#PastorParler Danielle Ethridge Since Your Husband May Spend Years in Prison for Alleged Terrorism/Sedition Activity in Washington, D.C. Some Suggestions For Your Planned Baby Registry

Evangelicalism thrives in such a distorted world at times. Alleged terrorism and sedition one day, then planning a baby registry the next. This post is for Tyler Ethridge’s wife Danielle. This blog offers some suggestions for their baby registry. It may not be the registry they want, but in the near future their romantic, and delusional bubble is about to be popped by a knock at the door from the FBI.

“We who live in prison, and in whose lives there is no event but sorrow, have to measure time by throbs of pain, and the record of bitter moments.”

Oscar Wilde 

No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV

Tyler Ethridge and his wife Danielle.  Tyler allegedly trespassed on federal property in participating in the storming of the Capitol. 

 Will this classic scene from Long Kiss Goodnight be how Tyler Ethridge is picked up by law enforcement for rioting/sedition at the Capitol? 

I like it when people of different churches or ministry comment at this blog. It gives you an insight into their frame of mind. In the process of of watching how they think one can understand the bubble they are in and how removed from reality they are. It happens with cult like churches and situations. So the other day this blog pushed the image of a pastor who was allegedly engaged in the Washington, D.C. Capitol riots. You can read that in “Twitter/Facebook and Social Media. Lets Identify This Pastor Who Trespassed at the United States Capitol During the January 6 Riot.” In that previous post you can see the picture of a pastor allegedly engaging in the riot at the Capitol.  About 12 to 15 hours later we had our pastor/terrorist identified as Tyler Ethridge. Their social media is something to behold. Coup attempt, insurrection one day and planning a baby registry the next. Its almost like evangelicals were created and formed by the Lord to be domestic terrorists! In many ways it compliments white evangelicalism well. Tyler is going to be a father for a second time. And if he is behind prison for a few years, well it was a result of his own doing. And even though the FBI will probably be knocking on their door any day now Danielle is looking to plan her baby registry. So in that spirit this blog thought that it would offer some advice. 

Indeed let’s plan a baby registry! 

Suggestions For a Baby Registry Considering Tyler May Be Going Away to Prison For a Few Years 

I am going to make some suggestions for Danielle Ethridge for the Baby Registry. Let’s start. 

  1. Contact the bank and tell them that your husband is going away to prison for sedition for a few years. Say that you don’t know how to pay the mortgage and that you would like to sell the house in the middle of hard economic times. 
  2. Contact Mom and ask her if you can move home for a few years while your husband spends time in prison for alleged sedition. 
  3. Get a PR person from your church to scream persecution, after all we all know Antifa dragged your husband into the United States Capitol kicking and screaming against his will. 
  4. Pack a final meal for your husband. Maybe you could call it “The Last Supper?” 
  5. Prison might be tough and there are challenges with HIV infection in prison, so maybe get your husband some condoms just to be safe.  
  6. Explain to your kids that daddy is going away for a while. Deflect and lie and continue to set a bad example. 
  7. Paper and stamps for letters and communication. There may be some withdrawal from an inability to text. 
  8. Tattoo designs and discussions probably should take place as he will most likely get a prison tattoo. 
  9. Cigarettes, how many boxes of cigarettes will he need a month?
  10. Toilet paper for your husband will be a precious commodity in prison. But toilet paper is in demand during this pandemic so can I recommend one of Robert Morris books instead? Plenty of paper their for Tyler to wipe his ass with. 😀 
  11. Perhaps a copy of Manuel’s Puigs Kiss of a Spider Women?
  12. Find two jobs to help pay the bills and get health insurance for your children. 

I am sure there are probably others but at this time I can’t think of any more. Please feel free to assist and offer some advice. After all this is probably the family’s first experience with domestic terrorism. 

Reality is Going to Hit You Hard Danielle

After looking at your social media I don’t think you have the slightest clue as to how serious the situation is ofr your family. Call it either being lost in an echo chamber or the light bulb is not working upstairs, I don’t know. But reality is going to hit you hard. Its going to be difficult. When Tyler decided to participate in a riot and engage in alleged terrorist activity in the end he hurt you and your children. Chances he will not be there for a few years to assist and be there, but he dug this hole himself and responsibility is hard and can be difficult to learn. This will be something that will have to dealt with legally, and your husband going to prison is necessary to holding him accountable for alleged terrorist activity. 

8 thoughts on “#PastorParler Danielle Ethridge Since Your Husband May Spend Years in Prison for Alleged Terrorism/Sedition Activity in Washington, D.C. Some Suggestions For Your Planned Baby Registry

  1. I wonder if this is “Name It and Claim It” Denial?
    Or cluelessness on the order of Tammy Faye when the PTL scandal hit?
    “No lights on upstairs” would fit the profile of Winsome Widdle Christian Wifey. They’re trained to be that way.

    For their baby registry, I suggest “Appeal To Donald Trump for Pre-Emptive Pardon”. After all, He was Doing It for the Donald.


    • P.S.

      Pulp magazine cover for “WE DANCE FOR THE DOM!” by Richard Shaver — the guy behind “The Shaver Mystery”, a paranormal Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory of the late 1940s dealing with deformed Deros shining their Telaug Rays up from inside the Hollow Earth.


    • Better image:

      I mean, really — doesn’t the Face of The Dom have a Trumpish look to it?
      Orange makeup and all?


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  3. Wow. I stumbled on this site through searching for something unrelated. I know nothing about you or the pastor in this post but I do know that this is a wicked article. Not wicked in the cool sense but wicked in the sense of it being morally evil. No matter how much you hate the man in question, or how evil he is, to write a jeering article at his pregnant wife is reprehensible. Do better. I don’t know but you’re capable of better articles than this.


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