremburg. When it comes to Nazi ideology its over, done with…PERIOD. It won’t even be discussed or contemplated as we fought World War II which settled the issue.  The Falkirk Center has to close. It has no redeeming purpose at Liberty and is pouring gasoline on the fire. Rach and every day Jerry Prevo drags the faith he claims to believe through the mud and create damage. You reap what you sow Liberty and when you have such an incendiary “think-tank”  that encourages the alt-right with alternative facts, why should one be surprised that Neo-Nazis are being attracted to Liberty. As always this blog will give Liberty students a platform to tell their stories with any anti-Semitism or other issues at Liberty. 


3 thoughts on “Are Neo-Nazis Present at Liberty University and Will Jerry Prevo Act?

  1. Its known for its rallying cry of “blood and soil” which was chanted at Charlottesville.

    Blut und Boden.
    Originally the name of a nostalgia genre popular in Germany during the aftermath of WW1, a longing for an idealized rural past and traditional family values — sort of “Little House on the Prairie auf Deustch“. Picked up as a slogan by that defender and restorer of Traditional German Family Values against Weimar decadence, the National Socialists.

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  2. In other words, if you give them a seat at the table, they will seize the table.

    “You’ll always have Nazis among you,
    You’ll always have Nazis among you;
    Next time they won’t come in brown shirts or boots —
    They’ll come speaking softly in three-piece suits;
    But you’ll always have Nazis among you.”
    — Donna Barr, Desert Peach: The Musical, closing aria

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