A Flop Flop and Why Does Anyone Respect Franklin Graham?

Franklin Graham criticized the ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump. He lit them up even as a number of Republicans received death threats. It seems that all Franklin can do in life is to get on his knees and kiss Donald Trumps’ ass. His behavior also showed why an editorial by the Charlotte Observer is spot on. Anyone who respects Franklin Graham would be a bigger fool than him. 

“A cupcake is just a muffin with clown puke topping.”

Charlie Brooker 

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 8:31-32 NIV


Franklin Graham doing ministry 

Tonight while eating dinner I saw that Franklin Graham flip flopped again and he criticized the ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump in his historic, second impeachment. The other day his hometown newspaper in an editorial basically told him to shut up in an editorial. If you want to read that you can go to, “The Charlotte Observer Slams Franklin Graham in a Blistering Editorial After the January 6, 2021 Violence in D.C.” Earlier today he showed again why the Charlotte Observer is correct for chaastizing him. 


Franklin Graham Criticizes the Ten Republicans Who Vote to Impeach President Trump 

I first saw this on Twitter and then I saw an expanded statement on Facebook. Let’s look at what Franklin Graham posted on Twitter

And lets look at the longer statement on Facebook


Franklin Graham Illustrates Why Evangelicalism is Sick and Diseased

When I saw this I didn’t realize I would be writing about Franklin Graham again so soon. The last time I did so was a couple of days ago. Franklin is in the wrong profession. Actually, if evangelicalism is a circus then this blog suggest that he be the clown. His words are hollow and don’t mean a damn thing. Flip flopping while he disrespects his father at every turn. Billy Graham would be very disappointed as would any person with a soul. Franklin could have called on President Trump to change course, instead he went after those who tried to hold him accountable. This is why evangelicalism as a movement is so sick. At its core there is no responsibility or ownership and instead its about covering things up and acting like like is okay. Five are dead and Franklin is upset that ten Republicans voted to impeach. Then you consider his behavior when some of these Republicans are getting death threats against themselves or members of their family. Is Franklin condemning the death threats? No. Comparing them to Judas as he also does it sick also. 

Pardon my language but this is so fucked up. One considers the scandals in evangelicalism and this behavior helps illustrate why they keep happening. And the fact that Franklin so blatantly political shows why the Billy Graham Association needs to lose its 501(c)(3) status. Graham is so political I often wonder what his ministry actually does. And those who defend Samaritan’s are enabling the problem. Its why evangelicalism will always stay sick. There is no accountability its nothing but a movement with clowns running around with Franklin being their chief one. The only person who can be the bigger fool is the one who has respect for Franklin Graham. 

5 thoughts on “A Flop Flop and Why Does Anyone Respect Franklin Graham?

  1. Graham is so political I often wonder what his ministry actually does.

    There are several interrelated issues at play here. The first being mission. BGEA is (summarized) to bring individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. SP shares God’s love through Jesus Christ through international relief and development work. Seems pretty straightforward. Can anyone explain how FG’s partisan political work fits into that? IRS rules restrict political campaign activity by non-profits, meaning they could lose their tax-exempt status. (Graham arguably goes over the line, but no worries under Trump).

    If not, second is where does he get the funding to fly his face in front of anywhere a sympathetic camera is? He used to double-dip, splitting his time between ministries. He didn’t split his salary, though and knocked down over $1 million per year. Nice gig for part time work. It’s not like he couldn’t afford it, but I’m pretty sure his political travels don’t come out of his personal pocket.

    My last concern involves transparency. He transformed BGEA’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to an “association of churches” under IRS regs. The ministry no longer has to disclose executive compensation or donors on an annual Form 990. It’s a winning strategy to hide FG’s embarrassingly high salary, and opens the door for plenty of dark money to float around.

    Given the protests of persecution a few years ago when Sen. Grassley went after televangelists, there is nary a worry about being audited by a hands-off IRS. Graham is a clown, but a clever one we’ll be stuck with so long as evangelicals pay for his circus.


    • Graham is so political I often wonder what his ministry actually does.

      Tax Exemption.

      “If you want to make a million dollars, start your own religion.”
      — L Ron Hubbard


  2. Yesterday when l saw the comment about the 10 Republicans being like Judas my eyes rolled. Franklin Graham was trending last night on Twitter because of what he said. I was exhausted and there is so much with this guy. He just keeps spilling and spitting out crap. It’s non stop and he can’t be taken seriously. I thought about doing a longer post but l had “Franklin” fatigue.


  3. Franklin Graham writes about betrayal. Yes, there was betrayal, but not the kind he thinks:
    1. Evangelicals betrayed everything they pretended to believe by supporting a man that is the opposite of all and any of the virtues of Christians mentioned in the epistles, and who definitely wants to be first, not last, as opposed to what Jesus said about Christian leaders.
    2. Donald Trump betrayed his country by asking for (“Russia, if you hear this …”) and accepting the help of Vladimir Putin and the Russian security services.
    3. Donald Trump betrayed his oath of office and his country by not accepting the results of an election that he had clearly lost, and he knew it, his backers in Congress knew it, and even his base kbow it – but denying the reality is just so much more pleasant than the dire reality.
    4. Donald Trump betrayed his base by enacting a tax cut that benefits himself and the wealthy donors of the Republican party, but disadvantages his base, to a large part composed of understandably frustrated blue-collar workers, even further. But that is SOP for the Republicans over the last at least 20 years – f**k over the base and distract them with culture war issues from the fact that the very people they voted in to improve their lives are making their lives worse.
    5. The House and Senate members who participated in the charade of trying to “stop the steal”, a steal they full well knew that it didn’t exist, betrayed their oath to uphold the Constitution.
    6. Franklin Graham betrayed his father’s legacy. Gilly Graham, whatever you may think of him, had moved away from the narrow fundamentalism of his youth, had cooperated with Catholics and integrated his rallyes. After he got burned with Nixon, he also stayed clear of partisan politics.
    7. Franklin Graham has betrayed his faith, his duty to tell the truth, and a Jesus he probably does not even believe in – I see him as a cynical profiteer for whom giving up the “family business” when it could be so much more profitable for himself than it was for his dad was unthinkable.
    8. In light of the last sentence, I partially retract #7 – he did not betray Jesus – how could he have?
    Just my 2 cents, from someone who is not American, but who has had experience of American evangelicalism since the mid 1970s and who has been watching the rot since the 1980s.

    IMNSHO, Billy Graham and a few others tried to make the fundamentalists respectable as evangelicals. Not “respectable” in the sense that they merely looked and sounded more respectable, but in the sense that they wanted to to transform them in such a way that others would be able to respect them. This has failed in the most grotesque manner. Instead, the fundamentalists have poisoned the whole pot.


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