#TylerEthridge is Fired From Christ Centered Church of Tampa, Florida After He Allegedly Engaged in Terrorist Activity in the Washington, D.C. Capitol #PastorParler

Tyler Ethridge the Christian nationalist pastor who participated in the violent riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 was fired from his job on January 19, 2021. It happened the day after he was outed on Twitter for his involvement in the Capitol riot. This post looks at what happened to this young Christian nationalist pastor and shares some thoughts.

“You reap what you sow: Life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.”

Grant Bright 

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

Galatians 6:7-8 NIV

Our Christian nationalist pastor/alleged terrorist

Tyler Ethridge… You’re Fired! 

On January 6, 2021 Tyler Ethridge participated in the coup attempt that took place here in Washington, D.C. Inspired by President Trump he was involved in storming the United States Capitol. He recorded a video, I have a screen shot from up above, in which he explained why he was recording a video. Amidst tear gas the Christian nationalist pastor who might have COVID-19 talked about how he didn’t care how he would harm his reputation. He said he would probably lose his job, but he was willing to do it. You can watch that video here


Christ Centered Church of Tampa Fires Tyler Ethridge

Tyler recently became the youth pastor at Christ Centered Church of Tampa, Florida. Within the last couple of months he announced on Facebook that he was moving his family from Texas to Florida for this position. His wife is pregnant and the young father already has one daughter. Despite his family needs he traveled to Washington, D.C several times to participate in Trump rallies. He came to D.C. for the #StoptheSteal rally and he was inspired by President Trump to resort to becoming a part of a violent mob that stormed the Capitol which led to a loss of life and destroyed property. 

On January 18, 2021 Pro Publica released a number of videos on a website that were scraped off Parler. In doing analysis and knowing the role that Christian nationalism played into this coup attempt in D.C. I sat down and started to watch a few videos. I came across the video of what would be Tyler Ethridge. And I did a post asking people to identify this pastor who engaged in this riot. In only 15 hours he was identified on Twitter. It appears that Resist Programming which works against hate groups and radicals actually outed Tyler Ethridge. You can see one of their Tweets and listen to Tyler talk about getting militias to defend churches. 

Warren Throckmorton also wrote a post about my desire to find out who this individual is which you can read in, “Mystery Pastor at the Capitol Riot is David Barton Student.” After he was identified people on Twitter shared his Facebook page, and Twitter accounts. Amy Smith reached out to Christ Centered Church asking for a statement. 

On the same day that Tyler Ethridge was identified the church released a statement on their Facebook page saying that they were opposed to violence. This is what the church said. 

The day after that statement the church fired the pastor who said he could lose his job amidst tear gas in the Capitol. One thing I want to point out in the statement is that the church misspelled the word inquiry. But here is what Christ Centered Church of Tampa said. 

After his firing Tyler has made much of his Facebook page private. He has deleted one Twitter account and locked down his second Twitter account. However, on the evening of January 20, 2021 Tyler deleted his second Twitter account. 


After the Loss of Life and Property Destruction I Don’t Have Any Sympathy for Tyler Ethridge. He Chose to Destroy His Life

Tyler Ethridge is in the process of learning that actions have consequences. If you are going to be a part of a violent mob that wants to hang the vice-president and bring harm to Senators, then you will suffer the consequences of your behavior. No one made Tyler Ethridge storm the Capitol and record those videos which he posted to Parler. Tyler choose to support the violence by being there in person. When he did this its clear he wasn’t thinking of his wife, daughter or unborn child. And yet he decided to participate. Contrary to what some are saying this violence doesn’t even come close to what Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement endured in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. The civil rights protestors marched and were attacked by fire hoses and water cannons. Martin Luther King allowed himself to be arrested where he wrote “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Martin Luther King and many civil rights activists did not resort to violence. What Tyler was a part of is quite different. Tyler chose to support violence by going along with the mob. He also engaged in trespassing on federal property. The firing of Tyler Ethridge is the only right course of action. In his Facebook posts he was arrogant and defended his actions after the riot. Tyler is going to learn that actions have consequences. You choose to allegedly engage in domestic terrorism, then you will suffer the consequences. For the youth pastor let me phrase this another way for him. Paul in Galatians writes that a man will reap what he sows. And for engaging in a mob riot that resulted in a loss of life and destroyed property, Tyler Ethridge is going to reap the consequences of his behavior.  He is reaping what he has sowed. This blog has no sympathy for Tyler Ethridge. He brought these problems on himself. Where this blog does have sympathy is how his wife, and family are going to suffer due to Tyler’s reckless actions. For his daughter and unborn child this blog feels awful as to how they are going to suffer. 


6 thoughts on “#TylerEthridge is Fired From Christ Centered Church of Tampa, Florida After He Allegedly Engaged in Terrorist Activity in the Washington, D.C. Capitol #PastorParler

  1. I thought the response from the church where he was employed was wise and well-worded (in spite of the typo).

    I’m only a country pastor, but if I had an employee involved in the travesty that happened in the nation’s capital, I would have fired them as well. The early church never rallied against the Caesers but was encouraged to live simple lives that were defined by the love and concern they had for others.


    • Agreed, that was a well-worded response from the church. I wish more churches would proactively and regularly communicate this kingdom-centered view to their attenders during this time of deep political division, to try to encourage a Christian approach to engagement in society and to discourage people from seeking out the more confrontational approaches. So many churches wink at the rhetoric of the more militant groups, characterizing it as “patriotism,” and look nostalgically back to the days of the Revolution that birthed the nation (I know, unfortunately, because I have been in churches like this).


  2. Not that I have *a lot* of sympathy for the guy, after all, he is an adult who should know what he’s doing. His wife and soon to be 2 kids – I feel for them. Poor woman, even poorer kids.

    But who really should go to the big house are the people who exploited his blind allegiance, who talked him into this. Not just Trump and Giuliani, Cruz and Hawley, but the whole parasitical industry of Pentecostal and evangelical “leaders” and celebrities, who fed him and a lot of others hateful lies since before the election.

    But as usual, those who make a profit out of lying to the little guy get away scotfree, free to peddle their lies for another ten or 20 years.


    • Gus l firmly agree. The Penacostal and evangelical leaders who inspired Tyler are going to get away with this. And they should be held to account also. After all they inspired, incited, encouraged their followers to take this course of action. But l very much agree with you.


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